Tic Toc Games is developing a new wrestling game.

The turn-based RPG Wrestle Story for the PC will allow players to live their “pro wrestling story in this hard-hitting, smack talkin’, RPG adventure. Create your wrestler, build your tag-team and slam your way through an expansive 3D world where wrestling is everything.”

The key features of the game will include:

  • Live Your Story – Customize your characters’ looks, backstory, and ring entrance music.
  • Explore – Travel the expansive, vibrant, and unexpected world of the Five Territories in style with your Pinnebago.
  • Go for the Pin – Defeat dozens of enemies with powerful finishers and tag-team combos.
  • Master Timing – Use action-based attacks to boost damage and find your flow in the ring.
  • Gear Up – Level up, equip stat-boosting ring gear, and unlock dozens of powerful new ring skills.
  • Bond with Your Faction – Recruit six unique tag-team partners and increase their bond level to unlock powerful new techniques, in and out of the ring.
  • Save Wrestling – Stop the mysterious forces behind a conspiracy that threatens the integrity of the sport you love.

Tic Toc has not announced a release date for the title but you can preorder the game on Steam here and find out more about the game here.