Ridge Holland has broken his silence on how some fans have been treating him since he inadvertently injured Big E last year.

On Twitter, Holland revealed that cancel culture wants him fired from WWE and some of those angry fans are targeting him and his loved ones:


During a match between The Brawling Brutes and The New Day last year, Holland executed a belly-to-belly suplex on Big E on the arena floor. Instead of landing on his back, Big E landed on his neck, breaking is neck. Although Big E’s condition has improved he isn’t sure if he will ever wrestle again.

In an interview with ESPN last year Big E stated publicly he bears no ill-will at all towards Holland.

“I have no issue whatsoever with Ridge. He’s reached out and said some very kind things. … What we do is dangerous and there are inherent dangers. And to that degree, we all kind of know what we sign up for and it was unfortunate that it went down that way. But I’m not dead. I’m alive. I’m doing well,” Big E said.

Holland shared his feelings shortly after the accident with Metro UK.

‘It’s just been a slow process, getting back into it and learning how to trust myself, and obviously building that trust up with the boys as well. The trust of your peers is what we aim for,’ he explained while saying he has been in close contact with Big E since the accident.

‘That’s the number one, regardless of how I feel, regardless of what’s come to be. The main thing is that he’s his positive self, he’s cracking on and hopefully we’ll see him back in the not to distant future!” said Holland.

WWE superstars and fans alike sent reassuring messages to Ridge.

Smackdown ring announcer Samantha Irvin has this to say:

Former NXT superstar Flash Morgan Webster said this about the situation and Twitter itself:

Fans also had their say: