Greetings and Salutations! We are inching closer and closer to Emergence in Toronto. Before that though, we have a stop in Philadelphia for Multiverse United. I expect this show to build more towards Emergence though. That said, I am most excited to see who will win the #1 Contender Tag Team Tournament, which we see the finals of tonight. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

The show kicks off with highlights of PCO coming back to haunt Bully Ray last week

Deonna Purrazzo VS KiLynn King

Deonna kicks things off with finding an armbar and various submission moves but King keeps finding a way out. Deonna is able to hit a few takedowns and eventually hits a Baseball slide onto King on the outside. Purrazzo throws King back in the ring and while Purrazzo looks for yet another takedown, King counters and slams Purrazzo face first. King finds some elbows in the corner but Purrazzo counters with Elbows of her own.

Deonna with a Leg Sweep, sending King face first to the apron. Both women exchange Forearms but Purrazzo wins this round with a few clotheslines sending King hard on the mat. Purrazzo with a Knee strike, and now she is looking for a Fujiwara Armbar. King fights it off and they make it back to their feet and King hits a DDT for a 2-count. King looks for a Neutralizer, but Purrazzo fights her way out and hits a Flatliner turned into a Koji Clutch.

King rolls Purrazzo for a cover, but Purrazzo kicks out. King with a kick and hits the Neutralizer for a 2.9 count. King looks for a Curse, but Deonna finds a way out and turns gets King down and locks a Fujiwara Armbar, switches it to a Venus De Milo for the win.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo

After the match we notice that Trinity is watching the match from the back.

Gia Miller chats with King about Swinger challenging him for the Digital Media Championship. King hypes the match but has words for Heath.

Santino is with Kevin Knight until Bully Ray crashes the party. Bully says that he needs protection from PCO. Moose and Myers walk up and Ray sounds confident like a leader. Myers wants to fight Alex Shelley tonight, Moose calls everyone a coward. Santino eventually books  Knight vs. Moose for tonight and Myers vs. Shelley for next week.

Killer Kelly VS Jessicka VS Savannah Evans

Jessicka and Evans are too focused on each other with Kelly lurking in the background. Kelly hits both her opponents with a Crossbody from the top. Kelly with a kick on Jessicka and a 2-count. Kelly runs towards Evans but Evans hits Sitout Powerbomb followed by a German Suplex, but Jessicka breaks the cover.

Kelly locks a sleeper on Jessicka but Kelly gets thrown off. Evans is back and hits a DDT on Jessicka. Kelly with a cover break and then slams Evans onto Jessicka and goes for the pin to get the win.

Winner: Killer Kelly

Dirty Dango has a video promo where he trashes Jake Something.

Moose VS Kevin Knight

Moose gets things started as he pushed Knight then delivers a Slam. Moose picks Knight up and chops Knight  a few times. Moose with a Sky High on Knight, but this was only good for a 2-count. Moose is upset and confronts the ref. Knight takes this mini distraction and takes control of the match after he counters a Moose Powerbomb with a Superkick.

Knight is trying to get Moose down, but Moose doesn’t budge. Knight to the top and jumps off but Moose hits him with a Standing Urinagi. Moose keeps Knight down for a bit as he controls the mat game also. Moose sends Knight to the ropes, but Knight hits a Forearm and follows that up with a DDT, but Moose grans him and throws him out of the ring. Moose gets rocked with a Dropkick and goes outside the ring for a breather. Knight dives over the ropes, but Moose catches him, but Knight twists and turns and lands a slam on Moose on the entranceway.

Both men find their way back in the ring and Knight looks for a Missile Dropkick  and a rollup, followed by a Code Red, but Moose is back up and hits a Spear and gets the win.

Winner: Moose

Rascalz confront Santino to further their beef.

Eric Young VS Kon

The two men are going back and forth with a lockup, Deaner makes his presence known right away as he tries to distract Young. Kon with a hard slam on Young and chokes him on the ropes as Deaner watches on. Kon with a shoulder Lock, but young fights out and hits a Death Valley Driver for a 2-count. Deaner has had enough and grabs a chair to smash Young with it for a DQ end.

Winner: Eric Young via DQ

After the match, Deaner sits on the chair he used to Smash Young with and watches on as Kon chokes Young. Deaner eventually DDT’s Young on the chair…

Joe Hendry and Yuya Uemura have a music video montage on working together.

Its part 2 of Crazzy Steve’s chat with Tom Hannifan. Steve continues giving us his back story. Steve says he grew up in a Trailer Park and a broken home. He claims to have an alcoholic father. He said that he worked in the wrestling business hard for 12 years before being signed by Impact. Steve said that in 2014 his dream came true being signed but that didn’t last as his mom took her own life 3 weeks after he signed with Impact. Tom asked why he’s telling his story now? We see the To Be Continued…

Chris Sabin cuts a promo against Lio Rush. Sabin says that after Emergence, he is coming for the X-Division Title. Samuary Del Sol walks up and he and Sabin agree to a match next week.

No DQ Match: Bully Ray VS Black Taurus

Taurus hits a few shoulder tackles on Ray, sending Ray outside the ring for a break. Taurus witha  dive on Ray and slams Ray on the Steel Steps. Taurus gras chairs under the ring and throws them inside the ring. Taurus slams a trash can against on Bully’s back then grabs a chair and does the same. Ray rakes the eyes of Taurus.

Ray sets up a ladder in the corner of the ring but Taurus is the one who whips Ray onto it. Bully comes right back wirth a few punches, but Taurus hits a headbutt followed by a Samoan Drop and a Twisted Senton. This was only good for a 2-count. Taurus is looking for another Twisting Senton, but Ray moves out of the way and Taurus lands on the ladder. Ray gets a quick pin.

Winner: Bully Ray

After the match, PCO appears behind Ray. They yell until PCO hits a slam on Ray through a table. Bully eventually gets up and runs to the back.

Eddie Edwards is upset at Kazarian for the kendo shot on Alisha last week. Kazarian shows up and wants to apologize but security shows up to keep the peace. Eddie says they will meet in th ring like men. Kaz says they’ll end it in Massachusetts at Kowalski’s school.

Tournament Finals: The Rascalz vs. Rich Swann & Sami Callihan

Miguel and Swann get things atarted, But Callihan gets tagged in and works over the left arm of Miguel. Callihan and Swann with a double team until Wentz comes in and hits a Cutter on Swann. Callihan with a Death Valley Driver on the apron. Swann is on the apron and takes out both Rascalz.

After a commercial break, Wentz and Callihan are the legal men in the ring. Callihan with a Flatliner DDT on both Rascalz on the apron., but they come right back and double team Callihan for a bit while cutting him off from his partner. Callihan hits a desperation Piledriver on Miguel and gets the hot tag to Swann. Swann with a Superkick on both Rascalz, then hits a Headscissor on Miguel who lands on Wentz. Swann hits a Scissor Kick and thats followed up by Callihan hitting a Sideslam. Miguel is back up after a pin attempt and spikes Swann, followed by a Wentz Dropkick to Callihan who was on the arpon.

Wentz with a Double Stomp on Swann for a nearfall. All 4 men are back up and they hit Superkicks on each other sending them all down. Swann and Callihan hit Double Knees on Wentz but Miguel breaks up the pin. Wentz with a dive onto Swann who was outside. Miguel with a spray can and uses it on Callihan as the ref is trying to restore order with the other two men outside the ring. Callihan takes a double team and the Rascalz get the win!

Winners: The Rascalz