The show opens, after the quick historical surveys of Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero’s careers, with Rey and his son Dominik having trouble getting the video started for their Zoom call with Booker T. In a flashback to everyone’s lives just a couple of years ago, Booker and Rey exchange in a little “Can you hear me … I can’t see you …” dialogue for a moment until Dominik finally fixes things for his dad. I guess he’s still a good son, after all.

Rey, Dom, and Booker come up with some ideas of the the best merch they could find to display for the travelling WWE display. They decide on Rey’s WWE debut mask (valued between $7-$10K), one of Eddie’s low riders ($15-25 – that seems low, somehow), and a piece of memorabilia from the custody battle between Rey and Eddie, fighting over Dominik – the gear Rey wore in the culminating ladder match ($6-$9K).

Foley meets up with Rey in the 619 at a taco restaurant, all done up in lucha libre style. They chat about Rey’s beginning as a skinny 14-year-old kid on his way to becoming, in Foley’s words, the most famous luchador ever. They begin their quest for Rey’s SummerSlam gear from the custody match, looking through some of Rey’s boxes at a storage facility.

They browse through without luck, though they do find a ripped mask and gear that reminds Rey that he and Eddie wrestled one more time after SummerSlam in 2005 — he had always thought their custody match was the final time in the ring together. Foley negotiates a long term loan for the mask.

Next up, Lita and Dominik meet up in Racine, Wisconsin on the hunt for a low rider – specifically one that Eddie used in an entrance for a match against Kurt Angle on SmackDown in 2005.  Mike, the original owner of the Impala used for that entrance, along with his friend Jesse (who bought the car from Mike fifteen years ago), including a pair of dice hanging from the mirror gifted to Mike by Eddie, are shining the car up in anticipation of making a deal.

Lita awkwardly starts the pitch to take the car with them, starting with $15,000 — which is way too low. The bottom dollar from Jesse is $30K, then $28K — and Lita suggests a set of custom masks from Rey, tickets to a show, and $25K. Jesse wavers, but shakes hands on $26K and all the extras.

Next up, Dom and Lita head to Las Vegas to the Mysterios’ house, where Dom recalls, as a kid, putting on his father’s masks and wrestling a body pillow – delivering either a Batista Bomb or an F-5 as a finisher. Dom walks in, getting a little heat from his dad for not knocking (uh-oh … heel turn?), before checking out Rey’s collectible display. Lita gushes over the match between Rey and Eddie at 1997’s Hallowe’en Havoc, and Rey reveals a part of the design of the suit he wore for that match that features Dominik’s name written across the sides as he was born that year, thought it blends in and might not have been obvious.

Rey then recalls the match in WCW where he lost his mask, admitting how bummed he was and how re-starting with the mask back on in WWE was the fresh start he needed. Right away they find his WWE debut gear … mostly. At first, they think the mask is gone, but Rey remembers that he reworked the mask for a Royal Rumble mask later on and finds it with another set of gear. Rey gives up the mask and outfit without hesitation, and it’s a successful haul for this episode.

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