Given one of the heaviest moments in the past several months being last week, Jey Uso is on the warpath, seeking revenge on Reigns and Sikoa for the brutal attack that sent Jimmy to the hospital. And I say… hell is coming swiftly for the Enforcer and the Tribal Chief soon enough.

Something Belair said has me both agreeing with her and disagreeing. “Patience is a virtue.” I believe that, but I also understand how tiresome it can be to wait. There are times I don’t give myself enough credit for being patient, but I really am.

Something does eventually come, yet it arrives in the way you may not want or the exact thing you wanted. God works in mysterious ways, we all know that. Sometimes scary ways.

As Charlotte Flair interrupts, I wonder to myself if she practices that walk at home. Ha! Nothing wrong with it, just wondering. Anyway, because of the crude interception that Belair orchestrated at Money in the Bank that resulted in Flair and Asuka’s match to end prematurely, Charlotte believes that she didn’t get a full opportunity.

I can see that.

Shockingly, Flair predicts that Belair with win tonight. No disrespect to Asuka, of course. And when that happens, Charlotte doesn’t want there to be any confusion as to who goes next.

If Bianca wins, the biggest match this upcoming SummerSlam would be Belair vs. Flair for the Women’s Championship. However, Asuka is backstage looking on at two individuals who may be getting ahead of themselves. Maybe…

Sheamus & Ridge Holland vs. Pretty Deadly – Tag Team match

Ha! As soon as the bell rings, Elton Prince dashes out of there when Sheamus ran towards him like a bulldozer.

It didn’t matter that Kit Wilson wasn’t the legal man, Sheamus grabs ahold of him and whips him against the mat then proceeds to beat Wilson up. The Celtic warrior was having fun with a double rolling Senton, one on top of the other.

Prince went for a hip toss, gets caught by Sheamus, who delivers a returning clothesline before tagging Holland in as the Brutes play a double team.

At some point, Holland was trapped in Pretty Deadly’s corner and receives one hell of a beating. Ridge creates some separation by dropping Pretty Deadly on their spines as he reaches to tag Sheamus.

The Brutes perform a double Ten Beats of the Bodhran with the amount of 26 or 27 hits, I believe. Ha!

Wilson brings out the more vicious side of Pretty Deadly with numerous blows to Sheamus’ chest as he lays under the rope near the apron.

Earlier, Sheamus called Pretty Deadly “dancing Muppets”, which I found hilarious. I laughed way too much. But when you get in the ring with them, regardless of the many shenanigans they do while wrestling, one thing is clear, they aren’t unskillful, nor unintelligent.

Prince makes sure that a tag isn’t issued between Sheamus and Holland as the Celtic warrior crawled over to his teammate. As Wilson leaps from the top, Sheamus delivers a knee to his mid-section.

Holland ploughs through Pretty Deadly so roughly and quick that he may as well have made a meal out of them. Meat and potatoes. Yum.

Prince is seen removing the protective padding around the turnbuckle, revealing the metal underneath. Holland runs into it throat first, given it’s still injured after that Samoan Spike by Sikoa, Prince enters into a winning cover.

Quite frankly, I’m not surprise. The Brutes have been losing a lot lately, no?

Winners: Pretty Deadly

After last week’s brutal onslaught on Jimmy, medical updates have informed us that he’s suffering from rapture rib cartilage and will be out of action indefinitely. I wish he gets better and stronger sooner rather than later, following a reasonable amount of time, of course.

All I can say now is, I hate you Roman.

Zelina Vega vs. Bayley

When Bayley was making her entrance with Iyo Sky by her side, she was holding a lock of Shotzi’s hair she cut off two weeks ago. Disturbing, to put it lightly.

Once the bell rings, Bayley quickly goes after Zelina with brute force, bouncing her head against the announce table.

Vega fights back with a few right hands to Bayley’s jaw as they battle on the apron. She shoves Bayley against the post for good measure. She looks for a fast win when Vega performs the Meteora.

Bayley may have damped Vega’s efforts, yet that reserves once Zelina takes the flip-flop she brought with her from Bayley’s hand and starts to whip her with it, sending Bayley retreating.

Iyo distracts the official as Bayley whips Zelina back as her opponent bounces her throat and the back of her head against the first and second rope. Bayley capitalizes with a winning Rose Plant.

Although Sky and Bayley rejoice in the victory, Shotzi has a very powerful message for her aggressors. She buzzes her beautiful green hair off as she repeatedly says she’s not afraid, nor intimidated. Bayley is the one who’s actually afraid. Shotzi is in control, and she’ll show just how much she can be.

The assault has only awakened a more maniacal, possibly deranged version of Shotzi. And I can’t wait to see it.

Winner: Bayley

I’ve obviously never had the pleasure of having a twin sister or brother, although, I did consider my little brother as my best friend once. Like Jimmy and Jey, I had a bond with my brother. If he’s sad, knowing how emotional I can get, I’m sad too. Mad, confused as well. I felt for him all the time whether he knew it or not.

I hate it when someone would make him cry, or yell at him because I found it mean and unnecessary. So I understand when Jey is angry when the very person who damaged his brother was his family member. But that’s where I’m the least shocked.

Family members have the most excess to you compared to anyone else. They probably know your habits, your behavior, your way of thinking if they respect it… They’re the ones who can hurt you far deeper than others.

Jey warns Solo that he will spank him like last Friday. And Heyman’s puppeteering tactics for over 40 years end here. Main Event Jey Uso is the true Head of the Table.

Being the Enforcer of a semi-disbanded Bloodline faction, Sikoa is really here to enforce… peace? Ha! Lies. I know chairs will be flying. Regardless, Heyman says that next week Reigns and Jey will discuss the rules of their engagement fight, but tonight we’re simply chatting.

Self-awareness? Heyman agreesĀ with Solo when he alludes to the fact that Jey isn’t self-awareness that he’s thinking like a Tribal Chief. He confronted Roman, he wants to become the protector of their family. Yet what happened last week, apparently, is Jey’s fault.

Honestly, we keep bouncing blame between the twins, but it’ll never work because they know each other better than the outsiders who claim they do. Heyman directs his attention towards the camera to address Jimmy and say that his medical bills are under his name due to Jey.

Heyman insists that Jey’s bother, father and mother plus himself and Roman will never forgive him. See? He’s manipulating the situation again. Even Solo adds that it’s Jey’s fault while informing him that he also won’t forgive.

That was enough for Jey to throw the first punch as they slug it out. He momentarily disposes of Solo as he stalks Heyman into a corner. It was actually creepy. Ha! Nevertheless, Sikoa lunges from behind.

Solo misses with a Samoan Spike, Jey pulls his legs from under then proceeds to punch him. Following that, he Super Kicks Heyman! Ha! Yes!

Heyman is seen begging as Jey has his eyes locked on the chair that’s laying there on the mat, waiting to be grabbed. His sights were set on Heyman, but Solo takes the bullet as they retreat.

Butch vs. Santos Escobar vs. AJ Styles vs. Grayson Waller – US Championship Invitational Fatal 4-Way match

The second the match starts, Waller gets rid of Butch, yet he scurries once Escobar and Styles lock eyes with him.

Anyway, Santos and AJ go at it with attempts of covers after covers.

Santos goes over the top rope, which results in Butch and Styles brawling it out. Grayson, however, hasn’t really gotten his foot in this match. Constantly being bulldozed by someone else. Ha!

He does surprise me a little when he turns Butch and Styles around for a double pin. He runs into a boot by Santos later on.

Butch disposes of Grayson. AJ kicks Butch. Santos delivers a knee to Styles’ jaw. And AJ quickly returns fire with a Pele kick. Wow!

Grayson hasn’t felt Butch’s joint manipulation tactics, but he has now. Ha!

Styles’ talents do not go unnoticed by Theory as he delivers a massive blow to the back of Waller’s neck.

Escobar slings Butch off the the top, who lands into Styles’ arms as he enters into a cover that’s quickly intercepted by Santos. His mistake could have cost him.

Escobar redeems himself with a triple Sunset Powerbomb. The only one wailing in pain is Waller. Dare I say, it was annoying. Yes, his agony was an inconvenience to me. Jokes.

Just as AJ’s balls were rolling in his favor, preparing for the Styles Clash, the big screen lit up to show that there was an attack on The O.C. happening backstage at the hands of Karrion Kross.

That riles Styles to leave the match, yet Waller jumps him then delivers his Rolling Stunner to Butch, unfortunately he couldn’t capitalize. Santos leaps from the top and wins. He’ll take on the winner of next Friday’s Fatal 4-Way in two weeks time.

Winner: Santos Escobar

While AJ checks on his friends, The Street Profits get to ride in Bobby Lashley’s limo for mysterious reasons.

Earlier, Charlotte said she was going to leave since Adam Pearce doesn’t want anyone interrupting the Women’s Championship match, yet the moment she remembered that Iyo Sky is the 2023 Money in the Bank winner, she decides to stay.

Hell breaks even further when we see Bayley and Iyo holding public tickets as admission to view to the show. Great… Oh, and let’s not forget that Flair got one too.

Bianca Belair vs. Asuka (c) – WWE Women’s Championship match

Right out of the gate, Asuka yanks on Bianca’s hair, sending her backwards against the mat. Belair retaliates with an amazing shoulder tackle.

Bianca runs towards Asuka in the corner, the Empress moves out of the way as she trips her opponent face first into the turnbuckle.

Asuka avoids the KOD with an arm drag, Belair goes right after her with another shoulder tackle. Both women are down.

Belair comes back with a beautiful back suplex plus a Moonsault to Asuka for a near win.

Bianca shakes Asuka off her back then delivers a right hand. She later runs into a knee by the champ followed by an arm bar.

I can’t say I didn’t laugh when Bianca Spine Busted Asuka on the mat because of how effortless, yet hilarious it was.

Asuka misses a baseball kick, Bianca hoists her up then KODs her on the announce table. Meanwhile, Iyo and Bayley are now actively prowling the scene. Charlotte takes notice of that and delivers a boot to Bayley.

That confuses Bianca for some reason. Iyo takes that moment to drive Flair into the post. As she instigates Belair, the EST doesn’t see Flair coming. Iyo spins out of range, which results in Flair accidently spearing Bianca out of orbit.

The match ends suddenly because of this nonsense. Sky even hits Flair in the face using her briefcase.

Given how many bodies were everywhere, Bayley tells Iyo it’s time to cash in. She attempts to do just that until… Asuka wakes from her sleep to deliver the blue mist to Bayley’s face, snatches her Championship and struts away.

Winner: Asuka?


TOP PHOTO: Asuka holding her Championship. Courtesy of WWE