Hello, hi everyone.

How did you enjoy Fury Road? Apparently, after Matt Cardona won his Kiss My Foot match against Mance Warner, Warner bit Mister Saint Laurent’s foot as he mentions that he wants a rabies shot.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Gross, man. Gross. We’re bitting people now?

MSL announces that Snisky, whom I met at Battle Riot V, is under the tutelage of Laurent. He resigned from his office work and decided to become a promoter of the Titans.

Snisky vs. Yucifer El

The moment Snisky arrived inside the ring, he delivers a fast clothesline to his opponent right off the bat. Then follows that up with a power slam.

Snisky wins with an electrifying choke slam to end the match.

Although the fight was over, Laurent instructs Snisky to attack Yucifer as he’s being stretched away by medical. The sadistic grin on Snisky’s face was TERRIFYING.

Winner: Snisky

Fury Road revealed some interesting details such as the return of Selina de la Renta during Sessions by MSL, as well as Rickey Shane Page sadly becoming the new Middleweight Champion after dethroning Jacob Fatu. The collaboration between MLW and NJPW has brought Minoru Suzuki, one of the most dangerous fighters of any combat style for our viewing pleasure.

Calvin Tankman challenges Shigehiro Irie for the WXW Unified World Championship title later tonight. Tankman promises to take it by any means possible.

The Mane Event & MicroMan vs. The FBI & Jesús Rodriguez – Trios match 

I haven’t seen MicroMan in a while since he got dumped and kicked by Dave’s Boy Smith Jr. at the behest of MSL a number of weeks ago. He looks good though.

This became one of the worst comedy snippets I’ve ever seen. As if I needed to see Guido shake his lumpy ass in MicroMan’s face then get bitten later on.


Jesús comes into the game and kicks MicroMan in the head before delivering cheap shots to The Mane Event. Rodriguez continues his onslaught against MicroMan since he’s still mad that the World’s Greatest Wonder showed him up at Battle Riot.

The FBI kept playing with MicroMan like he was a doll or Simba from The Lion King as if we all don’t have better things to do.

Midas Black finally gets tagged in and takes out everybody. Lyon growls in Guido’s face before getting punched by Rodriguez out of nowhere.

A Discus forearm by Lyon rocks Rodriguez to look like noodles. The Mane Event comes back and play a double team against Ray Jazz as MicroMan finishes him off with a body splash through a holla-hoop.

The celebrations were cut short due to Sam Adonis’ abrupt appearance. He’s here to warn The Mane Event that they’ve aligned themselves with a jealous, sad man.

According to Adonis, MicroMan is envious of his newborn baby because they’re getting more attention than he is.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Snisky is back to deliver a double choke slam to The Mane Event before helping destroy MicroMan along with Adonis at the request of MSL.

Mister Saint Laurent is a money greedy fool.

Snisky was kicking baby dolls as he demonstrates his former talent of being a footballer. That was a setup as Adonis lines MicroMan up, so he could get kicked as well.

Luckily, the Second Geat Crew stop that from happening real quick.

However, Adonis’ mission is to make sure no one sees MicroMan again.

Winners: The Mane Event & MicroMan 

Alex Kane explains the history of the Bomaye Fight Club. He kind of reminded me of myself when he mentioned that his school and home life wasn’t the best. I was never bullied like he was, but I didn’t like the rudeness of some people in my class that integrated into their lack of a personality. Being self-righteous and unapologetic.

While his parents’ arguments would spill onto him, mine was a little different. My room was my only sanctuary, the only place I felt comfortable since comfort is a very deal for me. Kane thought about ending his life short, but I’m glad he didn’t because he discovered the world of wrestling. “Pro wrestling saved my life.”

Kane has been scouting wrestlers with potential for the Bomaye Fight Club. Creating his family. Bomaye is for the people.

Shigehiro Irie (c) vs. Calvin Tankman – WXW Unified World Wrestling Championship match

Irie’s attempt to shoulder tackle a big guy like Calvin Tankman was unsuccessful to say the least. Ha!

The fight spills to the outside in a chopping contest between the wrestlers. Mainly Tankman shutting the champ down.

Irie thought he had Tankman reeling after he got caught between the ropes, but Calvin power slams Shigehiro against the apron back first.

Calvin has the most momentum here as he rains down on Shigehiro. The champ’s approach hasn’t been too affective for the challenger. It doesn’t mean nothing hurts.

Tankman gets kicked in the jaw so hard that it rocks him like a boat. He barely remained upright.

Calvin knocks a heavy elbow to Irie’s jaw before planting him for a near win. Ha! Tankman’s heel was seen right in Shigehiro’s mouth. Ha! Ha! How unfortunate.

Irie tries to apply a sleeper hold, but Tankman flings him over his shoulder. Calvin delivers a striking World Star to the back of the champ’s head. Oof. The sound it made.

Irie may have not been the most dominant during this match, but he does retain as he sends a massive clothesline that turns Tankman’s lights off.

Winner: Shigehiro Irie


TOP PHOTO: Irie taking Tankman out. Courtesy of MLW