Greetings and salutations! We are here at WrestleMania week with Impact Wrestling’s version of Foridden Door. We have a bunch of huge matches to cover so without further ado, let’s get to it.

Scramble match: X-Division Title: Trey Miguel vs. Frankie Kazarian VS Rich Swann vs. Kevin Knight VS Clark Connors VS Rocky Romero

Trey Miguel showed off to each of his opponents. The fight started all fast and furious and in the end we saw a Tower of Doom with Connors on top. Swann who was out of the Tower of Doom ends up Splashing Connors. Romero hit his forever clotheslines everyone but Connors ended up spearing him and then he speared Miguel on the apron. Kazarian hit a slingshot stunner but was quickly speared by Connors who went for another Stunner on Swann.

Knight moved out of a Connors spear and went for a superplex, but Connors shoved him off and then speared him to no ones surprise.  Trey Miguel ran back in and threw Connors to the ring and pinned Knight for the win.

Winner: AND STILL X-Division Champion. Trey Miguel.

Fred Rosser, Alex Coughlin, Sami Callihan, and PCO vs. Eddie Edwards, Joe Hendry, Tom Lawlor, and JR Kratos in an eight-man tag match

We got the whole every person show off their move early in the match and it was PCO who stood out as he hit a big moonsault onto a pile of wrestlers outside of the ring. Callihan grabbed Hendyr’s stuff and  hit a piledriver. Lawlor got back in and hit Callilhan with a knee to the face. Rosser gave Lawlor a gut buster. Edwards got into it and took out Rosser with a knee strike BUT Rosser eventually tagged in PCO who went face to face with Kratos. Kratos hits a clothesline on PCO but PCO dodged charge from Kratos and hits a DDT. PCO went to the top rope and hit the PCO-sault on Kratos and got the win!

Winner: Fred Rosser, Alex Coughlin, Sami Callihan, and PCO 

Moose VS Jeff Cobb

The match started slow paced but Moose went for a spear and cobb moved out of the way. Cobb went for a Superplex but it was only good for a 2-count. Moose caught Cobb on the ropes and Superplexed him this time to return the favour. Shortly after that, both men were noticeable tired but Moose went for a spear and Cobb moved out of the way only to run at Moose and hit a Bog Boot. This didn’t affect Moose as he ran to the ropes where Cobb was setting up and dove onto him. This didn’t phase Cobb as Cobb over powered Moose for a bit. Eventually after some back and forth, Cobb hit the Tour of the Islands and got the win!

Winner: Jeff Cobb

Gia Miller was seen but there was the usual FITE TV glitch. Mickie James comes out to join the commentary team.

Spot at Rebellion: Masha Slamovich VS Deonna Purrazzo VS Gisele Shaw VS Miyu Yamashita

The match started fast with everyone wanting to show off but it was Yamashita who worked over Shaw but it was Shaw who hit a spinning dive from the top rope onto her three opponents on the floor outside of the ring. Shaw took Purrazzo back into the ring and took advantage of her until Slamovich kicked her. Eventually all four women were trying to get the advantage in the middle of the ring but Purrazzo took Slamovich down and put her in the Fujiwara armbar.

Slamovich rolled into a pin to break the hold. Yamashita kicked Purrazzo and Shaw took out Yamashita with a kick of her own and then it was Slamovich who leapt from the middle rope and hit a Canadian Destroyer on Shaw.

Purrazzo grabbed Slamovich did 3 German Suplexes and tried to go for the Queens gambit but Slamovich moved out of the way and slammed Purrazzi into the corner. Then it was Yamashita who took hit Slamovich with a kick and Purrazzo powerbombed Shaw and locked in the Queen’s Gambit for the win as everyone else was trying their own moves!

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo

Gia Miller interviewed Impact Tag Team Champions Ace Austin and Chris Bey and asked about the fact their opponents, the Machine Guns and Aussie Open having wins over them. Bey said they didn’t care about the past. Ace Austin said MCMG probably had a lot of early losses that people have forgotten.

4-way for the Impact Tag Team Titles: “ABC” Ace Austin and Chris Bey vs. “Aussie Open” Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher vs. “TMDK” Bad Dude Tito and Shane Haste vs. “Motor City Machine Guns” Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin

MCMG controlled the early part of the match but it was Bullet Club, Austin and Bey who worked over Aussie Open.  Soon thereafter it was Aussie Open who set up for their finisher on Bey, but Austin returned to break it up. MCMG went offense nuts on Aussie Open member Fletcher and eventually focused their attack on Davis but he hits a clothesline Austin and Bey.

Haste returned and went after Davis, but Fletcher joined his partner. Tito returned and knocked Fletcher off the ropes. Haste performed a big dive onto Davis on the floor. Tito with a TKO on Bey but it was Austin and Bey who took out Haste with a double superkick. Bey hit a cutter on Tito and then Austin followed up with The Fold on Tito and pinned him for the win!

Winner: “ABC” Ace Austin and Chris Bey

Kushida vs. Lio Rush

Kushida started things of early and went for a Hoverboard lock bu Rush hit the ropes to call it off. Kushida knew how he wanted to take out Rush and went for the full on attack on his arm. This didnt stop Rush enough as he used his quickness and put Kushida down with a couple of kicks. Rush and Kushida dominated the action and eventually Rush did a head-scissors takedown and then executed a springboard move onto Kushida. Kushida returned to the ring eventually and kicked Rush but Kushida kept targeting the arm of Rush for the Hoerboard lock. Kushida dominated this match and hit a standing hammerlock on Rush who eventually escaped and was able to knock Kushida off the apron with a kick. Rush followed up with a lightning quick suicide dive. Back in the ring, Rush put Kushida down with a clothesline and covered him for a two count.

Rush went to the top rope but Kushida cut him off and went for his Hoverboard Lock  but Rush fought him off. Rush now in control but Kushida avoided Rush’s top rope move and rolled through and hit a Pele Kick on Rush. Rush went for a standing guillotine, but Kushida countered into a Hoverboard Lock but Rush escaped and Kushida caught him with an overhead kick.

Both men were showing signs of absolute exhaustion but Rush rolled Kushida into an inside cradle but only got a 2-count. Rush moved out of thw way of a kick and hit a Poisonrana on Kushida.  Rush went for the pin after a flurry of offense but it was only goof for a 2-count. Rush went for a submision but Kushida grabbed the bottom rope and then Rush went up top and dove at Kushida, who caught him in the Hoverboard Lock mid-air and made Rush tap out!

Winner: Kushida

after the match, Rush went for a handshak but Kushida dropped to his knees and bowed. Both men embrace.

NJPW Strong Openweight Title: Kenta vs. Minoru Suzuki

Kenta was shy at first but eventually Kenta hit an armbar over the ropes. Suzuki wouldn’t give a breather to Suzuki at all. Kenta eventually took control of the match and taunted Suzuki by slapping him. Suzuki didn’t take kind to this and hit back. Kenta gouged the eyes of Suzuki and backed him into the corner and kicked the hell out of Suzuki. Suzuki caught Kenta’s leg and elbowed it.

Suzuki kept up with his offense as he caught Kenta in a kneebar. Kenta found the ropes but Kenta rallied with a DDT. Kenta went to the ropes and did a lariat but this didn’t phase Suzuki much. Kenta knew he needed to do continuous offense and locked in a Figure Four. Kenta kept yelling at Suzuki to give up. Suzuki foudn the roped to break the hold.

Kenta put Suzuki in the corner and then dropkicked him and then did a  double stomp. Kenta hit up Suzuki for a GTS, but Suzuki slipped away and caught Kenta in a sleeper. Kenta elbowed his way free, but Suzuki reapplied the hold. Kenta grabbed the referee and tossed him to the mat and then hit Suzuki with a low blow. Kenta put his feet on the ropes while pinning Suzuki and sneaked the win!

Winner: Kenta

After the match, Suzuki grabbed a chair and wanted to use it on Kenta but security held him back.

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Mike Bailey

To stat things off, Bailey went for a handshake and Tanahashi hesitantly accepted. Bailey locked Tanahashi to the corner but Tanahashi spun him around and teased doing the same before taking a shot at him. Bailey delivered a series of quick kicks and finished this off with a Enzuigiri. Tanahashi, went outside of the ring to get a breather. Bailey went for a dive but Tanahashi move out of the way.

Tanahashi kicked Bailey’s legs and Bailey sold a  left knee injury for the rest of the match. Tanahashi saw this and went to work on the knee of Bailey and eventually had a good air guitar session with the injured leg. Tanahashi got back into the match as he did a Dragon screw leg whip over the middle rope for some added tension. Bailey now injured went back to the ring and had bo uck with momentum as Tanahashi grabbed his leg and worked over his leg.  Bailey didn get some luck as he avoided Tanahashi and performed a springboard moonsault using the top rope onto Tanahashi on the floor. Bailey tried to get back to his feet but his knee pain was too much but luckily both men rolled inside the ring to beat the NJPW 20-count used during the match.

In the middle of the ring and on their knees, Tanahashi and Bailey traded elbows but it was Bailey who did some kicks on Tanahashi. Tanahashi eventually caught his and did a few Dragon screws. Bailey came right back and did his standing Moonsault then followed it up with a kick to the head and went for a pin BUT it wasn’t enough.

Bailey went for a move and Tanahashi cut it off with a sling blade the went up top, but Bailey got to his feet before he could go for a High Fly Flow. Bailey ran and caught up with Tanahashi but Tanahashi knocked him off the ropes with forearms and went for Bailey’s bad knees but Bailey fought back and performed a top rope Huracanrana.

With Tanahashi down, Bailey waited for Tanahashi to stand up and then he hit him with a pair of kicks to the head. Bailey threw a tornado kick on a beat up Tanahashi, Bailey went for his Ultima Weapon but Tanahashi rolled out of the way and Bailey came down on his knees.

Tanahashi eventually hit Bailey with a backslide for a 2-count. Tanahashi performed three Twist and Shout neckbreakers and followed up with a sling blade clothesline then went to the top rope and hit a High Fly Flow frogsplash for the huge win!

Winner: Hiroshi Tanahashi

After the match, Tanahashi went to Bailey who didn’t want anything with him but Tanhashi helped him up and raised his arm. Bailey pointed at Tanahashi and then both men played to the crowd as the show went off air.


Impact: Multiverse United March 30, 2023

This show had some great in-ding content. Will Ospreay, Josh Alexander, and Mickie James were all injured and that could have left a void but the talent pool in Impact and NJPW was so strong that it made for a great show. This was a must watch show in a weekend full of wrestling shows.