Andrew Stott, better known as Shayne Hawke has suffered a broken neck, resulting in him pulling out of all his upcoming bookings.

Stott  was recently on the Dark Side of the Ring episode “The Tragic Fall of Adrian Adonis.”

The indie wrestler took to his Facebook page to share the news with the world.

“Effective immediately I will be pulling out of all upcoming bookings, and not taking new ones for the foreseeable future,” said Stott.

“Long story short, I got MRI results yesterday. My neck is broken, and has been for a while now. My back is also broken, one of my discs is fractured, and the other discs have gotten worse. According to my doctor, we’ve gone past the risk of paralysis and now I’m risking death,” said Stott. “I’ve been referred to a neuro surgeon. It was a rough discussion – doc knows wrestling is currently my main source of income, and know that’s gone – but I can’t wrestle until I see the surgeon, if ever again.”

He did mention that he will continue to serve as head coach of the IWS dojo and executive producer of IWS Hardcore.

Stott mentions his mental state has taken a hit but he wont give up on his dreams as he already once suffered a broken back and still kept fighting.

“I can now say I won three championships with a broken freakin’ neck!” concluded Stott on his Facebook post.

TOP PHOTO; Andrew Stott as Mike (and Pat) Kelly on the Dark Side of the Ring episode “The Tragic Fall of Adrian Adonis.” Facebook photo