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Since John Hennigan is going to face Willie Mack as he defends his National Openweight Championship, he and the rest of Azteca Lucha, Valkyrie and Adonis, are backstage addressing the public.

They’ve been called many names like angels, devils, but never losers. So, Adonis asks them for a favor given Mance Warner took him out at Battle Riot, now Sam wants payback.

Warner isn’t the only one who receives a warning. Valkyrie mocks Delmi Exo for even trying to get in the same ring as the Featherweight Champion. Fantasies are too strong sometimes.

And would you look at that. Delmi’s match is coming up.

B3cca vs. Delmi Exo

Right out of the gate, B3cca drop kicks Exo into the corner then proceeds to disturb her opponent’s abdomen for good measure.

Delmi hasn’t been able to lay a hand on B3cca, but while her challenger is too busy basking in her small accomplishment, Delmi finally delivers a few punches to the orangehead.

Exo almost takes B3cca out with a Fisherman Buster, but it was only a two count. B3cca comes back from that mishap with a springboard neck breaker.

B3cca is actually brutal as she manages to release herself from Delmi’s grip, kick her in the face… yet misses wildly with the Moonsault. Ha!

Delmi retaliates with a Delmi Driver to B3cca for a victory. Don’t forget, people, next week Exo with be facing Valkyrie for the big prize.

Winner: Delmi Exo

I already mentioned how Lio Rush doesn’t care for crumbs, he wants gold after stealing Lince Dorado’s Championship belt a few weeks ago. Guess who else wants his shot? None other than Akira from The Calling also known as the Death Fighter. Eee. This will be something.

Dorado, Rush and Akira battle it out next week. Excited?

An interview with The Mane Event has them trailing back to when they first started. With House of Glory and The Amazing Red. When they first debuted it was against the World Tag Team Champions, Lance Anoa’i and Juicy Finau.

Yoscifer El vs. 1 Called Manders

The moment I saw Yoscifer in the ring, making grimaces to the camera with his black tongue, I questioned if I accidently entered any House of Horrors universe. Ha!

Both men temporarily enter a chopping contest until Manders goes after Yoscifer like there’s a sale at Sears.

Manders goes for an elbow drop, Yoscifer dodges causing his opponent to plummet against the mat. He still tries to fight back regardless of that little misstep. Manders gains a victory with a massive clothesline to Yoscifer’s throat. Ouch. Ha!

Winner: 1 Called Manders

Number one in the Battle Riot. A set up. The National Championship. Stolen. The Opera Cup. A conspiracy. Alex Kane really believes he’s been done dirty by the staff at MLW. Opportunity after opportunities continue to allude him like sinners at church.

Because he’s determined, to put it lightly, he’s coming in full throttle. A revolution or anarchy? You choose. These are seen as games to Hammerstone. He’s done with them as he addresses his opponent. One, Kane is waiting to sneak a cash in. Two, Kane is injured and tries to nurse his wounds. Three, Kane hopes Hammerstone gets injured, so he could swoop in. Or four, Kane faces Hammerstone fairly, which might not be an option. Either way, Hammerstone will be there at Never Say Never.

Also, there’s news going around that Jacob Fatu will be returning to us next week.

Willie Mack vs. John Hennigan (c) – National Openweight Championship match

When Mack kept trying to go after Hennigan, the champ made sure he had the assistance of the ropes surrounding the ring, so any attempt Willie had was shattered from the beginning.

Willie somewhat got inside Hennigan’s head when he alluded to the possibility of knowing Cesar Duran’s whereabouts. Now, John is venturing to do the same to his challenger.

Hennigan had Mack in a headlock spread across the mat for a moment. That was enough for Willie to submerge with a great takedown of the champ, turning him inside out. WHIPLASH!

Hennigan shockingly slaps Willie in the face. That insult antagonized the man to chase after the champ, who’s using Taya Valkyrie as a shield. How… charming. The hilarious display of cowardness was met with a suplex on the main floor courtesy of Willie Mack.

Despite how clearly winded Hennigan is, Adonis wants to believe that the champ is only pretending to be hurt, so Mack won’t think twice about adding more power that could weaken him quicker. And he does. Willie chops Hennigan on the front and back.

The champ starts to pick up the pace when he manages to create separation with a kick to his challenger’s face off the middle rope. Hennigan had most of the momentum while Mack was down.

Hennigan lands awkwardly, completely missing his target. Ha! It was funny because the move he did was beautiful, yet tragic. Willie almost wins the gold with a standing Moonsault, regrettably, Hennigan remains in the match.

Willie had the champ reeling with a colossal kick that took him down, yet for a brief second, Mack wasn’t able to capitalize, so Valkyrie took advantage. She noticed that Hennigan was probably done for after that kick, but she distracted the referee while Willie enters into a cover. It didn’t matter, though.

Mack stumbles over to Valkyrie, who’s mocking him. No one could foretell what would come next. Willie may have moved out of the way, preventing Hennigan from Super kicking him, but Taya was on the receiving end. HA! HA! Wow!

The official climbs out of the ring to check on Taya along with Hennigan, this leaves Mack by himself. Adonis rushes towards him with John’s title belt attempting to hit him with it, alas, Willie saw him coming and delivered a Stunner.

Willie had Hennigan with that Sunset Flip. He had him! The only reason why Hennigan retained is due to Taya’s interference just like the first time when Hennigan challenged the former National Openweight Champion Davey Richards. Hennigan was seen holding his belt until the last minute, he threw it to the side, alerting the official’s attention. Taya knocked Willie in the head with her Championship belt.

Need I say more?

Winner: John Hennigan


TOP PHOTO: The Bomaye Fight Club. Courtesy of MLW