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We’re starting off the night with an explosion as Roman Reigns, Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman are making their way to the ring to address the fans after not seeing the champ since WrestleMania.

After last week’s heartstopper, the Usos aren’t here tonight… for the moment anyway. I’m curious to see if Reigns and Sikoa can pull off a win against Zayn and Owens at Night of Champions.

Right before Roman speaks, the crowds chants: “You suck!”, which I’m kind of shocked by. They won’t acknowledge you this evening, Roman because of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn’s sudden appearances. It’s said that everyone is gunning for those Undisputed Tag Team Championships, more so than before, I might add. I never saw the Usos being pursued the way Owens and Zayn currently are.  I wonder if potential tag teams think it’s easy to get close enough to the champs.

Apparently, Roman’s one regret during his career is wasting his life confronting Owens and Zayn. Wow… ouch. While Sami’s regret is that he didn’t dismantle Roman with that chair at the Rumble sooner. Ha! Ha! Not only does Sami recognize that the Usos are the greatest tag champs, he sees that Roman isn’t better than them, nor he and Owens. Well, that will make Reigns cry somewhere backstage…

And if things weren’t getting draining enough, the Usos show up and take out the tag champs. I half-hoped that they would left Roman to dry. They should have. Although they thought they were doing right, the twins get yelled at instead. Reigns even bumps into Solo, who seems partly conflicted. About what? I’m not sure…

Backstage, Jey tries to tell Roman that he and Jimmy were simply trying to help. Reigns is mega pissed because he had something to say to Sami given the time he gave to “this fool”. The Usos ruined it for him, so he kicks them out.

Pretty Deadly vs. Butch & Ridge Holland – Tag Team match

Making their SmackDown debut is Pretty Deadly. I’ve been waiting for a week to see them wrestle here on Fridays, so has Wade Barrett. I’m excited to say the least.

Starting this match we have Kit Wilson from Pretty Deadly and Butch of The Brawling Brutes. Wilson has avoided almost all of Butch’s attacks except for that incoming clothesline from nowhere.

Wilson tags Elton Prince in as they play a double team on Butch. It was all well and good, but Butch didn’t think so when he started to retaliate with a stomp to both of his opponents’ hands followed by a double drop kick.

Once Holland is in the game, he helps Butch by holding Prince on his knees, so Butch could drop kick him harshly in the nose. That caused him to bleed later on. Ha!

Pretty Deadly play another double team on Holland with a shoulder tackle after that massive DDT earlier. Holland manages to climb back in this when he turns Prince inside out as he crawls over to Butch for a tag, in failure, while Elton makes it.

Wilson has Holland in a sleeper hold that could have taken him out if Ridge didn’t muscle his way to Butch, and let him loose.

Sheamus is over the moon when Holland drops Pretty Deadly on their asses like human waste. Ha! The Brawling Brutes pay homage to Sheamus with a double Ten Beats of the Bodhran.

The official never saw the double team Pretty Deadly did to Holland called Spilt Milk in order to win. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! I hate milk!

Winners: Pretty Deadly

We pay our respects to Hall of Famer ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham who passed away this week at age 79 . “A colorful, passionate, charismatic trailblazer.” I sadly haven’t had the chance to see him wrestle, but from what little clips and photos WWE showed us, he truly defined this industry with his personality and devotion to what he does best.

Asuka vs. Zelina Vega

Asuka was looking to knock Zelina out earlier and misses. Vega takes that opening to attempt a roll up. Commentary believes that Asuka isn’t taking Zelina seriously hence her quick approaches.

Vega surprises Asuka with a drop kick to her back then tries to follow that with a 619, unfortunately, it fails. The Empress of Tomorrow nails Zelina by hoisting her up then drop her on the announce table.

Vega seeks to take back control after that abruptness by delivering a couple of right hands to Asuka inside the ring. She’s able to connect with the 619 and a Meteora to Asuka, yet fails to capture the win.

Vega does shock me with her unique pinning styles to Asuka, yet none of them prevail. Especially when Asuka delivers a very painful arm bar that causes Zelina to say “I quit” because her hands weren’t in the tapping position. Regardless of winning, Asuka doesn’t release Vega. In fact, she hardens her hold.

That didn’t last too long once Bianca Belair descends on SmackDown. This is payback for the chilly pepper mist she got in her eyes last week courtesy of the Empress of Tomorrow.

Asuka did manage to escape while Belair checked on Vega. She does try to reenter the ring when Bianca wasn’t looking, Belair goes after her and almost gets the full effect of the mist again as Asuka struts away in triumph.

Winner: Asuka 

Up next, here making his SmackDown debut, Grayson Waller. I can’t believe his intro was long. Too long, damn it. I grew tired before he even started talking.

Anyway, Styles has been out due to an injury that took quite a lot out of him. Once he was cleared, he went back to training as hard as he knows he can. He wants this Heavyweight Championship more than the air he breathes.

Despite that, Waller believes that at Night of Champions, Seth Rollins will be walking out victorious. This pisses Styles a little bit as he stands face-to-face with Grayson. Oof.

Elsewhere, LWO’s Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar mentally prepare for their upcoming match against the Usos later this evening.

The Street Profits vs. LA Knight & Rick Boogs – Tag Team match

Montez Ford starts this match imitating Boogs’ puffed chest walk as he struts around the interior of the ring. Ha! Ford’s walk actually brought back memories.

Montez tries to deliver a clothesline to Boogs, yet he’s still standing, completely unaffected. Rick even shoulder tackles Dawkins on his ass when he tags in.

The Profits gain back momentum after a beautifully delivered crossbody by Ford off the top rope to both Knight and Boogs. Rick charges after Ford, he dodges and Boogs ends up shoving Knight on the main floor. Ha!

Dawkins performs the Sky High spine buster to Boogs, so Ford could end this with a victorious body splash from the heavens.

LA Knight doesn’t take their lose very well when he delivers a BFT to Boogs. This will only make Rick mad and possibly vengeful. Watch out, Knight. Ha!

Winners: The Street Profits

After a record setting win last week, Cameron Grimes is amazed by his quick victory against Baron Corbin, who’s still down on his so called luck. If you put the win aside, Grimes remains focus.

The second I saw Karrion Kross on my screen, I said “Oh dear.” Ha! I can’t help it when it comes to this man. Really. According to Kross, he is the imminent threat to justice given its blind. When Kross said “Alan”, I was like “Who’s Alan?”. Scarlett shows the recent tarot card with AJ Styles’ face on it. He’s Alan? That’s what the A stands for, kiddies. Styles is now Karrion’s new target. That made the hair on my arms stand up.

Isla Dawn & Alba Fyre vs. Valentina Feroz & Yulisa Leon – Tag Team match 

Making another SmackDown debut are Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre, NXT Women’s Champions.

At first, I didn’t know who Fyre was destroying, but it was effective enough to teeter the poor woman. Dawn comes into play with a running Meteora. Now I know. It was Yulisa Leon who was getting her ass handed to her by Alba. Later on, it was Feroz’ turn to be turned by Dawn. She got rid of Yulisa very quickly.

Dawn and Fyre play a double team with the Gory Bomb for a bloody victory. They were incredible by far.

Winners: Isla Dawn & Alba Fyre

Due to Dakota Kai’s aggression towards Liv during her and Bayley’s tag match against the champs, Morgan will be missing considerable amount of time because of an injury. That means that we’ll be crowning new Women Tag Team Champions soon, forcing Raquel to relinquish her title.

Raquel has to find another teammate while others already have theirs. Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green. Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler. Iyo Sky and Bayley. In two weeks, there will a Fatal 4-Way to crown new champs on RAW.

Even though she was injured, Liv pulled through during their title match. Raquel recognizes that and thanks her for it, knowing she isn’t replaceable. Damage Control, however, think that Dakota’s pain is worth more as a topic of conversation. Bayley supposedly came out here strong-ish, but Iyo looked confused when Bayley spoke for the both of them showing up for the 4-Way. I wonder why?

Back on the main stage, are you ready to live in the now with Austin Theory? Pfft. I’m not. I’m waiting for someone to interrupt.

Theory believes that he’s been disrespected by being drafted onto SmackDown. Uh… rude. If you feel that disgusted, you could always leave the screen as a whole. I’m fine with that.

Following that, Austin is delusional enough to think that he would have beaten Seth Rollins if he wasn’t “bodied” by Sheamus and Bobby Lashley last week. I’m suppose to care because…? Lashley follows Theory to SmackDown because he’s jealous apparently. Yet when it comes to Sheamus, that’s when Austin finally hits the wall.

The Celtic warrior arrives after hearing the nonsense of him and Theory having anything in common. Sheamus used up all his words when he was at commentary earlier, so as a gift, he delivers a Bro Kick to Theory. Shutting him up for the rest of the night. Thank you for making wishes comes true, Celtic warrior. A Godsend.

Next week, Sheamus faces Theory for the US Championship. Raquel Rodriguez needs to find a partner for her tag match against Bayley and Iyo next Friday. While Kevin Owens dumbfoundedly invites Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa on the KO Show, Karrion Kross takes on AJ Styles at the worst possible moment for the finalist before Night of Champions.

Backstage, Paul Heyman tells the Usos that Roman forgives them. Lies. But he won’t be there during their match, which seeps a web of doubt within the twins.

The Usos vs. Rey Mysterio & Santos Escobar – Tag Team match

Jey begins by stalking his prey, Rey, then rams him into their corner, so he and Jimmy could inflict double the agony.

Mysterio manages to flip Jimmy against the ropes leaving Santos to deliver a harsh kick to his chest.

The Usos somewhat get back into this fight when Jimmy attempts to keep Escobar from reaching Rey for a tag. Santos retaliates multiple times, but to no avail. While all this is happening, Reigns, Sikoa and Heyman are watching from their locker room.

Jimmy tries to whip Escobar into the turnbuckles, Santos bounces back and drop kicks his opponent that leaves both men on the mat. Once Jey manages to get tagged in, he delivers a cheap shot to Rey. He even evades a very swift roll up.

The fans chant: “Usos suck.” to my surprise.

Jimmy performs a dangerously effective hip attack to Escobar, who’s barely had a moment’s rest. Santos puts distance between him and Jimmy with a sudden running knee.

Rey looks to pick up the pace once he faces Jey with a sitting Senton and a springboard crossbody. He even gets a near fall out of Jey.

The Usos  venture to perform a vertical suplex, yet Rey delivers knee kicks to their faces before sending them over the ropes.

A Step Up Enziguri stuns Escobar. A running knee catches Jimmy off guard.

Escobar and Rey play a double team that includes a leg drop that almost put Jimmy away, luckily, Jey stops that from happening. Jey rattles the fans and myself with a thunder-like Super Kick to Santos, ringing across the stadium.

Rey sets Jimmy up for the 619, yet he meets with a Super Kick that allows Jey to body splash him for a near win. So close that everyone was out of their seats.

But when things were looking bleak for Rey, Kevin Owens shows up to distract the referee as Santos kicks Jey in the back of his head while Sami Zayn shoves Jimmy off the top. That allows Rey to slingshot Jimmy into the middle rope, deliver the 619 and Escobar is tagged in for a winning body splash. Oof. Oof. Oof. Oof. Reigns wasn’t pleased. Solo almost got up to rectify the damage, but Roman instructs him to remain seated. I wonder…

Winners: Rey Mysterio & Santos Escobar

TOP PHOTO: Solo Sikoa, Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman posing at the entryway. Courtesy of WWE

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