Greetings and salutations! Its once again time for our weekly Impact coverage here at Slam! Wrestling. This is the Go-home show for tomorrow’s Against All Odds show. With a quick two episode turn around we should see the final build to tomorrows show featuring the 8-4-1 match. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

The show kicks off with a recap from last weeks show as we head into the go-home show for Against All Odds on Friday.

Chris Bey (W/ Ace Austin) vs. Jason Hotch (W/ John Skyler)

Before the match, John Skyler cuts a promo saying that the Good Hands will win the Impact Tag Team titles on Friday.

The match kicks off with Hotch going for a headlock on Bey. Hotch followed that up with a shoulder tackle. Bey gets momentum back as he dropkicks Hotch a few times sending Hotch to the corner. Bey follows this up with some chops on Hotch on the corner. and then goes for a Suplex, but Hotch somehow turns this entire attempt into a Waist Lock. Bey ends up on the apron and Hotch Dropkicks him out before throwing him back in for a nearfall. Ace is keeping one eye on his partner and the other on Skylar who continues to lurk the ring.

With Bey down and out, Hotch climbs to the top rope and jumps off but rolls through as Bey moves out of the way. Bey with a clothesline on Hotch and follows that up with a Flatliner (off the ropes) for a nearfall of his own. Hotch gets kicked right in the head, and as Bey goes for a move, Hotch turns this into a Blue Thunder Bomb for a very close pin, and another, and another. Hotch slowly gets up and tries to get Bey up but Bey fights this off, Hotch with a Backslide but Bey gets a pin of his own in for the huge win.

Winner: Chris Bey

After the match, Skyler is in the ring and attacks Bey. Austin and Myers are also in for the attack. Austin comes in to help his partner but Myers hits a Roster Cut. Bey is up and attacks Myers but The Good Hands take out Bey to leave the Tag Team Champions laid out in the middle of the ring.

Gia Miller is in the back talking to Heath. Millers asks Heath about how Maclin injured Rhino. Heath says he plans to win the 8-4-1 match so he can get his revenge on Maclin at Slammiversary. Heath then tells his opponent, Champagne Sinh that he will win later.

Heath vs. Champagne Singh (W/ Shera)

Heath is all charged up and attacks Singh early to get the match started. Heath with a Running Elbow Splash while Singh was in the corner. Heath, all hot leaves the ring and punches Shera a few times but Shera grabbed Heath’s legs as he tried getting back to the ring to cause a distraction. This gives Singh an opening to take Heath out and attack his foot on the rope. Sign with headlock on Heath, but Heath manages to break free and Powerslams Singh. Heath with some more hits to Shera. Back in the ring, Heath his a Wake Up Call for the 3-count and the win.

Winner: Heath

The Design are in the back and tell Sami Callihan that he doesn’t realize what he’s done. Angels  says he never trusted Callihan and Deaner says he’s going to take everything from Sami at Against All Odds.

Also in the back, Joe Hendry cuts a promo on Sheldon Jean right before their match.

Joe Hendry vs. Sheldon Jean (W/Kenny King)

Hendry avoids a Big Boot and starts chopping the chest of Jean. Hendry with a Body Slam on Jean but King trips up Hendry and this distraction gives Jena the opening he needs to go to work on the champ. Jean with a Backdrop on Hendry for a 2-count. Hendry wasn’t in dires for too long as he came right back with an Uppercut followed by a Cutter on Jean. Hendry now with a Fallaway Slam on Jean. King is now on the apron and this second distraction gives Jean the opening to kick Hendry in the cut and as he runs back towards him, Hendry gives him a Pop-Up Powerbomb followed by a Standing Ovation Chokeslam for the win.

Winner: Joe HendryHendry

Hendry calls out Dango before their match tomorrow. Dango appears and says that he doesn’t get paid enough to work on his off days. Hendry says that he made a video for Dango. The video had references to Summer Rae, beating Jericho, Tyler Breeze and his chasing of Eva Maris. The song was entitled “Divas Reject Repeatedly”. King and Jean attack Hendry and Dango comes into the ring to join in. Santino runs out for the save. Jean gets the Cobra strike as the heels run off.

A Gisele Shaw video runs as he talks about taking out Jordynne Grace indefinitely. She tells Trinity she will take the spotlight back

Knockouts World Tag Team Championship: The Coven (Taylor Wilde and KiLynn King) (c) vs. Death Dollz (Courtney Rush& Jessicka)

Jessicka and Wilde start the match. Wilde with punches on Jessicka but Jessicka throw’s Wilde to the corner and hits a huge splash. Wilde is able to tag out. Kiing wants Rush and Jessicka tags Rush in. The two push each other and Rush takes down King and attempts a Sharpshooter but King gets to the ropes and kicks Rusha few times.

King with a Flapjack on Rush on the ropes. Wilde attacks Rush while the ref is focused on King. King with a Twisting Neck breaker for a 2-count. Wilde gets tagged back in and locks in a Chokehold on Rush. Rush somehow pins Wilde for a 2-cont from the hold. Rush is able to tag Jessicka back in.

Jessicka with goes wild on Wilde but gets tripped by King. Wilde is back and cuts Jessicka off from her partner. Jessicka in on the corner and both members of the Coven with Clotheslines on her and King takes her out with Running Double Knees. King continues her attack as she lands a Cutter for a 2-count. Jessicka is able to tag out and Rush hits a Headscissor Takedown and a Bulldog on King. Wilde comes in and Rush takes her down and locks in a Sharpshooter. The ref is distracted as Wilde is tapping out! Rush gets hit by King in teh back of the head with the ref still distracted. The Coven double Boot Rusha nd Wilde pins her for the win.

Winners: The Coven (Taylor Wilde and KiLynn King)

A great retrospective video airs of Alex Shelley. Alex Shelly said that he has had a part in helping the careers of Seth Rollins, Johnny Gargano, The Young Bucks, and more.

Steve Maclin responds right away as he was standing by with Gia Miller. Maclin says he knows people are coming from all sides. Bully Ray interrupts and says that the champ should really be worried about him, but not until Slammiversary.

A recap of Before the Impact aired and we see Masha Slamovich attacking two women.

Trey Miguel vs. Bhupinder Gujjar

They start with a lockup and Gujjar gets the early advantage by twisting the wrist of Miguel. Trey break it up but Gujjar hits Miguel into the corner. Gujjar with a Big Splash on Miguel on the corner. Gujjar is looking for a second splash but Miguel moves out of the way and kicks Gujjar in the head. Gujjar wants a breather and leaves the ring but Miguel is right there laying a beating to Gujjar and he throws him back in. Miguel with a over the ropes splash followed by a Moonsault for the 2-count.

Gujjar is on the apron and Miguel attacks him and kicks him off. Miguel with a Clothesline but Gujjar ducks and hits a High Knee. Gujjar now with a Flapjack on Miguel. Miguel comes right back with kicks. Miguel goes up top and tries meteora, but Gujjar moves out of the way, but Miguel was ready and hits a hits Lightning Spiral neckbreaker for the win.

Winner: Trey Miguel

Trey Miguel gets on the mic and says that he is the greatest but always gets hit with “yeah but…”. Miguel says Sabin could be generational talent, but he doesn’t care and he will retain on Friday.

Gia Miller talks to Johnny Swinger about the non-existent win streak.

Trinty & Deonna Purrazzo sit down

Its a sit down face to face interview. Trinity says that she is excited to prove herself at Slammiversary Purrazzo says that she appreciates the confidence, but she should know that many have tried to de-throne her. Gia asks about Shaw and co. Purrazzo says she has beat hem them too many times and that their tag match will be a chance to scout each other. Trinity said that she can be trusted and they should both be focused on the tag match. Gia flat out asks if they can coexist and Purrazzo reminds us she’s a former tag champ. Trinity tells Purrazzo to be worried come Slammiversary.

Nick Aldis & Jonathan Gresham vs. Moose & Rich Swann

Swann and Gresham start the match and Swann gets the early Dropkick. Aldis is. Swann with a Head Scissors on Aldis. Aldis with a Leg Lock but Swann is out and tags Moose in. Moose kicks Aldis, sending him to the corner and Aldis comes right back with a Lou Thesz Press.

Gresham pulls Moose to his corner and tags Aldis back into the match. Aldis is continuing a focused attack on Moose’s left arm. Gresham and Aldis with quick tags working Moose over. Moose finally breaks free and Bodyslams Gresham before tagging out to Swann. Swann with a Splash on Gresham. Gresham and Swann punch each other and Moose is back in the match. Moose tosses Gresham to the turnbuckle and hits Aldis for good measure.

Swann is back in and and kicks Gresham a few times, Moost is back in with a German Suplex followed by a Stalling Suplex. Moose goes to tag Swann back in but Swann says naw, and Gresham kicks Moose, rolls through and get the hot tag to Aldis. Aldis is in and hits Moose with a Clothesline. Aldis then no sells a boot from Moose and hits a Michinoku Driver. Aldis climbs to ropes and hits an Elbow Drop for a 2-cpunt. Gresham and Swann tag in th match. Swann with a Back Slide but pandemonium errupts and its a bunch of back and forth.

Swann hits a Springboard Cutter on Gresham. He and Moose then begin to argue opening up the moment for Gresham to come right back in and slam Swann down. Gresham thinks Swann is legal but Moose tagged himself in during the chaos and he Powerbombs Gresham and get the pin.

Winners: Moose & Rich Swann

Moose and Swann continue to argue. Gresham pushes Moose and Moose slaps Gresham and bits a Big Boot to Swann. Aldis is in and punches Moose. Moose takes Aldis down. Heath is in and goes to work on Moose but Swann is in and takes them both out only for Bully Ray to take out Swann with a Slam. PCO is out and goes toe to toe with Ray sending Ray outside. PCO with a dive through the ropes and takes everyone but Ray out. PCO is left in the ring alone to close out the show before the 8-4-1 match at Against All Odds.


Impact TV: June 8, 2023

For the Go-Home show, this set up the 8-4-1 match well and we saw enough of the other matches to care about tomorrow’s show. I think this two show turn around has hurt the product, but Impact has done a good job of building up the show.