A disgruntled post on ‘X’ has evolved into a full-fledged conversation on perhaps how chaotic and how hostile the AEW women’s locker room is.

LuFisto posted her frustration with AEW’s women’s division recently:

Fightful’s Jeremy Lambert spoke to LuFisto and she elaborated on her comments giving details of her experience with AEW during a dark match at Elevation in which she worked a tag team match with The Bunny and Emi Sakura versus Anna Jay, Ruby Soho and Skye Blue.

“I go into the ladies locker room and silence. There is Ruby, Bunny, and Toni (Storm) sitting together on one side. They look at me, no words, and it feels really weird. I see Mercedes Martinez, happy to see me. Jade (Cargill) is doing her thing. The young girls…everyone is separated. I get the same question, ‘What are you doing here?’ ‘I got called to be an extra and meet with Tony.’ From there, I don’t know. It doesn’t feel good right away. I see QT, ‘when am I going to meet [Tony]?’ ‘I don’t know, he’s busy. Walk around, mingle.’ I’m walking around, I’m watching Bryan Danielson teach Jade. A newish wrestler, she comes to see me, ‘Oh my God, you’re here, I want to wrestle, are you staying?’ ‘I don’t know.’ ‘I’m going to ask the agents if you’re going to wrestle me.’ Another one comes to see me, ‘Oh my God, you’re here, please tell me you’re here to stay.’ ‘Wow, is it that bad?’ She’s like [makes face] like ‘we need you.’ Then I’m starting to kind of put things together. Thunder Rosa is sitting on one side, no one is talking to her,” she said describing the atmosphere at the taping saying she saw many of the talent complaining that they were there but not on the show.

“It feels like high school. There is no unity, for some reason,” she continued.

LuFisto then described stumbling upon Ruby Soho and Dustin Rhodes having a conversation which they stopped once she entered the room.

“I go to Dustin and he goes, ‘So, all French Canadian people are f—–g assholes eh?’ I’m like, ‘Excuse me, what?’ He was nice to me five minutes ago. He’s like, ‘Yeah, apparently that’s the way it goes.’ I have a very bad relationship with Jacques Rougeau. I can say he was even abusive to me, calling me to tell me I was fat and to lose weight. I’m like, ‘maybe he had a bad experience with Jacques too?’ He’s looking at me differently and the funny thing is, [Evil Uno] walks by and he’s like, ‘Hey, Uno, that’s true French Canadians are f—–g assholes, right?’ Uno is like, ‘I’m French Canadian.’ ‘Oh, okay.’ They talk a little bit,” she said.

LuFisto details how the match went claiming that Skye Blue remained silent the entire time while Soho set up the match. LuFisto claims that even though she followed Soho’s instructions to the letter, Rhodes ripped her apart backstage. He said she made the other women look bad.

‘”I see Sammy Guevara with his girlfriend. They were going out to the car before, coming back in, it’s chaotic and there is literally people sitting at one point and they talk shit to each other. I’m with f—–g children,” said LuFisto.

LuFisto then laid out what she feels is wrong with the women’s division in AEW…and it isn’t just the booking.

“The reason why this division doesn’t work is the gatekeeping of it. It’s not going to get any better as long as somebody doesn’t stand up. Everybody is afraid to talk. Everybody doesn’t want to say what I’m saying right now. I’m even struggling right now but someone has to say it. Unfortunately, it’s the 43-year-old that’s doing it because everybody is so afraid to lose their freaking jobs that they don’t say anything and they accept things that should not be…Women are s——g on women when we should be helping each other and lifting each other up. If you’re not good enough to be out there and prove you can go and you have to go through politics and people you’re with, you don’t belong in the sport. Right now, it’s filled with people who use wrestling to have that fame. The ones that really fought hard for women to be seen as athletes, that we work together,” she concluded.

The story doesn’t end there though. Dustin Rhodes responded to LuFisto’s comments on ‘X’.

“Hey @LuFisto, read your story and sometimes as a coach I have to be very honest and won’t ever tell you a lie about how good or bad it was. Sometimes hard love comes out and wouldn’t have it any other way. I hope you find what you’re looking for. #KeepSteppin,” he wrote.

LuFisto has an update as well: