The tag team division is starting to heat up as the Crockett Cup nears in a couple of months and four teams will look for a couple of spots.  Also, we’ll see in action the first title defense of Kenzie Paige’s NWA Women’s Television title against her Pretty Empowered partner, Ella Envy,  plus “Thrillbilly” Silas Mason tangles with Odinson after the events of NWA 312, and his number one contender status for the NWA National title is on the line.

We come to you from StudioOne in Highland Park, Il. Joe Galli, Tim Storm, and Danny Dealz have the call as your First Match of the night is a… 

Courtesy of the NWA.

Crockett Cup Qualifying Match: The SVGS (“The Dane Event” Jax Dane & Blake “Bulletproof” Troop) vs. Daisy Kill & Talos

Troop and Talos come to blows before the match begins, but the big man manages to knock the SVGS down and the bell now rings to signify the start.  Troop tags to Dane and he and Talos look each other in the eye, and Dane realizes he has met his match in the seven-footer.  Now Talos and Kill keep “The Dane Event” isolated, making him a SVG in Peril.  It isn’t long before the match breaks down and both SVGS gang up on the big man again, but Talos nails a choke slam to Troop.  As the ref tends to “Bulletproof” Troop, that distraction allows a low blow by Dane, to level the big man, and he now Pops the Trunk to cover for the pin.

Your Winners via Pinfall:  The SVGS

And the action keeps coming with your next match of the night, and it is for the…

Courtesy of the NWA.

NWA World Women’s Television Title: Kenzie Paige (c) vs. Ella Envy

This is the first title defense against her bestie Envy, and two things are interesting from the start.  First, both women enter with Paige’s Television trophy.  Second, Paige has no title belt, just the trophy she won at NWA 312.  That should be rectified sooner than later.

The match is under the normal 6:05 NWA Television rules.  If time runs out, it counts as a win for Paige.  As the match starts, both Envy and Paige are all lovey-dovey until Envy rolls up Paige for a two count.  Paige comes back with an inside cradle for her two count, and anything involving being besties gets thrown out the window.  Envy comes back with a side slam to Paige but gets another two count, and then Paige gets vicious and rushes in the corner,  but Envy gets the boot up at 4:32 and Paige returns fire by dropping her hard to the mat for another cover of two.  Now both women are swinging for the fences and Envy gets the advantage and nails a Northern Lights suplex with a bridge at 3:28 in the match, but still gets a two count.  Paige steps it up a notch and nails a superkick and then delivers her patented Kenzie Cutter at 3:01 to gain the pin and her first win.

Your Winner, and Still NWA Women’s Television Champion:  Kenzie Paige

After the match, the Pretty Empowered team hugs it out, but one wonders how long that is gonna last.

Meanwhile, May Valentine is backstage with Odinson to get his thoughts on the main event. Odinson says that his goals are clear; to get the number one contendership from Mason, then beat EC3 on Night one of the Crockett Cup, and then he will enter the gates of Valhalla, all shiny and chrome.

I mean, it’s a better plan for life than I have, so kudos to Odinson.  Here’s hoping the Allfather grants him that wish.

But speaking of the Crockett Cup, the next match is another…

Courtesy of the NWA.

Crockett Cup Qualifying Match: Trevor Murdoch & Mike Knox vs. The Fixers (“The Boss” Jay Bradley and “Wrecking Ball” Legursky)

There is a lot of beef in the ring, both literally and figuratively.  As Bradley and Murdoch start and “The Boss” shoulder tackles the former champ to start off, but Murdoch comes back and he and Knox double-team him to get ahead.  it isn’t long before The Fixers take over on the big man, and Knox gets in trouble early on, but a tag to Murdoch allows him to get a side legsweep and a leg drop on Legursky to cover for just a two count.  Knox and Murdoch have some great tag chemistry as Knox lands an atomic drop, followed by a big boot from Murdoch over Legursky.  As Knox whips Legursy to the ropes, he reverses and Bradley catches him with a boot, and a side slam by Legursky for a cover, but he gets another two count.  Things look bleak until Knox manages a dropkick(!) to stop the offense, and then a hot tag to Murdoch and he is a Hoss En Fuego.  He gets a pop-up powerbomb to Legursky, and then he and Knox deliver a high clothesline/chop block to fix the Fixers for good.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Trevor Murdoch and Mike Knox

Bobby Fulton comes into the ring to join in the celebration of The Fixers not entering The Crockett Cup.

Valentine is now with Kamille and Thom Latimer. As The Brickhouse is approaching 700 days as holder of The Burke, she’ll be facing  Natalia Markova for the Women’s title.  Kamille promises she will not be tricked by any schemes she has. As for her man Latimer, he is inching closer to cashing in the belt once he reaches seven wins, and that will make him a contender for the Ten Pounds of Gold where Kamille says, “That’s where my baby belongs!”

Valentine now has backstage her ex-fiancee, Aron Stevens (ugh). He expresses the indignity he suffers as the NWA refuses to qualify his team, Blunt Force Trauma, for the Crockett Cup. It’s a conspiracy, he claims, even though Damage will have a match on this NWA USA over Rush Freeman, and Stevens promises no one from The Spectaculars will get into the Crockett Cup.

May Valentine is excited to hear Aron Stevens cut a promo on this NWA Powerrr.

Who says exes can’t get along in public or in the workplace?  Ah, those crazy lovebirds!

But let’s go to ringside and it’s the Main Event for the…

Courtesy of the NWA.

NWA National Heavyweight Title #1 Contendership: “Thrillbilly” Silas Mason (with Pollo Del Mar) vs. Odinson

This match is the result of Mason wanting retribution on Odinson for putting his hands on Del Mar during the Bob Luce Memorial Battle Royale at NWA 312

Before the bell rings, Odinson attacks with his Asgardian uppercut but then the “Thrillbilly” fires back and tosses Odinson halfway across the ring.  The bell rings and now Mason goes up top, but Odinson cuts him off at the pass and lands another Asgardian uppercut, and nails a powerslam for a two count.  He follows with a splash in the corner followed by his patented spinning uppercut to the back.  Then Odinson pulls Mason’s arms back as Del Mar cheers on her man to fire up the crowd.

Mason fights out and tries a sunset flip, but Odinson gets out and nails a clothesline and leg drop but that gets him a two count.  He goes for another spinning neckbreaker that garners another two.  Odinson attempts the Asgardian Pounce, but Mason trips him up on the cross, and then he lands a dropkick(!). Once they get to their feet, both men size each other up and hit the ropes on a collision not once, but twice.  Yet, it is the “Thrillbilly” knocks down the Asgardian on the third try and then follows with a huge suplex across the ring.  As Mason sets up a  powerbomb, Odinson wriggles out and dropkicks him to the ropes and he gets tied up.  As Odin gets ready for the kill as The Ref tries to free Mason from the ropes, Del Mar climbs on the ring and sprays The Purpose into his eyes.  Once Mason is freed up, he goes to deliver Odinson on a Thrillride and cover for the one, two, and three.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  “ThrillBilly” Silas Mason

Before he can celebrate the victory, Kratos enters and wants a piece of the “Thrillbilly” sending him out of the ring.  Mason wants a piece of the Most Feared, but that does happen as the show rolls through the credits.

NWA Powerrr - 04/25/2023

Final Thoughts:

This show really hit its stride with the Tag Team qualifying matches, as well as showcasing Paige in her first title defense.  Mason is definitely getting a push up the top as his match with Odinson is any indication.  As for more action with him and his burgeoning feud with Kratos…uhh, yes, please!  I’d like some more.

For now, see ya in seven!