Greetings and Salutations! It is time for Impact 1000 and we have a great lineup set. Team 3D is back in action against an unknown team. We also have a Feast of Fired Match with a slew of stars. The main event of the show looks to be for the X-Division Championship as the champion, Lio Rush goes up against Chris Sabin. Can Chris Sabin make history and become 10x X-Division Champion? Without further ado, let’s find out!

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The show starts with a video package and we go straight to the ring where Scott D’Amore has a mic in hand…

Knockouts en masse

D’Amore welcomes everyone to episode 1000 of Impact. He then gets straight to business as he introduces Gail Kim. Kim immediately cuts to a video package highlighting the greatest Knockout moments during the 1000 reign of Impact.

As D’Amore gets back on the mic, we are interrupted by The Beautiful People. Once in the ring, Angelina Love says that they clearly didn’t show the best clips of the Knockouts division because they showed a bunch of ugly people. Velvet Sky comapred it to Wal-Mart Security Cam footage. Gail “welcomes” them back and says that they are still rude and obnoxious. The Boastful people circle Kim as they prepare to attack her until Gisele Shaw’s music hits and out come the Shaw-tourage. Shaw apologizes to The Beautiful People for Km being so rude to them. Shaw said that there would be no Quintessential Diva without The Beautiful people paving the way. Shaw said she’s honoured to have their spot and improve on it. Love asks Shaw what she just said, and Shaw gives a definition of improved. Sky says who is so great from their generation? Out comes Jordynne Grace. Grace saus that Shaw is from her generation Grace says that ODB, Tara, Traci Brooks, and Gail Kim are some of the greats. Deonna Purrazzo is out and she says that she is there to represent her generation, not Grace or Shaw. Purrazzo says that the Age of the Virtuosa started when she beat Grace for the title. Queue the current champion, Trinity who reminds everyone who is the current Knockouts champion.

Purrazzo reminds Trinity that she has had three title reigns. Kim says that she’s had seven. Out comes Awesome Kong who comes out with Raisha Saeed. Saeed says that if anyone wants to fight, they’ll immediately be crushed by Kong. Tasha Steelz is BACK AND COMES OUT! Steelz says you cannot have history made without her and she announces herself as the fifth member of Team Beautiful People (along with Shaw, Purrazzo, and Evans). Steelz says no one can beat the greatest…Out Comes Mickie James. James says she doesn’t need to remind Steelz about who she is and what she’s done and declares “Hardcore Country is Back”. James joins the team of Trinity, Gail Kim, Jordynne Grace, and Awesome Kong and calls themselves “Team Over”. James ends the segment by saying that next week, we will have the greatest fight in Knockouts history.

In the back Eric Young is talking to America’s Most Wanted when Santino and Shark Boy interrupt. Santino says he needs help and offers his the Deputy DOA position to Shark Boy. “Shell yeah!”

Feast or Fired Match – Heath, Steve Maclin, Moose, PCO, KUSHIDA, Johnny Swinger, Crazzy Steve, Jonathan Gresham, Black Taurus, Sami Callihan, John Skyler, Chris Bey, Brian Myers, Kevin Knight, John E. Bravo, Bhupinder Gujjar, Laredo Kid, Jai Vidal, Joe Hendry and Yuya Uemura.

PCO kicks things off by diving through the ropes onto a group of competitors. Hendry and Moose square off, and Callihan rakes Maclin’s eyes. Myers is trying to find his way in the match but gets doubel teamed by KUSHIDA and Knight. KUSHIDA climbs the top ropes, but Laredo Kid drops him. Taurus then grabs KUSHIDA and hits him with a Backbreaker, but Laredo Kid attacks Taurus and hits a Poisonrana. John Skyler slams Taurus down, then takes out Kid, but Chris Bey trips him up and unhooks Briefcase #3

Briefcase #3 goes to Chris Bey

Maclin is climbing, but Uemura stops him from getting a case. Gresham and Gujjar are featured int he match for a bit until Callihan and Heath take the heat and are featured and join in on the corner to hit a Tower of Doom. Callihan and Heath trade punches but Crazzy Steve rakes both of their eyes, and follows that up with a Double Dropkick. Bravo and Swinger are climbing, but Steve gets them down and goes for a case, but Vidal tries to stop him but with no luck. Steve gets Case #1 and hits Bravo with it. Steve grabs a fork from his boot and stabs Myers while threatening to use it on Moose.

Briefcase #1 goes to Crazzy Steve

Moose now makes a play for a case, but is taken down by Maclin. Maclin then hits a Caught in the Crosshairs and a KIA on Moose. Gresham hits a few strikes on Maclin. Gujjar with a knee on Gresham, but Vidal ends this set with a Dropkick on Gujjar. Swinger sneaks behind Vidal and applies a Sleeper on him. Elsewhere, Bravo takes out Swinger and climbs but is taken down by Callihan who then hits a Cactus Driver ’97. Skyler Spears Callihan, but Knight hits a Crossbody on Skyler. PCO hits a double clothesline on KUSHIDA and Knight, but Taurus is right there to hit a Spinebuster on PCO. Laredo Kid hits a Spike on Taurus. JoYa hit One Hit Wonder on Kid and Uemura climbs to gran case #4.

Briefcase #4 goes to Yuyu Uemura

Maclin and PCO are in the middle of the ring trading strikes. PCO with a DDT on Maclin, then takes out others until Vidal tries to seduce him, but PCO just hits a Chokeslam. Callihan is behind PCO and sends him to the apron, but Skyler takes out Callihan. In the ring, KUSHIDA does a Handspring kick on Taurus, followed by Knight flipping clotheslining Taurus over the top rope. Knight goes for the last case, but Maclin just tosses him down. Maclin is making a move for the case, but Heath stops him and Powerslams him. Maclin and Heath are fighting for the case, Maclin grabs it and hits Heath with it. As Maclin thinks he’s safe, all the wrestlers left circle him and Rhino hits a huge Spear, causing the case to go fluying in the air only for Moose to pick it up and end the match.

Briefcase #2 goes to Moose

Winners: Chris Bey, Crazzy Steve, Yuya Uemura & Moose

Gia Miller is in the back and is joined by Chris Sabin who explains how important tonight is for him.

Desi Hit Squad (Rohit Raju and Champagne Singh) are in the ring. Raju says that Impact cannon possibly celebrate Impact 1000 without them….TEAM 3D is out!

Team 3-D vs Desi Hit Squad

Ray and Singh get things started in a lockup. Ray wraps Singh’s arm and Devon comes out to hit a double clothesline on both members of the Desi Hit Squad. Ray goes to the top only for Singh to toss him off thanks to a distraction of Rohit on the referee. Devon and Singh square up and Devon takes control as he hits a Shoulder Tackle and Clothesline on Singh. Raju comes out and is taken down by a Clothesline from Devon. Singh is up as Devon hits a Spinebuster for a 2-count. Ray is on and gets Singh down and its time for the “WHATSUPPPPPPP” Flying Headbutt from Devon. Team 3D pick up the win. Ray calls for the table. Devon complies and they set up the table but do a 3D on Singh on the mat for the win.

Winners: Team 3D.

Immediately after the match, the table is set up and Rohit goes through it.

Josh Alexander Speaks…

Josh is out and he says that it is still special for him to walk to an Impact ring. Alexander says that he has been a fan of Impact for the last 20 years and he is focused to win back his title. Alex Shelley comes down. Shelley tells him to slow down and starts getting in his face. Alexander tells him to chill and thanks him for everything he’s done in Impact for the last 21 years. Alexander says that he was happy for Shelley to finally win the big title. The two share some back handed compliments like Alexander reminding Shelley that he has a win over him.  Shelley says this isn’t Josh’s story and that Josh is just a side quest for him,

Shelley wants the match so he can prove he’s better and Alexander wants it right here, right now. The Rascalz attack Alexander and Shelley. Alexander hits some punches on The Rascalz knocking them down, then gets right to the face of Alex Shelley. The Rascalz attack Alexaner as Shelley quietly exits the ring. Trey Miguel kicks Alexander as Shelley watches while backing away.

Backstage, Shark Boy confronts The Rascalz. He wants to book Trey Mioguel VS Josh Alexander for next week and then Santino appears and calls Shark Boy a natural and shakes his hand. Kenny King and Sheldon Jean walk up. King demands his Digital Media title rematch. Santino has a better idea and books King vs. Eric Young for next week.

Frankie Kazarian & Traci Brooks vs Eddie Edwards & Alisha Edwards

The match starts as the Knockouts Legend, Traci Books takes Alisha down. Meanwhile, Kazarian takes Eddie over the top rope. Brooks and Alisha fight their way to ringside also. On the outside, Eddie hits a Suplex on Kazarian. Back in the ring, Alisha kicks Traci and quicly retreats to tag Eddie in. Eddie goes into the ring slowly and has the audacity to grab Traci by the hair, but Traci slaps the living daylights out of Eddie and crawls under his legs to tag Kazarian in. Kaz is in and takes down Eddie with a fury of punches. Alisha kicks Kazarian in the back and that distraction gave Eddie enough time to hit a Blue Thunder Bomb.

After the break, the action continues in the ring as Alisha is slapping Kazarian then tags out. Eddie has the momentum of the match and sends Kazarian to ringside again. Kazarian makes his way back in the ring and lands a few slaps on Eddie, but Eddie strikes him down. Eddie grabs the throat of Kazarian and pushes it along the ropes. Alisha punches Kazarian while he is pinned throat first on the ropes. Eddie continues toying with Kazarian as he delivers slaps and punches in the corner. Traci has had enough and wants to help Kazarian, but the referee stops her. Eddie drives Kazarian to the corner Turnbuckle and all hope looked lost until Eddie makes a mistake and Kazarian rolls him up, followed by a Suplex to Alisha. Kazarian slowly makes his way to Traci.

Traci is in! Traci with a shoulder block and a clothesline on Alisha. Traci then hits a beauty looking Spear, but Eddie grabs her by the hair and sets her up for a Backpack Stunner, but Traci uses her brains and rakes the eyes of Eddie. Traci with a Sitting Face Plant on Wddie. Kazarian is in and hits a Knee. Traci with a Fade to Black and picks up the pinfall win for her and Kazarian! fun match!

Winners: Traci Brooks & Frankie Kazarian

Kazarian goes on the mic and we get a video package revealing that Traci Brooks will take her rightful place among the legends and best of the best in the Impact Hall of Fame.

Lio Rush is in the back and hypes the main event against Sabin.

Tommy Dreamer is in the back and talks about winning the Digital Media title at Victory Road. He said it was one of the greatest nights of his life. Dreamer thanks the fans and says he cannot thank them enough after all of the ups and downs. Dreamer says he’s going to defend the title everywhere and just have fun,

X-Division Championship: Chris Sabin vs Lio Rush

Rush kicks things off with a quick Heel Kick on Sabin and dives onto him trying to take him out before the match even starts. Rush mocks KUSHIDA by doing the time check. The ref is checking on Sabin, but Rush pushes the ref only for Sabin to sucker punch him and roll him up, followed by a Dropkick Sabin is in control of the match. Sabin with a HUGE Clothesline that turns Rush inside out, sending him to the corner. Sabin goes to the corner and punches Rush. Rush gets up from the punches and climbs the back of Sabin, but Sabin rushes backwards crushing Rush in the corner. Rush then clobbers the back of Sabin’s head, and hits a Belly-to-Back Suplex. Rush keeps control of the match as he locks a Body Scissors. Sabin fights out and hits a Missle Dropkcik on Rush and looks for Cradle Sock, but Rush with a rake to the eyes of Sabin. Sabin is out of the ring for a breather. Rush with a Springboard Moonsault on Sabin on the outside and the ref starts the count to 10.

Lio and Sabin fight on the outside and Rush hits a Suplex on the entrance ramp. Back in the ring, Rush is looking for a Cradle Shock of his own, but Sabin manages to escape and hits a Thrust Kick for a 2-count. Some time later, Rush climbs the rope, but Sabin catches up to him and pulls his leg. There is some back and forht tension on the ropes but Sabin hits Rush with a Superplex. Sabin then puts the boots to Rush. Sabin is once again looking for a Cradle Shock, but hits another Thrust Kick. Sabin with an STF and a Driver for another nearfall. Sabin is in full control as he hits a LARIAT and Cradle Shock for a 2.9 count.

Sabin takes Rush up top but Rush manages to escape via elbows and a rake to the eyes. Sabin falls to the mat and Rush hits Final Hour, but Sabin kicks out of the pin attempt at 2.9. Rush is shocked and is visibly frustrated as nothing is keeping Sabin down. Rush throws a couple punches, but Sabin Sabin claps back with a few elbows that knock Rush down to the mat. Moments later, Rush is uo and runs towards Sabin, but Sabin hits a Superkick, and finally hits a Shell Shock. Sabin wants to be sure that this match is done so he hits a Cradle Shock and goes for the cover, 1…2…3….Sabin is 10X X-Division Champion.

Winner: AND NEW X-Division Champion; Chris Sabin

All of the “good guys” come out and celebrate the historic win to close Impact 1000.

TOP PHOTO: Tasha Steelz joins the party at Impact 1000 on Saturday, September 9, 2023, at the Westchester County Center in White Plains, NY.  Photo by George Tahinos,



Impact 1000: September 14, 2023

Say what you want about impact, they have survived for 1000 episodes of Impact. While the company might not be perfect, they are surely delivering some of the best and most consistently good TV week in and week out. This week was no different. There was something in the air and this episode was fun. We saw a good mix of nostalgia and new stories to make this a fun episode of the show. I cannot wait for part 2 of Impact 1000 next week as we have some huge matches announced already.