“Madusa” Debrah Miceli appeared on this week’s John Arezzi’s Pro Wrestling Spotlight Podcast, 30 years to the week she made her first appearance on the show, from April 10, 1993.

In a lively discussion, host John Arezzi reviewed that first appearance with the WWE Hall of Famer and new author — The Woman Who Would Be King: The MADUSA Story written with SlamWrestling’s Greg Oliver — was released at the end of March.

“She sounded so laid back 30 years ago,” said Arezzi. “But, as soft spoken as she was, her views on women’s wrestling a from 30 years ago, her opinions and passion, have not changed. It was a fascinating look back at her from 30 years ago.”

In 1993, Arezzi booked Madusa on his first overseas tour, to Southeast Asia, as part of his International Wrestling All Stars promotion, to wrestle Wendi Richter; tour stops including Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippine Islands. A friendship developed that continues today. Madusa calls Arezzi “her hub”, connecting her with both ECW Press and Oliver, which set her book deal in motion.

Madusa — who was Alundra Blayze in WWE — enjoyed hearing the old clips for the first time, as many of his recent guests like Eric Bischoff, Konnan, and others have done. The Arezzi podcast goes back 30 years each episode to review his historic radio show with the biggest names in the business from that time period.

TOP PHOTO: Right: John Arezzi and Madusa in 1993 in Florida; Left: Arezzi and Madusa at the Cauliflower Alley Club reunion in Las Vegas in September 2022. Photo by Brad McFarlin

Watch it below. Madusa joins the show at the 1:02:50 mark.