Best of the Super Jr. 30 had their seventh night of action today, and we are slowly creeping in on the end of the tournament. Today’s show was headlined by the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion, Hiromu Takahashi, up against TJP.

The match began in typical NJPW fashion, with a lot of reversals and exchanging many holds. After both men had a pose off, TJP locked Takahashi into a variation of an octopus hold and then cranked his arm all the way back. TJP then continued with a trio of half-suplexes with extra tork on the neck of Takahashi.

Takahashi got himself back into it with a hurricanrana, dropkick and then a running missile dropkick off the apron onto the floor. Back in the ring, Takahashi hit a Falcon Arrow, but TJP came right back with a superkick and jumping roundhouse kick. TJP then landed a springboard forearm on Takahashi and continued by giving Takahashi a boot wash in the corner.

TJP going to work. Credit: NJPW

TJP then went for the Mamba Splash, but Takahashi reversed and then hit TJP with a death valley driver into the corner. Both men then exchanged shotgun dropkicks and forearms, before Takahashi locked TJP into a triangle. TJP made it to the ropes, but he was then caught with a big lariat from Takahashi.

Takahashi was then going for a superplex from the apron to the outside of the ring, but TJP hit him with a superkick and left him hanging on the top rope. With Takahashi hanging there, TJP leaped from the top rope hitting him with a Mamba Splash and then a Fireball. TJP then locked Takahashi into the Pinoy Stretch, but he somehow made it to the ropes.

TJP then got up and hit Takahashi with a straitjacket DDT and he was then looking for a knee but got caught with a superkick instead. Takahashi was then able to hit a Dynamite Plunger, and he then landed a powerbomb followed by a lariat. To get the job done Takahashi was able to hit the Time Bomb and bring himself to 10 points!

Block A Standings

Block B Standings


Master Wato vs. Clark Connors

Connors has now had back-to-back days where he has been in full control of the match but still comes out on the losing end. Today instead of going for the win Connors went for three spears and on the last, he was caught by Wato with the Tsutenkaku German.

Winner: Master Wato

Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Douki

Taguchi has been unable to get the job done all tournament and today Douki hit him with the Suplex De La Luna to hand him his seventh straight loss.

Winner: Douki

Kevin Knight vs. Robbie Eagles

Robbie Eagles standing tall. Credit: NJPW

Knight has been very impressive the last two days, scoring wins over Bushi and Dan Moloney. However, today was an even bigger challenge in Robbie Eagles and Eagles proved why he is so dangerous. Eagles attacked Knight’s knee consistently throughout the match and finished him off by making him submit to the Ron Miller Special.

Winner: Robbie Eagles

Titán vs. Sho

The worst part of NJPW, House of Torture, was at work again today and Sho attacked Titán in the middle of his entrance. Sho was also trying to unmask Titán throughout the entire match, but Titán ended up making Sho submit. Unfortunately for Titán, the referee was distracted by Evil and never saw Sho submit. However, the cheating continued, Sho held the ref while Evil hit Titán with a steel chair. Sho then hit a Shock Arrow and stole a win. After the match, Evil and Sho continued the beatdown and they unmasked Titán.

Winner: Sho

Yoshinobu Kanemaru vs. Francesco Akira

Kanemaru had a strong focus on Akira’s knee, but as he was trying to lock in the figure-four Akira got Kanemaru in a roll-up for the win. This mathematically eliminates Kanemaru from the tournament.

Winner: Francesco Akira

Kushida vs. Lio Rush

Lio Rush after a big win. Credit: NJPW

Lio Rush has been possibly the most electric part of this tournament and Kushida has been the most disappointing. Kushida continued to try and attack the arm of Rush, but it worked against him as he was caught in mid-air with a Final Hour. Rush followed that with a picture-perfect Final Hour to get the victory.

Winner: Lio Rush

Yoh vs. Bushi

Yoh wearing Bushi’s mask. Credit: NJPW

Yoh has been on another level the last few days and he continued that today. He hit Bushi with his own MX and then finished the match off with Direct Drive.

Winner: Yoh

Taiji Ishimori vs. Mike Bailey

Bone Lock. Credit: NJPW

Bailey has been the standout star of the tournament and definitely the man to beat. He was sitting in first place in Block A up to this point, but today that all changed. Ishimori zeroed in on Bailey’s arm and then locked him into Bone Lock forcing him to submit.

Winner: Taiji Ishimori

El Desperado vs. Dan Moloney

Numero Dos. Credit: NJPW

Dan Moloney as the newest member of the United Empire has been quite the let-down during his BOSJ debut. He has only been able to rack up four points and the struggles continued today as he faced El Desperado. Moloney was trying to showboat and Desperado rolled him into Numero Dos and he had no choice but to submit.

Winner: El Desperado

Hiromu Takahashi vs. TJP

Winner: Hiromu Takahashi