Greetings and salutations! We are back from Australia, and we are two shows away from Slammiversary in Windosor, Ontario. That means that I expect things to really pick up as we look to finish telling the stories heading into one of the bigger Impact shows of the year. PCO will take on the Good Hands in a 2-on-1 match. We will also see Lio Rush and Nick Aldis take on The MCMG after last weeks beatings. Also the on the show, Kazarian and Eddie Edwards will battle it out, after their failed team up experience last week. So much on the go! Without further ado, let’s get to the action.

The show starts off with George Iceman promising surprises for Slammiversary.

Dirty Dango VS Crazzy Steve

This was the weekly squash match of the week. Before the match, Dango says that he hates pro wrestling. Dango wins a very quick match with an Inverted DDT.

Winner: Dirty Dango

After the match, Dango takes the mic and says that he is going to end Santino’s puppet at Slammiversary. This of course has Santino coming out and says that The Cobra was Martial Arts. Santino then says that he was going to make Dango pay. Heath ran out and hit the Wake Up Call on Dango.

Eddie Edwards (w/ Alisha Edwards) VS Frankie Kazarian

After a couple weeks of can they co-exist, it’s time for them to fight. Alisha Edwards inserted herself right into the match by trash talking Kazarian through this match. Kazarian was slightly distracted by this but he hits a huge right hand followed by a Suplex on Edwards. Alisha inserts herself again and hits a Tornado DDT on Kazarian while the refs back was turned. Kazarian makes a brief comeback but Edwards rakes the eyes of Kazarian, then follows that up with a series of chops to regainc control of the match. Alisha would keep getting involved in the match at any point. Sheesh, this ref needs to focus on the match!

Eddie and Alsiha kissed and this opened the door for a Kazarian comeback. He gets control of the match and hits a Springboard Legdrop from the apron to the ring for a 2-count. Both men are up and Edwards hits a Backpack Stunner, but Kazarian is able to counter this into a slam of his own. Kazarian with an Unprettier to end a combo of moves for another 2-count. Kazarian is looking to out this way and lock in a Crossface Chicken wing but Edwards fights out. No worries, as Kazarian quickly adapts and hits a Back Stabber on Eddie. Eddie comes right back and hits a lariat, followed by a Tiger Driver for a 2-count of his own. Eddie is looking for a Boston Knee Party, but Kazarian counters it and locks in the Crossface Chicken Wing. Alisha is back on the apron and distracts the ref which allows Eddie to not sumit and drive himself backwards into the ref. Kazarian is up quick and attempts a Flux Capacitor, but Alsiha stops this with a huge Kendo stick hit to Kazarian. Eddie finds the Boston Knee Party and goes for the pin, which gives him the win.

Winner: Eddie Edwards (w/ Alisha Edwards)

After last week’s attack by Lio Rush Chris Sabin addresses him backstage. Sabin challenges Rush to a match at Slammiversary, and is putting his X-Division championship on the line.

We cut to Lio Rush who said that he isn’t back in Impact to make friends. Nick Aldis wlaks up and said that he hasn’t done enough to beat Sabin. Aldis continues to emphasize that they need to beat the Motor City Machine Guns in their match later. Aldis said that he didn’t want Rush’s ego to get in his way of winning tonight.

Backstage, Frankie Kazarian says that Eddie Ewards cheated in their match just now. Kazarian challenges Edwards to one more match at Slammiversary. Kazarian also announced that since Alisha Edwards will be on Eddie’s corner, he will bring his wife Traci Brooks to be at his corner.

Rich Swann & Sami Callihan VS Champagne Singh and Shera

This was the second squash match of the match that saw Callihan picking Singh up for a piledriver, then Swann superkicking Singh before the drop for the win.

Jonathan Gresham VS Angels (w/ the Design)

Deaner is very micro managey to Angels through the match which cuased some friction with The Design. Gresham took advantage of the bickering with a Dropkick on Angels that sent him ringside. Deaner with some more yelling towards Angels. Back in the ring, Gresham takes control of the match and goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Angels fights it off and goes for one of his own, tis goes back and forth a lot, and ends with Angels hitting a Hip Toss on Gresham. Angels is now in control of the match and hits a Half and Half Suplex on Gresham. Gresham is on the corner and Angels comes at him and does the classic 10 punch salute to Gresham. Angels continues this streak as he hits a Northern Lights Suplex, but only gets a 2-count.

Angels loses some momentum as Gresham and him go pin for pin via counters. Angels finds himself in a very awkward position as Gresham locks in the Octopus Stretch and is forced to give up.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham

After the match, Gresham goes for a handshake, but Deaner tells Angels not to accept it. Angels tells Deaner he makes his own decision and shoves Deaner away. Angels and Gresham shake hands and leave together. Deaner tried to tell Kon to take out Angels, but Kon tried to keep the peace in The Design.

Backstage the Impact Tag Champs, ABC are talking about defending their titles. The Rascalz come by and demand a title shot. ABC said that they can’t jump the line but they have an idea. If Trey Miguel can beat Chris Bey, then they will get a Tag Title shot at Slammiverary.

PCO was using car cables to electrocute himself in prep of his 2-on-1 match against the Good Hands. Scott D’Amore just looks like PCO is crazed.

Highlights of the tour of Australia were shown including the charity work they did.

Trinity is backstage and finds Deona Purrazo’s locker room. Trinity didn’t think Purrazzo had her back last week. Deonna says they don’t need each other’s help. Deonna wants to prove herself again and hints at bringing back the open challenge next week so Trinity can see exactly who she will get July 15 at Slammiversary.

PCO VS The Good Hands

Scott D’Amore was on commentary for this match. The Good Hands punched PCO, and it hurt them. The Good hands go to ringside to regroup.  PCO hits a double lariat and then a cannonball suicida to the floor. Back in the ring, PCO hit a moonsault on to both men for the quick win.

Winner: PCO

After the match, Hotch attacks PCO which brings in D’Amore to the ring. D’Amore hits a Sitout Powerbomb on Hotch and is set up for a Canadian Destroyer. Bully Ray is out through the stage and Steve Maclin through the crowd. Maclin with a Low Blow on PCO then hits D’Amore with a chair. Ray and Maclin are beating down on both PCO and D’Amore. D’Amore gets handcuffed to the ropes. Hotch helps Ray bring in a table. Maclin and Ray slam PCO through the table and drag him backstage. PCO gets battery acid poured in his face. Ray then douses PCO in lighter Fluid and sets him on fire. PCO gets up and runs towards the camera before collapsing.

Gia Miller catches up with Scott DAmore and asks how the recent attack will affect the match. D’Amore responds by saying he doesn’t know or care right now.

Gisele Shaw (w/ Jai Vidal & Savannah Evans) VS Courtney Rush (w/ Jessicka)

Back and forth match that saw a more aggressive Shaw. Rush is down and Shaw puts the boots to her. Rush then gets up and slams Shaw down, and attempts to go for a Sharpshooter, sending Shaw to regroup. With Shaw back and ready, she hits Rush a few times, sending her to the corner. Shaw catches up to her and elbows her a few times, and hits a running European Uppercut. Rush is now draped across the middle rope after Shaw set her up. Shaw with a huge stomp, and followed that up with a Samoan Drop. Evans and Vidal distract Rush as she attempted a comeback, by going after Jessicka. Shaw rolls up Rush and grabbed a handful of tights for the win.

Winner: Gisele Shaw

Kenny King and Sheldon Jean were backstage. A fan walked up to King and asked for a picture, then tried to slip him some money like a male dancer thanks to Hendry’s song last week. Another person did this. King was irate. Hendry shows up and King says that Hendry has no backup. Yuya Uemura shows up. Hendry then asked how to say “champion” in Japanese. Uemura replied, “Champion.”

Nick Aldis & Lio Rush VS The Motor City Machine Guns

Aldis and Rush keep the momentum in the early part of the match. Sabin gets Whipped to the corner and he slips back to control. Little to anyon, Shelley tagged Sabin. Sabin pulls Aldis down fromthe apron and hits a Double Team PK with Shelley. Aldis though attacks Shelley with some help from Rush. Shelley takes the majority of the beating in the middle part of the match and is separated from his partner as Aldis and Rush split the ring in half. Shelley blocks a punch from Rush and hits a Flatliner on Aldis sending him to the middle Turnbuckle. Sabin with the hot tag, clearing the ring, running wild. Sabin with Dropkicks on both Aldis and Rush. Aldis gets taken out and Sbain hits a Sunset Flip turned Rolling Elbow on Rush, followed by a Magic Killer for a huge 2-count.

Rush came back and hit a Handspring kick on both Sabin and Shelley, sending them both to ringside. Rush with a Tope Con Giro on both members of MCMG. Rush gets the legal man and throws him back into the ring. Rush hits a Michinoku Driver for a 2-count. Aldis comes in and hits a flying Elbow from the top rope for a 2-count of his own. Rush with a Frog Splash, but Sabin moves out of the way. Shelley is back in, and hits a Cutter on Aldis. We then get some amazing double team MCMG moves on Rush and they go for the pin, but Aldis breaks it up. Aldis with a Cloverleaf on Shelley. but Sabin with a Super Kick. Aldis and Shelley end up at ringside and Aldis throws Shelley into the ring steps. Back in the ring, Rush Low Blows Sabin as the ref is distracted at the madness going on outside of the ring. Rush with a Final Hour Frog Splash for the win.

Winners: Lio Rush & Nick Aldis


Impact: July 6, 2023

This was a very good edition of Impact TV that served as a great bridge from the Australia tour to Slammiversary. Every match on the Slammiversary card seems more important after tonights show, and we were treated to some great matches. All in all, great show from Impact.