Greetings and Salutations! We are mere days away from NXT Stand and Deliver. The Matinee before the double feature that is WrestleMania in the city of Angels, Los Angeles. This show was actually taped last week so I suspect plenty of promos and pre-tapes but I still think we will get some final bits of storytelling before the big show on Saturday afternoon. We will find out who is the final competitor in the North American Championship match as that spot will be on the line in a Battle Royal. Also. Grayson Waller will respond to Johnny Gargano’s challenge to an unsanctioned match with Gargano barred from the building. We will also see a final chance match as Indi Hartwell, Ivy Nile, and Sol Ruca compete in a match to determine an additional competitor in the NXT Women’s Championship ladder match. With so much on the go, we should get straight to the action!

NXT North American Championship Contender’s 20-Man Battle Royal

Here we go with the action in point form:

  • Things got started right away and Quincy Elliott was eliminated quickly.
  • Dante Chen eats a Big boot from Dijak to be eliminated
  • Jinder Eliminates Developmental Wrestler #838378
  • Odyssey Jones chucks Xyon Quinn who knocks Developmental Wrestler #747477
  • Damon Kemp eliminated by Nathan Frazer
  • Dijak eliminated after Edris Enofe and Malik Blade rough him up and Odyssey Jones knocks him out
  • Dijak is angry and drags Jones out the ring and slams him on the steel steps. Jinder Mahal eliminates him for good
  • Jinder now being beat up by Enofe and Blade. Apollo Crews and SCRYPTS knock all Enofe and Blade out
  • Jinder felt hindered so he eliminated SCRYPTS
  • Crews eliminates Big Body Javi with a Military Press
  • Hank Walker trying to eliminate Drew Gulak but Charlie Dempsey chucks them both out. They fight their way to the back.
  • Dabba Kato picks up and slams Crews to the outside to eliminate him
  • Axiom and Nathan Frazer double team Mahal to eventually eliminate him
  • Kato gets eliminated by teamwork from Axiom, Dempsey and Axiom

Lets get back to things here as we are down to the final three, Charlie Dempsey, Nathan Frazer, and Axiom. Some back and forth is going on. Axiom knocks Dempsey out with a kick. We are down to the inal two. Frazer ont eh ropes and we get an springboard arm drag from Axiom who then goes for an Enziguiri but Frazer runs the ropes and springboards off the ropes and ends up landing an inverted DDT from the jump. Both men up and trading forearms. Frazer with a Suprerplex but Axiom rolls out and end up on the receiving end of a Super Kick. Frazer tries to eliminate him but Axiom side steps him props him up on the ropes and gets the final elimination by tossing him out.

Winner: Axiom

After the match, Wes Lee, Dragon Lee, Ilja Dragunov, and JD McDonagh all face off in the ring.

Pretty Deadly are in their hosting gig now and hype up the North American Championship match.

Tyler Bate is with Chase U in the back. Andre Chase talks him up before his match and says this will be a big win for the university. Duke Hudson is all surly rolling his eyes while the others chat.

Josh Briggs, Books Jensen, Fallon Henley, and Kiana James all meet backstage. James claims she “felt horrible…”  that Briggs and Jensen aren’t at Stand and Deliver. James then said she pulled some strings and got Briggs and Jensen in a qualifying match to get into the Tag Title Match at Stand and Deliver. Henley was not happy that she James hasnt brought up this Sebastian, side dude up. Henley was about to  spill the beans but Briggs cut her off saying he is stoked for their qualifying match later and didn’t want Henley to mention anything even though he and her agreed to tell Jensen the truth.

Tyler Bate (w/Thea Hail, Andre Chase, Duke Hudson) VS Von Wagner (w/Robert Stone)

Wagner with his strength early on but the Zen master comes right back and takes it to Wagner. Wagner now back on the offense and tosses Bate in the corner but Bate used his speed and agility to get out of the way and lands an uppercut, Lariat, Bop and Bang. Stone then gets into the match and trips Bate. Hail beats up Stone as retribution via a Lou Thesz Press. Bate goes for a High-5 on Hudson but Hudson is all “meh” about it. bate with a Rebound Lariat and Spiral Tap for the win.

Winner: Tyler Bate

Chase (U) and Bate were in the ring celebrating. A Schism video plays. They were at “Chase U” and all the students were wearing Schism masks. The Schism members took turns talking about how they are going to take over and eventually corrupt Chase U.

Roxanne Perez is seen walking through the back. She is looking for Shawn Michaels.

Perez wants to Defend her Title

After the break, Roxanne Perez entered the office of Shawn Michaels. Perez said that the doctors have cleared her to return to action. Shawn was happya and said that was good but he said it apprehensively. Perez said the diagnosis was a combination of exhaustion and anxiety. She said the only thing on her mind is the Championship and Stand and Deliver. Shawn said he’s happy to hear the diagnosis, but he doesn’t think fighting right now is a good idea. Michaels told Perez to drop the title, get back in ring shape and be ready as she will get the first title defense of the new champion.

Perez said she has struggled with anxiety all her life and since she won the title she was overwhelmed with emotions. HBK reminded her that she’s only 21 and she will be at the top again soon. Perez said that she is only 21 and fears that she peaks. She brought up how HBK never deferred anything in his career. Perez said she can’t run away from things and needs to face it all head on.

She begged Michaels for a chance to defend the title she never lost. She said she wants to be an example to others that suffer from anxiety. Micheals said that she is indeed in the match at Stand and Deliver only if she can send him a medica report with her diagnosis. Michaels said he’s afraid, but he thinks Perez can get through this.

Elektra Lopez vs. Valentina Feroz

Valentina Feroz made her entrance with new ring gear and we get a replay of Sol Ruca defeating Elektra Lopez after Feroz took the brass knuckles away from Lopez. As the match started,  Lopez hit Feroz with a headbutt and tossed Feroz into the corner. Feroz came back with punches but Lopez hit a leg sweep. Both women were back up and Feroz dodged an elbow drop then hit Lopez with a shotgun dropkick. Feroz follows this up with a few Judo hip tosses but Lopez blocked a crossbody and hit Feroz with a Sitout Baldo Bomb and got the pin.

Winner: Elektra Lopez

An Eddy Thorpe (a.k.a. Karl “The BFD” Fredericks) vignette aired that focused on his Native American heritage while also being a DJ.

Eddy Thorpe VS Myles Borne

Borne and Thorpe trade blows and Borne with a shoulder tackle on Thorpe. Thorpe came right back with a crossbody and Borne with a dropkick. Borne with some fiery rights and hits a Belly to Belly for a 2-count. Thorpe with a dropkick to the Shin and followed that up with a Pele Kick. Thorpe hit Borne with a Yakuza Kick and toss. Both men traded punches but Thorpe hit Borne with a Saito Suplex and twisting Neckbreaker and got the win!

Winner: Eddy Thorpe

Pretty Deadly hype Johnny Gargano vs. Grayson Waller at Stand and Deliver. Wilson said the only way he’d fight in an unsanctioned match is if it was to defend Prince’s honor. Both men shared a sensual hand hold as we head to commercial.

The hardest working reporter in all of professional wrestling, McKenzie Mitchell is interviewing Gallus members Mark Coffey and Wolfgang. She said they looked rough after whatever happened at the pub but they said it was just another drunk bar fight. Wolfgang then talked about how they’re allowing another team in the tag match because they are equal opportunists and said Gallus Boys On Top to end the interview.

Last Chance Match for the final spot in the NXT Women’s Title Ladder Match: Sol Ruca vs. Indi Hartwell vs. Ivy Nile

The match starts off past paced as all three women trade rollups for the quick win but eventually Ruca  tosses Nile and Hartwell outside. Ruca hits a top rope triangle moonsault on both ladies outside. Back in the ring, Ruca with an X-Factor on Hartwell. Eventually Nile hit Ruca with a Dragonrana and put Ruca in a Juji Gatame. Hartwell broke it up and got a 2-count on Nile. Hartwell maintained control and hit Nile with a draping front kick.

Ruca comes right back into the match and hits a Slingshot Splash onto Hartwell which was good for a pin until Nile broke it up. Nile hit Ruca with an enzuigiri for a 2-count. Shortly after that,  Ruca blocked a Huricanrana and hit Nile with a superkick. Ruca hit Nile with a flip into a Stinger Splash. Hartwell back into it and hit Ruca with a spinebuster and went for a pin but only got a 2-count. Nile with a Dragon Sleeper on Hartwell but Ruca with a Sol Snatcher out of nowhere which cause Hartwell to toss Ruca outside and hit Nile with a basement forearm for the win.

Winner: Indi Hartwell

After the match, Zoey Stark, Lyra Valkyria, Gigi Dilin, and Tiffany Stratton all made their entrances from various spots in the Performance Center. Then out came Roxanne Perez, making her return posing with the belt from the Crow’s nest.

Pretty Deadly now in the back surrounded by ladders. They previewed the Ladder Match for the Women’s Title at Stand and Deliver. Prince predicted Tiffany Stratton as the winner and declared Tiffany Stratton as the third best dressed person in NXT behind Pretty Deadly.

Vic Joseph and Booker T Checked in and Joseph reminded the viewers that he is waiting for Grayson Waller to sign the unsanctioned contract.

Bron Breakker VS CarMelo Hayes Prime Target video

As always, these are so well produced.

Breakker talked about how He and Melo were a part of the same Performance Center signing class. Hayes said he’s doing everything he has on Breakker. Hayes talked about how he’s cleaned uo his game and not hitting the club anymore. Hayes said he is now responsible.  Hayes said he’s not partying because he’ll celebrate after he wins the title at Stand and Deiver.  We see a workout montage of Hayes.

Bron Breakker, also seen working out talks about how he also hasn’t worked out and been responsible. Breakker said that intensity was what it takes to be champion. Breakker  thinks matches aren’t won in the ring and gym. Breakker thinks matches are won in the film room, analyzing their opponents. Breakker said that he has been studying Hayes. Breakker said the championship is everything for him and while he respects NXT Champions of the past, he thinks he’s the most dominant.

Hayes said he’s going to knock Bron’s head off and take some weight off his shoulders by taking the title.  Hayes said “Give me my F–king crown”. Melo said Breakker isn’t at his level. Breakker said he’s going to knock out Melo. Melo with his catchphrase “I AM HIM”  while Breakker ends this promo saying that he’s going to still be champion after Stand and Deliver. GREAT STUFF.

The witchay sisters, Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn get a promo. They talk about their match at Stand and Deliver against Kiana James and Fallon Henley. They wrapped a red scarf around their hands to signify their link as Dawn said there’s always Darkness before the Dawn and where there’s smoke there’s “Fyre”.

Drew Gulak VS Hank Walker

Walker tossed Gulak all around the ring and got a few ground submissions. Walker with a Stretch Muffler after denying one from Gulak. Waslker with a Jawbreaker but Gulak got out of it and went to work on Walker. Gulakn hit Walker with a Nothern Lariat making him act cocky. Gulak then with a Crossface on Walker. Walker reverses it and uses his strength against Gulak and hits a leaping hip attack. Walker hits Gulak with a pair of Stinger Splashes and Press slam. Gulak rolled though a wheelbarrow and put Walker in a Crossface but Walker used his strngth again and powers out hitting a Wheelbarrow followed by a Juji Gatame. Gulak almost tapped, but managed to wriggle his way out. As both men are up and on the ropes the ref has his back turned to Dempsey and this gives him the window to hit Walker with a Forearm causing Gulak to roll up Walker for the pin an 3-count.

Winner: Drew Gulak

Pretty Deadly are slamming down some mimosas. They previewed the Tag Team Championship match and Prince joked that they are impressed that The Creed Brothers have more personality than a dirty rag. They didn’t want to mention Gallus. They said if Briggs and Jensen get into the match, they can have a fairy tale ending. They also think that Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn could leave LA as tag champs of their own.

Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo VS Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen.

If Briggs and Jensen win they are in the Tag Team Title match on Saturday at Stand and Deliver. Jensen went for a quick pin on Stacks but it was a 2-count. Jensen with a hip toss but Stacks comes right back with a Body Slam of his own. Jensen with a twisting blockbuster on Stacks. Briggs and D’Angelo tagged in the match and D’Angelo wrestling Briggs down.

Backstage, Henley and James were watching the match and Henley stormed off threatening to tell Jensen that he’s being cheated on. Back in the ring, Jensen tagged in for the hot tag as Briggs and Jensen hit their opponents with Baseball slide punches.

Back from the commercial, Stacks has Jensen in a side headlock. Kiana James and Fallon Henley were at ringside now. The Family cut the ring in half so Jensen cannot escape. The family with a modified Skull and Bones on Jensen. After sometime,  Jensen was able to get the hot tag on Briggs. After Briggs and Jensen regain control of the match they hit Stacks with a Doomsday Heel Kick but D’Angelo broke up the pin. D’Angelo and Briggs int he ring with punches. D’Angelo with the advantage and eventually he and Stacks hit Jensen with a double team Flapjack into Electric Chair and the ensuing pin ensures that Briggs and Jensen stay away from their Tag Title Match at Stand and Deliver.

Winners: Tony D’Angelo and Stacks

After the match, Fallon Henley entered the ring and demanded that Kiana James tell the truth. James said she’d rather show him and pulls Jensen in for the smooch. The peasants rejoice.

Grayson Waller is making his way to the ring…

Grayson Waller Contract Signing

The ring is surrounded with Grayson Waller’s security as he makes his entrance. Waller goes to Vic Joseph at commentary and takes the contract from him and heads into the ring to speak. Waller told security to watch his back since Gargano is known for his cheap shots. Waller looks at the contract and said that Melo and Bron might think they’re the main event, but whenever he’s on, he’s the real main event.

Waller talks about starting at NXT and trying to stand out with all the other new arrivals and making his name in War Games. He said at the end of the night all anyone could talk about was Johnny Gargano. So a few nights later he timed things out and thanks to Michaels allowing Gargano all the time he wanted to talk, he would end up hitting Johnny with a chair sending him home for 15 months. He said it was ironic since Gargano kept talking about betting on yourself and that is what he did. Waller said he’s got the greatest big-match superstar in NXT history begging him to kick his ass at Stand and Deliver. Waller asked if Gargano bleeds black-and-gold? Waller said he bleeds green, and he used Johnny to put himself on the map so he will do it one more time.

Johnny Gargano’s music plays and Waller and his security look up the ramp meanwhile Gargano unmasks as the in-ring cameraman.  They brawl all as security tries to break them up to end the show. That is all! I will be back for the NXT Stand and Deliver report on Saturday. Remember, the show starts at 1PM EST/10am PST.

NXT TV: March 28, 2023

This was a basic go-home show that pushed matches with some new content. No match was must watch and all the final pushes to matches at Stand & Deliver were good enough. The best surprise was the return and inclusion of Roxanne Perez for Saturday.