Hey everyone! Welcome back to Fusion.

It’s been a while, 12, 13 weeks, I believe. Well, we’re back for a new season, and we’re going to have plenty of fun, that’s for sure. Let’s get it on, shall we.

For one thing, Fusion’s opening theme music is different. I don’t know why I thought it wouldn’t be. I did prefer the previous one best.

I hope you all remember that Jacob Fatu was attacked by The Calling the last time we were in the Underground. Tonight, we’ll get a medical update. Elsewhere, Taya Valkyrie, Sam Adonis and John Hennigan were celebrating without Cesar Duran, who’s still missing. Oop.

Juicy Finau of the SST vs. Damian 666 vs. Crazy Frank – Anything Goes Triple Treat match

The official bell didn’t ring, but the fight was underway regardless. Finau had Damian 666 and Crazy Frank under his thumb at the beginning of this match.

Damian gains some momentum once he brings his kendo stick into play by hitting Finau with it. Creating some separation. That little upper hand he got, was quickly extinguished by Finau’s headbutt.

I’ve noticed that the stadium is bigger meaning the location has changed. The problem though is how low the impacts coming from the wrestlers are. It’s like you don’t hear much.

Crazy Frank and Finau start engaging in a shoulder tackle brawl that leads both men on their asses. Finau on the main floor while Frank disappeared for a bit. Damian uses that to capitalize with a chair to Finau’s head. Later on, he has a staple gun in hand.

Frank and Damian were pretty much ganging up on Juicy with cookie pans and staple guns. That alliance ended soon when Damian started pounding a handful of skewers into Frank’s temple. Yikes. Two of them stuck through.

I was in shock when Finau pulled a TV from under the ring in order to place it in front of Crazy Frank’s seated body, so he could body crash into him, bending the tv a little bit. Wow.

Damian 666 had a makeshift table set up with two chairs and a car hood. It was meant for Finau, who manages to reverse the incoming threat and have Damian crash into it instead.

Suddenly, Crazy Frank had some backup from his friends, Los Masisos. Due to those skewers, Frank was bleeding. And if things weren’t getting insane enough, Los Masisos slam Damian onto the car hood, while Frank dealt with Juicy.

Damian gets back up and beats everyone with a kendo stick, he almost attacks the referee with it, too until Finau body slams him through a table near the entryway with concrete under it.

Crazy Frank drags Finau back to the main stage, so he could launch his opponent into the same TV he was slammed into earlier. Los Masisos had bare glass in hand ready for later.

OH. OH. OH. My God. Glass that was meant for Juicy got replaced with Los Masisos’ bodies. The glass exploded, I kid you not. Wow.

Juicy surprises us even more with a Juice Salt, a Moonsault, to end this match in a victory. He probably got hit by some glass on his way down. Blood is everywhere.

Winner: Juicy Finau

The Calling have been a very dominate force since arriving in MLW. Destroying Juicy Finau, Lince Dorado and Microman, Alex Hammerstone and The Second Gear Crew at War Chamber plus Battle Riot. Yeah, it’s been hellish since their presence. The one anomaly that isn’t easily solved, nor understood.

Because of these vicious attacks, Jacob Fatu is placed under the injured list for a minimum of three weeks. Thanks, The Calling. Very nice indeed. But, Fatu’s golden ticket is a guarantee that he will challenge National Openweight Champion John Hennigan for the title, or whomever he deems worthy to battle.

Elsewhere, Hammerstone is asked about his thoughts on his upcoming match against Alex Kane for the World Heavyweight Championship in Mexico.

He’s confident about his match, although, he has some… truths that Alex Kane may not be aware of. Hammerstone thinks he’s stalling because Kane probably regrets ever winning. Hammerstone thinks he’s taking this time to run away. That Kane didn’t think it through.

Hammerstone knows what feels to be at the top because he’s been there for a long time while Kane knows nothing of that success. All the time Kane wastes, he’ll need it.

Hammerstone wishes the best of luck to Fatu after that beating he received, but The Calling will get their comeuppance soon enough.

Delmi Exo has her eyes on Taya Valkyrie, seeking her Championship belt. Taya’s disrespectful actions towards the fans has reached Exo, and she wants to deal with her real soon.

Backstage, Willie Mack has his sights on the gold that John Hennigan is wearing. Best believe that Mack will be coming after Hennigan, just wait.

With that in mind, Alex Kane is in a press conference. He says he won’t cash in at Super Series, if the fans want a Hammerstone vs. Kane fight then they’ll get one. Kane also wants us to know that he’s always focused on golden opportunities.

He likes that the fans are chanting “Bomaye!” because his… group is the life force of MLW.

Taya Valkyrie (c) vs. La Hiedra vs. Sexy Star vs. Dalys – World Featherweight Championship & Reina de Reinas Championship match

I knew that Valkyrie was talented, but I didn’t expect her to hold two different titles from two separate places. The Featherweight Championship is on MLW while Reina de Reina is possibly from Impact due to her many appearances there.

Tonight, she’ll be defending both against three other women.

Oop. Oop. Oop. The moment the fight started, everyone jumped La Heidra as if she was no one of importance. Damn.

Now that Heidra slid under the ropes to avoid further strikes, Taya goes after Sexy Star and Dalys as a 2-on-1. Valkyrie was dominating for a while till La Heidra pulled her by her ankles then collides her head against the post. And yes, the walls are closing in on our champ.

Dalys and Sexy Star are left within the ring to brawl. Dalys has most of the upper hand against her opponent with body takedowns.

La Heidra senses that Sexy Star is in danger, so she rushes back inside the ring to deliver a harsh kick to Dalys, who attempted to perform the Gory Special move in full.

The match picks a bit of pace once Heidra and Dalys go head-to-head. Heidra had Dalys in a promising cover, but Taya comes back in to stop her from winning with an effective slap to Heidra’s butt. I think…

Valkyrie slightly hurts herself after a chop she delivered to Heidra’s chest. She gets taken out of a cover by Sexy Star after an impressive clothesline. With three hungry talents, Valkyrie will have to dig deep to emerge victorious.

Sexy Star gains some momentum as she manages to rock Valkyrie’s head hard enough to enter into a cover that ultimately fails. Naturally. Ha! Ha!

Both Dalys and La Heidra have been watching as Taya almost retained her Championships after a suplex to Sexy Star. Dalys stopped the victory from happening.

Dalys takes out La Heidra after she intercepted a near fall. Sexy Star Super Kicks Dalys, which leaves Taya to face plant Star on her ass. All four women are down.

Heidra and Dalys are the first to return to their feet and start throwing hands. They each place the other in a double cover as Star and Valkyrie take advantage. But who would have won anyway?

Taya and Star momentarily help each other by taking out Dalys and Heidra.

The champ was looking for The Road to Valhalla, yet Star counters by driving Taya’s body against the mat for a near win. Very close. Valkyrie just remembered where she is.

Although Taya hits her finishing move, Road to Valhalla, in order to win, I literally saw Dalys just simply watching from the apron. As if she wasn’t in a title match at all. She didn’t interfere. Dalys let it happen without contradictions. Isn’t that strange?

I can’t say I’m not proud of her. She destroyed everyone. Who else has been showing that same result? The Calling, that’s right, kiddies. They’ve decided to make Jacob Fatu their first sacrifice to their golden god, Raven.

Ha! More cult-like violence.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie


TOP PHOTO: Gas mask men from The Calling. Courtesy of MLW