Greetings and salutations. Impact is coming to us LIVE from Los Angeles. This episode of IMPACT serves more like a pre-show for their Multiverse United show. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

The show starts with a rundown of the Multiverse United card. We see a hype video for Mike Bailey VS Hiroshi Tanahashi

 Hiroshi Tanahashi VS Lance Archer.

The match was taped at NJPW Resurgence on August 14, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. Jon Moxley was shown a few times and In the end, Tanahashi hit High Fly Flow top rope splash and got the huge win. This match was average at best but no doubt in the winner

Winner: Hiroshi Tanahashi

Gia Miller interviewed was backstage at the Globe Theater with Rocky Romero. Miller asked about how NJPW is treating the night. Romero said there would be fireworks due to the interpromotional matches. Romero talked about winning the X-Division title.

The studio crew spoke about the X Division Title match and we got a promo for Kenta vs. Minoru Suzuki which will be contested for the NJPW Strong Openweight Title.

Fred Rosser showed up and discussed the eight-man tag team match. Rosser spoke about his issues with Tom Lawlor. We saw how Motor City Machine Guns won the titles. We were reminded how well the Bullet Club team of Bey an Austin have done. Rosser predicted Austin and Bey would keep their titles later in the night. Impact commentator, Hannifan said Knockouts Champion Mickie James would join them in studio in a bit but before that we got a repeat commercial for Jodie Threat’s debut which will happen next week.

We get an explanation of the Knoockouts Title and the various scenarios that are possible due to James’ rib injury. We are then joined by Knockouts Champion Mickie James. James said she feels worse for Josh Alexander due to his injury. She said she’s feeling better and she felt bad for not being able to defend her title at Sacrifice and tonight at Multiverse United. Hannifan showed the cover of the new Pro Wrestling Illustrated cover that features the Knockouts. James talked up the womens division and spoke about how Impact has one of the best lockerooms shes ever worked in.

Miyu Yamashita VS Killer Kelly.

The match was a pre-tape. After the two went back and forth they ended up ringside where the wrestlers went back and forth with punches. Yamashita pushed off the apron and threw a kick. Kelly came right back with a light kick from the apron. In due time, Kelly did a fisherman’s suplex but it was only good for a 2-count. Yamashita threw a big kick but Kelly caught Yamashita in a submission hold. In short time, Yamashita threw another high kick to the head and then pinned Kelly for the win on her debut!

Winner: Miyu Yamashita

Rehwoldt hyped Josh Alexander vs. Kenta for later in the show

Tommy Dreamer joined Hannifan and Rehwoldt at ringside and Dreamer spoke about getting revenge on Bully Ray for what happened at Sacrifice. Eventually after running through the past week in story, they announced the Hardcore War between Team Bully and Team Dreamer.

A video package spotlighted Moose vs. Jeff Cobb for the Multiverse United show.

backstage, Moose was interviewed by Gia Miller. Moose said he faced Jeff Cobb a long time ago and he knows that Cobb will bring it. Moose said he’s been in a lot of hard hitting matches and knows what it takes to win them. Moose told Cobb to bring his A-Game and said he would win.

Back at the Globe Theater, Hannifan said Scott D’Amore would join them and the main event would air shortly. D’Amore joined Hannifan, Rehwoldt, and Dreamer at the commentary booth. Dreamer invited D’Amore to be on his team but D’Amore said it was fun to get back in the ring but he is focused in being president. He assured Dreamer would find the right partners. D’Amore spoke about Josh Alexander’s injury and said he had surgery and the surgeon said it was a complete success. Hannifan mentioned Lio Rush stepping in and facing Kushida at the Multiverse United event.

We get a promo of Kushida putting Alexander in the Hoverboard Lock. They suggest this may have caused the injury and then they show Steve Maclin tapping out to the same move during the Sacrifice main event and said if this if what’s to come at Rebellion.

Josh Alexander vs. NJPW Strong Openweight Champion Kenta for the Impact World Championship

After back and forth, Kenta hit Alexander with a running knee strike and got another 2-count. Kenta went for a GTS, but Alexander blocked it and then Kenta Alexander with a spinning back fist.

Kenta went for a kick but Alexander caught his foot and applied the ankle lock but Kenta rolled through. Back up, Kenta went at Alexander and ended up smashing him on the exposed turnbuckle but Alexander came back and hit Kenta with a C4 piledriver to get the win!
Winner: Josh Alexander

Scott D’Amore announced that Alexander would appear on next week’s show to officially relinquish the Impact World Championship.

The commentators hype the Multiverse United card to end the show!