This weekend, independent wrestler Tyler Tirva will get a chance to have a Rocky moment, when he competes for Impact Wrestling at Under Siege on Friday and Saturday’s TV tapings in his hometown of London, Ontario.

Or, perhaps a better analogy would be a Rocky II moment – since, as Impact’s Director of Authority pointed out during Thursday’s press conference, Apollo Creed actually beat Rocky in the first movie.

“The movie Rocky is about an opportunity,” Marella said before introducing Tirva who faced off with his opponents for the weekend, Jason Hotch and Brian Myers, who were accompanied at the press conference by fellow “Good Hand” faction member John Skylar.

“(The movie) is about a great champion, a mentor, a pillar in the community giving an opportunity to a local talent,” Marella continued. “Today, this local talent is Tyler Tirva. You’re going to see this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a local boy to step up to the big leagues and prove himself.”

For his part, the opportunity wasn’t lost on Tirva noted that the chance to compete on a stage this big is something he’s been working very hard for. To get the chance to do so in his hometown makes this weekend incredibly special.

“Growing up in the London area,” he said, “my first memory of wrestling was when I went to the London Gardens. I got to see some of my heroes. That’s what instilled in me the passion to want to be a professional wrestler. So for me this is a full circle moment. To get to have the opportunity for this? To wrestle two nights here in my hometown – there’s nothing more than I can ask for.”

Marella noted that it’s not easy for Canadians to get the kind of chance that Tirva is getting this weekend, not only as being part of the press conference, but also getting to have two showcase matches on a show of this magnitude.

“Canadians have a hard time breaking into the business because there’s much more professional wrestling in America. So this kind of opportunity, when Impact Wrestling comes here, it’s once in a lifetime.”

Hotch and Myers didn’t seem too supportive of Tyler, though, and stayed true to their characters while addressing him.

“You’re going to sit there and shake in your boots when you look me in the eyes across the ring,” Hotch intimidated. “And you’re going to do the same on Saturday – if you even make it to Saturday.”

Myers also ran down Tirva’s chances against Hotch, suggesting that Tirva wouldn’t even get through that one lest face Myers at the TV tapings on Saturday.

“Your match with me… it’s a figment of your imagination,” Myers said, dismissively.
Kind of like the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy. It’s not gonna happen. Because you’re not gonna get through Hotch. And if you do get to me, then you’re in big trouble. I’m ‘the Most Professional Wrestler.’ I’m the uncrowned Impact World Champion. You’re in way over your head.”

Tyler, on the other hand, refused to be intimidated, and said he was excited about the chance – and excited about his chances in both matches.

“For me, success looks like this,” he summed up. “Step one, just getting in there and feeling comfortable. Step two, is after feeling comfortable, making Hotch feel uncomfortable and making Myers feel uncomfortable. And coming away with a minimum of two victories.”


Impact Under Siege runs tomorrow on Impact Plus, YouTube for Impact Ultimate Subscribers, and on FITE-TV. Tickets to see the show live from the Western Fair District Agriplex in London, Ontario, and the Saturday night Under Siege Fallout TV tapings are available at