Fans clamoring for a WWE round-robin tournament get their wish with NXT’s Global Heritage Invitational, featuring eight competitors divided into Group A and Group B. The tournament begins tonight with the ultimate winner facing Noam Dar for the Heritage Cup Championship at NXT No Mercy. And meanwhile, the episode’s main event proves that it’s a big week for women’s fatal four-ways.

The Dyad vs The Creed Brothers – Steel Cage

If the Creed Brothers defeat Rip Fowler and Jagger Reed in tonight’s opening match, they’ll be reinstated into NXT. But Schism’s masked followers kidnap Brutus, leaving Julius handicapped as the bell sounds anyhow. The lone Creed battles like a beast, but The Dyad continues mauling him through picture-in-picture. Brutus’ inevitable return is as predictable as this entire storyline, but he too looks unstoppable – unhinging the steel door and weaponizing it. The superhuman brothers connect with a double Doomsday and simultaneous forearms to win the match, reinstating themselves into NXT to do… more of the same.

Winners: The Creed Brothers


Roxanne Perez attempts to show attitude in a promo package, but talking still isn’t her strong suit – it’s a very weak suit. She competes in a fatal four-way later tonight.

The Global Heritage Invitational begins with an excellent hype package, featuring the eight competitors in NXT’s round-robin tournament: Butch, Charlie Dempsey, Tyler Bate, and Axiom in Group A and Nathan Frazer, Joe Coffey, Akira Tozawa, and Duke Hudson in Group B. Winners of each match, with a 12-minute time limit, receive two points with a draw resulting in one a piece. The group winners compete on September 26 with the ultimate victor challenging Noam Dar for the Heritage Cup Championship at NXT No Mercy.

NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes talks shop with NXT Tag Team Champions The D’Angelo Family when The Street Profits shuffle in. “How you doin?” Montez Ford quips as Elektra Lopez and Lola Vice brawl across the room with Dana Brooke and Kehlani Jordan.

Charlie Dempsey vs Butch – Global Heritage Invitational

Very regal Dempsey represents the United States as the returning Butch – still Butch – represents England. Meta-Four spectate atop the repurposed lounge area, which is very suitable. Meanwhile, the competitors cook with unapologetic British Strong Style, and Butch gains the win with Bitter End – heading the leaderboards of Group A.

Winner: Butch


Dragon Lee is interviewed about pinning “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio in a mixed-tag match before Mustafa Ali steps in, saying the masked man “struck out” while the latter is “up to bat.”

In-ring, Ilja Dragunov reflects on his electric battle with Trick Williams last week, earning his respect. But Noam Dar’s still there, interrupting to hear himself yap. Dragunov threatens to barge into the lounge, but Dar offers “Main Man” Oro Mensah up for a match next week. The two trade strikes, but “Mad Dragon” ultimately makes his future opponent retreat.

Von Wagner tells Bron Breakker, “Come Tuesday… it’s you and me Bronny boy… no disqualification!” In his own unique timbre, Wagner has shockingly become a great promo, designating Mr. Stone decoration.

Elektra Lopez and Lola Vice vs Kehlani Jordan and Dana Brooke

Booker T goes wild for a women’s tag team match while Vic Joseph gives background on why it’s even happening. Brooke tries showing her “killer instinct” that nobody believes she has, and Orlando gets behind Vice before her eventual win.

Winners: Elektra Lopez and Lola Vice


Gigi Dolin’s promo package is the more enticing follow-up, vowing to face Tiffany Stratton for the NXT Women’s Championship next week.

Carmelo Hayes is still stuck on his tainted victory over Ilja Dragunov, accusing Trick Williams of not believing in him. “I don’t think you can… I know you can,” says Williams in a promising closing line – because this supposed split between Trick Melo Gang cannot happen.

Dijak vs Eddy Thorpe

Dijak jumpstarts the match and after a striking exchange, they tug-o-war over an illegal belt. The big man tosses Thorpe into Booker T’s office chair, and with the referee distracted, lands a loaded right hand for victory. Disappointingly, it’s Dijak’s dullest match after a string of bangers.

Winner: Dijak


Kiana James may become a breakout star, but first needs to rack up wins. “I will do whatever it takes to get my hand raised,” she says in her promo package.

Bron Breakker demands a “thank you” from Baron Corbin for saving him from Von Wagner. He threatens to give Corbin his “end of days” if he involves himself in their match next week.

The Hallmark drama between Humberto Carillo and Angel Garza continues as they strangely find themselves with matching chest scars. They return next week, honoring their grandfather by starting anew.

The Bray Wyatt tribute package from Friday plays, and it’s still as emotionally touching. From NXT to WWE superstardom, Wyatt created an icon. “Thank you, Bray” chants accompany a crowd full of fireflies and a spotlighted, empty rocking chair.

Blair Davenport completes the quartet of promo packages, saying, “I take immense pleasure in watching my opponents scream in pain.”

In an Instagram post from Rhea Ripley, Dominik Mysterio declares himself the special-guest referee between Dragon Lee and Mustafa Ali with the winner getting a North American Championship match at NXT No Mercy.

Joe Coffey vs Nathan Frazer – Global Heritage Invitational

Coffey reps Scotland as Frazer reps Jersey, not the United States one, in the first Group B match. In a scary rarity, Frazer runs the ropes so hard, he whiplashes himself before break. But he recuperates with a comeback thereafter, still utilizing his lighting speed. However, a spinning lariat from Coffey gives him the victory and two tournament points.

Winner: Joe Coffey


Andre Chase celebrates Duke Hudson’s entry into the Global Heritage Invitational, but Thea Hail misses the entire class. And instead of study hall, Hail makes “plans to go out” with Jacy Jayne.

Myles Borne excuses Drew Gulak’s treatment with “paying his dues” as Fallon Henley offers a team-up with Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs. More young guys could benefit from keeping their heads down like Borne.

An Instagram update from Wes Lee promises that the next outcome between him and Carmelo Hayes will be different. “The NXT Championship is coming to the West Side,” he says.

Tyler Bate acknowledges his history with Butch but changes gears to Dabba-Kato: “Allow me to be the David to your Goliath.” 

Roxanne Perez vs Gigi Dolin vs Kiana James vs Blair Davenport 

The winner of tonight’s main event faces Tiffany Stratton next week for the NXT Women’s Championship, although it apparently may be “Tiffy Time” for Becky Lynch pretty soon. It’s a hectic but entertaining clash, with nonstop agility from the opening goings. Back from break is a caterpillar of submissions and the inevitable Tower of Doom spot that all multi-women matches have. Perez gets significant spotlight as Davenport connects with sneaky offense, but it’s James that steals the win over Dolin.

Winner: Kiana James


Carmelo Hayes welcomes himself into Shawn Michaels’ office saying, “We need to talk.” Hayes might be the danger, but he isn’t the one who knocks.


NXT 8/29/23

Orlando, FL

The main event is probably the best NXT women’s match in recent memory, elevated too by a surprising winner. Plus, the GHI will be producing consistently great matches – judging by tonight, with little restriction.