With a week away until NWA 312, Tyrus and BLK Jeez will face off in the main event in tag team action against each other.   Things have been tense between the two men ever since Jeez started palling around with EC3, and now it looks like it’s coming to a head in the National Wrestling Alliance.

We’ll find out what will happen later as we head again to the PBS Studios in Tampa, Fl. Joe Galli, Tim Storm, and Velvet Sky have the call, and the First Match of the night is a…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

Triple Threat Match: “Magic” Jake Dumas vs. Kratos vs. “The Golden Boy” Jordan Clearwater

CJ is not at Dumas’ side since being beaten on a recent NWA USA show.  Also, Clearwater and Dumas still have some animosity from teaming up during the Champions Series, and Kratos takes both men out while they argue.  He then nails a release suplex to Dumas in the other corner, and The Most Feared looks dominant until both men call an uneasy truce and gang up on Kratos.  Clearwater and Dumas take turns and double-team with assisted corner splashes, while the fans get behind The Most Feared.  Kratos fights back but the rally is short-lived and both Dumas and Clearwater clothesline and double suplex the big man down.  Then the truce is called off as they fight each other.  Clearwater starts off in a powerbomb setup, but Dumas reverses to a belly-to-belly piledriver.  Kratos then manages to show his strength as he lifts both men to a Samoan Drop.  Clearwater goes for a corner splash that misses the mark and a Kratos powerslam takes the wind out of him.  He then focuses on Dumas and there’s no magic trick here as Kratos delivers a spinning side slam for the three count.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Kratos

There is a promo with Dak Draper and Mims talking trash about the slimy (but true) misdeed that Aron Stevens has done on behalf of his Blunt Force Trauma team.  Stevens offers the counterpoint that his team is the most dominant in the NWA and it should be them facing La Rebelion for the tag team gold, but he promises once Blunt Force Trauma is done, he will dance across the ashes

Meanwhile, Danny Dealz has a deal for Alex Taylor; he and got him a number one contendership match for the NWA Junior Heavyweight championship.  The only dealbreaker (pardon the pun) is that if Taylor loses then the Ill-Begotten are no more as a team (but hey…at least it’ll be 50% off their merch).  Taylor likes the idea.  

Me?  I’ve seen worse deals go down, but enough about the Utah Legislature as we head to the next match between…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

Blunt Force Trauma (Carnage and Damage) vs. Muscle Mountain (Big Strong Mims and Dak Draper)

With the stipulation that Stevens is not at ringside, Muscle Mountain feel the odds are on their side against Carnage and Damage as Draper’s title opportunity from the Champions Series hangs in the balance.

Draper and Damage start, and he sweeps the leg of the masked man.  The Mile High Magnum looks good as he gets his tag partner in, and even though Mims is pushed into the Blunt Force Trauma corner and Carnage takes over for a short while, he inflicts Big Strong offense, and the tag chemistry of Muscle Mountain comes to the fore with a double team slam that dumps him on the back of the head for a two count.  Draper is in the driver’s seat until Damage grabs his arm and rams it into the ring post.  Draper is in Peril by a Mile High as Blunt Force Trauma isolates him in the corner and works over his bad wing.  He fights out and attempts to climb the top turnbuckle but gets tripped up on the ropes by Damage.  Carnage tries to follow with an avalanche backdrop suplex but Draper upends him and lands a crossbody

Now Stevens comes out from the back (*sigh* big surprise) to interfere in the match… but so does May Valentine (a real pleasant surprise)!  Before Stevens can do anything, her ex-fiancee grabs his hand and slaps Stevens stupid.  The ref sees this and calls for the bell since…

Your Winners via Disqualification:  Muscle Mountain

Valentine also hauls back on Carnage as refs lead the heated Brazilian away from the studio.  I say, “Let her fight.”

Speaking of fights, this one looks to be a doozy as it is for the…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

Number One Contender’s Match for the NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship: Alex Taylor (with Danny Dealz) vs. Joe Alonzo (with Jamie Stanley)

Galli mentions that Taylor now wants to be called “The Mastermind.”  Okay, we see how his mind games hold up between Alonzo and Stanley.

There is a nice back and forth between the two and Taylor is able to outwrestle the loud upstart Alonzo.  He tries to get The Mastermind in a side headlock, but Taylor manages to send him down with a drop toehold and Alonzo has no answer to his offense.  He leaps over Taylor and Alonzo lands awkwardly as he crumples in the corner. Taylor goes to attack, but he is playing possum as he drops him face-first into the middle turnbuckles, and Stanley chokes him on the ropes while Alonzo keeps the ref distracted.  Alonzo is in full control, but Taylor starts to make a comeback and lands a falcon arrow to cover for a two count.  Taylor nails a spinning neckbreaker and hooks the leg, but it’s still another two count.  Dealz sends in a chair and Taylor kicks out gesturing he wants to win the right way.  As the ref sends the chair out, Alonzo uses the distraction and delivers the front facebuster to seal the fate of the Ill-Begotten.

Your Winner via Pinfall, and New Number One Contender for the Junior Heavyweight Championship:  Joe Alonzo

As Alonzo and Stanley celebrate the win, Taylor and Dealz are left heartbroken at the dissolution of their team.  Guess that deal wasn’t good, nor was it a Mastermind idea to get rid of the chair.

(Yeah, that was mean, even for me).

Galli announces that after Valentine’s outburst, she has been banned from ringside.  So who will do the backstage interviews?


Gaagz The Gymp is standing in, and his first “interview” is with La Rosa Negra on her title match with Kamille at NWA 312.

La Rosa Negra is “interviewed” by Gaagz The Gymp

(Author’s Note:  This is less an interview as Gaagz is more of a kinky mic stand.  He hands notes with questions, and Rosa just cuts a promo.  You might be asking what in the name of Tony Schiavone is going on, but I say in the words of local movie critic and culture editor of the Salt Lake Tribune, Sean Means, when I say, “You buy the bit; you buy the premise.”)

Anywho, Rosa is ready to take the title from Kamille, so she tells the One-Time champ to prepare for a fight in Chicago, Il.

There is a recap of the main event with The Country Gentlemen, with “Thrillbilly” Silas Mason and The Miserably Faithful on this NWA USA main event, but read it here if you missed it.

Gaagz is now with the NWA tag team champions, Mecha Wolf and Bestia 666 of La Rebelion. Same premise as before with Rosa, and Wolf responds that they are the best tag team in the NWA and no one can stop them.  That is especially true of Mims and Draper challenging them for the tag straps.  So, Adios!

Now it’s time for the Main Event and we have…

Courtesy of the NWA. Credit: Hiban Huerta

EC3 and BLK Jeez vs. Tyrus and “The Distraction” Eric Jackson

Jeez tells the crowd this is an exhibition and everyone is friendly.  EC3 says the same thing and methinks someone is making more of a to-do about this match.

Jackson and Jeez begin, and The Distraction looks even better than the last time he was on NWA programming.   He’s able to take down Jeez at every turn.  The Church’s Money mogul is just about to show up Jackson until Tyrus tags in.  They both shake hands and Tyrus is just playing around and manhandling Jeez.  As he sets the smaller Jeez on the top turnbuckle, Jeez gets mad and slaps him across the mouth.  The Great American Smash throttles him and then gets the tag to Jackson and lands with a crossbody.  Jeez sends him to ropes, where Ec3 gets the blind tag, but Jackson arm drags the OverMan to catch him off guard.  He attempts a dropkick that misses as EC3 grabs the ropes to stop his momentum and then he clubs Jackson down hard with a clothesline.  Jeez comes back in with a flatliner while exchanging words with Tyrus, saying this was just to be an exhibition.  The champ just glares as Jackson is a Distraction in Peril.  Jackson gets a desperation suplex on EC3 and gets the hot tag.  Unfortunately, the ref did not see it and therefore there is no Smash en Fuego, as EC3 nails Jackson with the One Percenter.  He tags in Jeez as he delivers with the Frog Splash for the one, two, and three.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  EC3 and BLK Jeez

As the (not so) friendly scrimmage comes to an end, it appears whatever friendship between Jeez and Tyrus is now frayed as EC3 stares down the champ as the show goes to the credits.

NWA POWERRR - 03/28/2023

Final Thoughts:

This is more of an angle driven show, and I like how certain narratives are leading to the upcoming PPV.  Tyrus and Jeez’s relationship is starting to head to its natural conclusion and EC3 getting in the middle of things looks like that has some legs going forward.

Until then, see you in seven with what to expect on NWA 312!