Are we mad? Who else is mad?

I was so sure Jey Uso was going to win the Undisputed Championship because he almost did, but out of anyone to yank him out of that winning, it was his own twin brother?? What the literal hell?? I was breathless and speechless. I couldn’t fathom what was going on and why. At some point I thought it was a glitch.

Also, why did Logan Paul have to win his match against Ricochet with the illegal aid of brace-knuckles? Hmm?! Since he favors himself the best, although, he isn’t, why not win through proper channels? I felt so bad for Samantha Irvin, Ricochet’s fiancĂ©, when she had to announce the winner.

Logan is such a disease to my eyes, I can’t function well when he’s on screen. I thought I met the most despicable person in WWE being Paul Heyman, but I noticed that Heyman characterizes a villainous player whilst Logan IS a villain. I despise this man! As if the devil heard me say in my prediction of this match that Logan loses in every weekend event since arriving on the scene and condemned me instead. The one time I publicly say that is the day he wins.


Oof. Oof. Let’s move on to something a bit more pleasant like Iyo Sky becoming the new WWE Women’s Champion after successfully cashing in her contract moments after Bianca Belair won. It was sad that she was only able to hold on to that belt for maybe a minute before losing it again. Yet kind of funny, too.

And speaking of funny, that beating Shayna Baszler rightfully gave Ronda Rousey. Priceless. The sleeper hold knocked her ass out cold. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Quite frankly, I knew Finn Balor was going to lose because the Judgment Day is kind of a mess. Ever since Damian Priest won the Money in the Bank briefcase, he and Balor have been on edge, not trusting each other. Are they breaking up too? Could that be in the cards in the near future? Maybe if things continue this way. They both want the World title. They’re like children fighting over who should get the bigger room. Damn.

I almost forgot to mention that Kevin Patrick and Corey Graves from Monday Night RAW have joined the blue brand on Fridays. I wondered if the announcers were going to make the switch like on Draft night, and they did. I’m glad to hear more from these two.

Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka

Asuka manages to twist her arm out of Flair’s grip then ventures to do the same to her opponent in return. She tries to knock Charlotte down with a shoulder tackle, yet Flair doesn’t budge. Instead, Flair ploughs Asuka to the mat.

Flair is mad that she walked out of her Triple Threat match on Saturday empty-handed, expecting to become champ, so her strikes towards Asuka runs deep. Not just from SummerSlam, but also their rivalry after she dethroned Asuka at WrestleMania.

Flair goes up high, but she doesn’t make it since Asuka yanks her onto her backside. She rocks Flair with a drop kick followed by a running knee to the jaw for a near fall.

Flair makes a comeback with an epic crossbody followed by a couple of chops to Asuka’s chest as the crowd cheers in unison.

Just as Flair was about to inflict the Figure 8, Damage Control’s Iyo Sky’s theme music starts playing as they walk out, distraction Charlotte. Asuka capitalizes on that with an inside cradle that doesn’t put Charlotte away.

Nevermind the fight going inside the ring since Bayley and Iyo were stalking around the stage. Iyo leaps in and drop kicks both Asuka and Flair, forcing a premature ending. Bayley also gets her hands dirty as she goes after the fallen women.

Winner: Damage Control

The night gets even more hectic when Austin Theory slammed a coffin lid against Santos Escobar’s left leg while he was getting interviewed for his upcoming Championship match later tonight.

Commentary believes that Theory is running scared because he wants to avoid losing to Santos again, hence his actions. The LWO rushed in to assist Escobar once the officials were able to send him away, but the damage was already done.

AJ Styles vs. Karrion Kross

Right at the start of the bell, AJ doesn’t hold back as he drop kicks Karrion to the other side of the ring. He follows that up with a back breaker. He is livid with Kross. Ha!

Karrion retaliates with a massive back drop out of nowhere just as the crowds chants “This is awesome!” Kross manhandles AJ into a back suplex as he shouts “Let me feel your hate, AJ!”

Styles is wickedly whipped into the turnbuckles that Michin’s face expression changed.

Later on, AJ manages to escape his fate by slipping under Karrion’s legs then tripping him off the second rope. His momentum continues as Styles delivers a clothesline that sends Kross crashing in front of the announcement table.

Just when Styles thought he had Kross pegged for a moment, Karrion delivers a Dead Valley body slam against the announcement desk. Styles bounces off that like dead meat.

Scarlett, however, was on her knees cackling.

AJ turns things around in his favor as he sends a running forearm to Karrion. Styles had the match won at some point with the 450, but Scarlett neatly placed Kross’ foot on the bottom rope. Michin sees this and attempts to attack Scarlett, yet she’s on the receiving end of n a right hand.

Scarlett gets up on the apron and distracts AJ from finishing Karrion. Lucky for him, Michin drags Scarlett by the ankle and throws her across the table.

Styles wasn’t able to do the move he initially wanted at first, but he delivers a palay kick then follows that up with his intended move, the Styles Clash, for a long-awaited victory.

Winner: AJ Styles

There’s something right when the Hall of Famer Rated R Superstar Edge walks it, all smiles and energy. I thought his 25th anniversary was tonight, but it’s actually next week, he just came early to have a chat with Calgary. It’s been a while.

Next week in Toronto, Edge wants a match against a man he strangely never faced during all these years, Sheamus.

Apparently, Sheamus is the one who encouraged Edge to get back in the ring after that nine year hiatus for his injury. Their connection runs deep to Edge making an appearance on Sheamus’ YouTube channel to the Celtic warrior helping Edge prepare for the 2020 Royal Rumble.

The talked about how Edge wipeout on that bike trail they were doing and got bruised, even near his white butt. That was Sheamus’ receipt to show the rest of us, so Edge also came prepared with a photo of the Celtic warrior sitting on Edge’s daughter Ruby’s bike. Ha! He thought it was burned, but we already saw it.

Anyway, Sheamus also gives Edge a round of applause when back in 2004, he pondered whether or not he should pursuit his wrestling career. While Sheamus was trying to get some advice from the WWE RAW roster who came to Dublin at the time, no one gave him the time of day except Edge. The advice he gave Sheamus helped shape his perspective.

Sheamus agrees to wrestle Edge next week if they promise to go out for a pint later. He also hopes that Edge didn’t make the mistake challenging him.

And let’s not forget today it’s Hulk Hogan’s 70th birthday. Happy birthday! Plus it’s the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop music, so Michael Cole decided to spit some bars. “LA Knight, future so bright. Top Dolla about to get smashed tonight.”

That left Kevin Patrick, Corey Graves and myself speechless…

LA Knight vs. Top Dolla of Hit Row

Now this is a match I never saw coming. It’s so random, but I’ll let it slide.

Hit Row hasn’t been getting out of the gate very good lately. Dolla just seems to get more and more pissed ever since that poor attempt at going over the ropes is all people associate him with. Ha! That’s still hilarious.

B-Fab momentarily distracted Knight just as Dolla leaps in, but LA ducks and goes after his opponent. Dolla does manage to shove Knight off his feet after he glanced over at Ashante Thee Adonis.

Once Knight gets back in control of things, he delivers a winning BFT to Top Dolla.

Winner: LA Knight

Rey Mysterio vs. Austin Theory (c) – US Championship match

As Santos makes his entrance, Theory attacks him from behind, going back to that injured leg he damaged earlier. That was the final straw, Adam Pearce decides to make a quick change. Theory will be defending his title against Rey Mysterio.

Rey was so pissed that he took the fight to Austin and rightfully so. The man thinks he can rationalize such grotesque behavior.

Mysterio may have had the upper hand, but things quickly turned around in Theory’s favor as he held Rey’s body under his arm like some piece of drift wood. Mysterio surprises me as he slingshots the champ into the turnbuckle.

Rey seems to be laying waste to Theory so well it almost felt like everything was going in his favor the entire match. Most of it, anyway.

Theory was looking for A-Town Down, Rey ducks out and delivers a fast Step-Up Enziguri to the side of the champ’s head. Mysterio looked great tonight.

He was breaking Theory’s back numerous times during the match. 619 after 619. Then a winning body slash awarding Rey the Championship!!

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Well, the moment I was waiting for. What’s next for The Bloodline according to Roman Reigns? Although, the entire faction is dead I’d say. The majority of the time, my face looked at the screen with disgust, frustration, and silence too as I patiently wait for Jey and Jimmy to crash the party, each on their on time.

While Roman asks Heyman where’s Jimmy, and he replies that he doesn’t know, Jimmy somehow finds himself near the ring. Where the hell did he come from?? Poof poof from the sky honestly.

“You sold out!” the crowd chants in unison towards Jimmy’s actions on Saturday. Reigns looks happy as he sees Jimmy making his way inside the ring. I’m sure he enjoyed what he did.

Although, Roman is thankful for Jimmy’s help, the Uso twin corrects him to say that his intervention has nothing to do with the Tribal Chief.

All that means nothing indeed once Jey makes his entrance. As Jimmy instructs Sikoa, Reigns and Heyman to back away, Jey snatches the mic from his hand. He demands that Jimmy explains himself.

So he does. Jimmy informs us and his brother that he did what he did because he loves Jey. Not due to jealousy rather fear of losing his twin to gold. The possibility of the Usos coming to an end. The power that Roman holds is corruptive and toxic given how he portrays it. Jimmy was worried that Jey would become like Reigns.

And we don’t need another Roman. Please God… “I will never be able to live with myself if I let you become an egotistical, lying, manipulative asshole like Roman Reigns!” Now what I said at the beginning has been reshaped. My love for the Usos hasn’t changed though.

Reigns was shocked by the usage of the word “asshole”. Ha! Ha! Ha! His face. The audience agrees.

Even after all that, Jimmy is fine if Jey doesn’t want to speak to him, hate him, or kick his ass. He pretty much welcomed it. Quite frankly, this is the most honest and complete answer to a question I could ever ask for. I would have been pissed if Jimmy simply said he did what he did because he had to with no elaboration.

Jey, however, turned his back on his brother without saying anything. Jimmy nods as he understands what that means and starts leaving. And that’s when Roman felt the need to rub more salt in the huge gash.

Reigns says that Jey will never comprehend anything because he’s a hothead, that he let emotions run him blind. The true meaning of this is to acknowledge Roman. That angers Jey to Super Kick the champ. Sikoa attacks Jey, but in vain. Reigns gets back up and Superman Punches the Uso twin.

Jey manages to Super Kick Roman afterwards then spears him out of existence before addressing Jimmy to come back. The next thing that happens shocked me a little, but also not so much. Jey Super Kicks Jimmy.

But nothing prepared me for this. “I’m out The Bloodline! I’m out of SmackDown! I’m out of WWE! Duces, Uces!”


TOP PHOTO: Jey makes a shocking exit. Courtesy of WWE