WWE backstage interviewer Megan Morant is giving the gift of life.

In an Instagram post, the backstage correspondent for Smackdown revealed that tomorrow she is donating one of her kidneys to a friend.

Morant had recently learned that her boss’ previous wife was in kidney failure.

“It all felt meant to be. After 5 months of testing, and a few more months of waiting, the day has finally come. While Margrette and I also are not a blood type match, through the National Kidney Registry’s joint donor program, I will advance donate tomorrow and in return, Margrette will get a kidney to save her life,” she wrote.

Morant explained that she feels “blessed to be in a position to help”.

“It’s truly the honor of my life, and it reminds me why we are all here: to help and be there for each others. While I’ve had my strong/brave girl face on this entire process, I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little nervous, so If you’re a person that prays, please keep us in your prayers tomorrow. I ’ll see you all on the other side! We’ve got our green nails on and we are ready to go!” she continued sharing a photo of her and Margrette.

Before joining the WWE, Morant previously worked for the New England Patriots.