Greetings and salutations! We are inching closer and closer to the Emergence show in Toronto on August 27th. On this week’s episode the Tag Team Title Tournament will continue, We will see the former champions ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) versus the odd couple combo of Rich Swann & Sami Callihan. The winners  will be facing The Rascalz in the finals. We will also see a Dream Match of KUSHIDA taking on “Speedball” Mike Bailey. We will also see Samuray Del Sol (FKA Kalisto) teaming with Laredo Kid and Black Taurus versus Moose, Bully Ray, and Brian Myers as they continue their allegiance. Tons on this show, so without further ado, let’s get to the action.

Tag Team Tournament match: Rich Swann & Sami Callihan VS ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey)

Bey and Swann started things off. Bey got the pendulum swinging his direction and tagged in Austin to cut Swann off from his partner. Swann was finally able to dodge the offense from ABC and tag Callihan in. Calihan used his brawling style to take ABC down. Swann got back in the ring and got Bey out while Callihan hit a Cactus Driver ’97 on Austin on the hardest part of the ring. All 4 men continue to fight on the outside. Bey hits a dive off the ropes onto Callihan and Swann.

After the break, ABC has full control of the match in the ring. Bey misses o Swann and Callihan is again able to get the tag. It’s now a 50/50 matchup. Austin is in and once again misses a major move on Callihan. All 4 men are in the ring and Swann hits a over-the-rope Hurricanrana on Austin. Callihan locks in a Crossface Chicken Wing on Bey. Bey is ready to submit, but he turns the Crossface into a pinning predicament for a 2-count.

Bey with an Art of Finesse on Callihan, followed by Austin hitting The Fold. ABC goes for the cover but Swann makes the save at the last moment. Swann then attacks and sends both members of ABC to ringside. Swann looks for a dive from the ring to the outside, but ABC moves out of the way causing Swann to crash and burn. The Good Hands run down and Hotch pulls the ref out of the ring as Austin was getting ready to put the match away.

Swann attacks Hotch and they fight up the entrance way. Skyler is in the ring and hits Austin with The Stroke. The ref is back in and Callihan gets the pinfall.

Winners: Rich Swann & Sami Callihan

The Coven and the Death Dollz crash a moment of peace for Santino Marella. Both teams make their case for getting a Knockouts Tag Team title shot at Emergence. Masha Slamovich and Killer Kelly showed up and Kelly stated they would face them all!

Dirty Dango (w/Alpha Bravo) VS Bhupinder Gujjar

Dango grabebd the mic and said he hates pro-wrestling. Pretty quick match. Dango take Gujjar down, and Gujjar uses his speed for a small comeback. Gujjar was looking for the Gargoyle Spear but Bravo shined a light at Gujjar blinding him for a moment, Dango gets the win.

Winner: Dirty Dango

After the match, Dango takes the mic and mocks pro-wrestling again. Jake Something comes out and tells him if he doesn’t like it, then get the hell out of here. Dango leaves the ring while Bravo and Something stare off. Dango goes for the sneak attack, but it backfires. Something stood tall.

Deaner reminds us how uch he hates Eirc Young. Kon says he is going for Young.

Gia Miller is with Johnny Swinger and asks if he would challenge for the World Title? Swinger is about to speak while Kenny King shows up with Sheldon Jean. King hijacks the segment and cuts a promo against Alex Shelley.

Jody VS Alisha Edwards (w/Eddie Edwards)

Threat has the early advantage of the match. Edwards mounted a comeback but was too distracted by herself to maintain control. Threat hits a Running Knee. Alisha comes right back and rakes the eyes of Threat. Threat runs the ropes but Eddie tripes Threat up. Frankie Kazarian is out and takes Eddie out. Meanwhile, in the ring, Threat hits the F416 for the win.

Winner: Jody Threat

After the match, Kazarian grabbed a Kendo Stick and was about to hit Eddie but as he swung back, he hits Alisha by accident. Kazarian was irate with himself as it was an accident.

In the back, Deonna Purrazzo wanted to congratulate KiLynn King for last weeks win. She issues a challenge for a 1-on-1 match.

KUSHIDA VS Mike Bailey

50/50 affair to start the match as both men know each other so well and things are super even. Bailey takes a breather on the outside and KUSHIA does a Moonsault over the ropes landing on Bailey. Back in the ring, KUSHIDA takes control of the ground game and begins to tease hurting the arm of Bailey. KUSHIDA with a Running Handstand and begins looking for the Hoverboard Lock.

KUSHIDA continues to control the match and begins to aim on the knees of Bailey, so that he slows down and isn’t able to hit some of his main arsenal. Bailey comes back a bit and goes to the outside of the ring. KUSHIDA dives for Bailey from in the ring, but Bailey moves out of the way. Bailey hits a Springboard Moonsault from the top rope.

Back int he ring, both men are trading offense equally. KUSHIDA drops Bailey and finally locks in the Hoverboard Lock. Bailey turns this into an armbar of his own. Bailey is up and looks for double knees and follows that up with a second armbar. KUSHIDA is fighting the pain away. Bailey is up and looks for a Tornado Running Kick, but misses. KUSHIDA tries some moves, but Bailey counters them. Bailey is looking for the Ultima Weapon, but KUSHIDA catches him and locks in the Hoverboard Lock again. Bailey fights his way out, KUSHIDA hits a Back to to Future and finally gets the win.


Tom Hannifan has a sit-down interview with Crazzy Steve. Steve said that he felt abandoned by the Death Dollz and Black Taurus as of late. Steve says he has been legally blind for 20 years but still wrestles. Steve said that his entire career has been full of hurdles. Hannifan asks about Steve’s family and we get a “To Be Continued” Graphic.

We get a hype video for SUBCULTURE. We see tons of clips highlighting them. Dani Luna ends it by saying they will defend their titles at Emergence.

in the back a man asks a woman to say his name. Joe Hendry appears with Yuya Uemura. Hendry doesn’t like how Uemura is using his same gimmick. Uemura said that they should just team up. Hendry likes the idea…

Team 3D would reunite after 7 years for Impact 1000

A video promo airs highlighting IWGP world heavyweight champion SANADA and his appearance at Emergence on August 27.

Brian Myers, Bully Ray & Moose VS Black Taurus, Laredo Kid & Samuray Del Sol

Rush attacked Del Sol before the match. Back in the ring, Taurus and Myers start the match. Laredo Kid comes in with style as he hits a missile dropkick on Myers. Moose tags in and Kid looks for an Arm Drag but can’t because of his size. Kid manages to flip Moose over but Moose rolls out of the ring for a breather. Bully and Taurus are in and they give each other big chops and forearm shots. Taurus wins this round as he hits a Shoulder Block to knock Bully down. Taurus charges the turnbuckle but his knee hits the exposed part and  Myers pulls Bully out of the ring.

After the break, Moose slings Myers into Taurus. Moose with a slap to Taurus. Moose and Taurus trade headbutts and both men are down. Shortly after that, Myers and Kid are in the ring. Kid flips Myers over and hits a Neckbreaker, follows that up with a DDT. Bully runs in and gets Backdropped also. Kid continues this momentum and splashes onto all three who were in different corners.

Bully comes right back and whips Kid into the ref. Moose takes out Taurus from the apron. Bully and Myers are in the ring with the ref down and they  double team Kid.The lights are out. Lightning strikes around the arena and when the lights come back on PCO  is in the ring with Bully. Bully is shocked.

Moose and Myers try to attack PCO but they both get tossed out of the ring. PCO dives onto Moose and Myers. Bully runs to the back. Taurus dives onto Moose as Kid splashes onto Myers. The ref slowly comes back into the ring and Myers kicks out of a pin attempt. Myers and Moose double team Kid while the ref is still coming to slowly. Myers hits Roster Cut on Kid and finally gets the win.

Winners: Brian Myers, Bully Ray & Moose

After the match, Bully Ray is running away from PCO yelling that he set him on fire. Ray hijacks a car but PCO catches up to him as Bully drives off.