There are less than three weeks to go until WrestleMania, and while the Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns has to deal with Cody Rhodes at the big event, he still has some unfinished business in the form of Kevin Owens. So the Head of the Table ordered Solo Sikoa, the Enforcer of the Bloodline, to take care of that problem by taking on Owens in a Street Fight on Monday Night RAW. And with the help of his brothers Jimmy and Jey Uso, Solo did exactly that. Perhaps Owens should take a page out of the Bloodline’s book – because if he continues to reject help from Rhodes and Sami Zayn, as he did on Monday, he may be a problem that is solved permanently.


Edge calls out Finn Balor

Edge makes his way to the ring in street clothes. He calls out Finn Balor, who hits the entrance ramp flanked by the entire Judgment Day. Edge says he wants to end things, but since Finn seems afraid of going to the ring tonight, Edge accepts Finn’s previous challenge for a match at WrestleMania. Edge throws some insults at the Judgment Day, but does acknowledge that they have made his life a living hell. So no better way to end the feud than in Hell in a Cell. Finn accepts, saying that he’s been to Hell before, but was spit out, because Hell couldn’t handle his “demons.” Afterwards, the entire Judgement Day hit the ring and beat up Edge until Dexter Lumis, Johnny Gargano, and Candace LaRae run in and it becomes a big brawl to head into the commercial.


Good segment, and the teasing of a return of the Demon Finn Balor is an interesting development – if nothing else, for the potential for a 5-star entrance at WrestleMania.


Match 1: Johnny Gargana & Dexter Lumis (w/ Candace Larae) vs. Dominik Mysterio & Damian Priest (w/ Rhea Ripley)

After the hot start to the show, this match cooled things down quite a bit. Particularly when Lumis and Priest were in the ring together, as it looked like they were moving underwater. Dom and Gargano picked up the pace, but before they really got rolling, the show went back to a commercial. After the break, the fans were really hating on Dominik as he was beating up Gargano. Gargano got free and tagged in Lumis, who cleaned house. Dominik tried to steal a pin by using the ropes for leverage, but Candace pushed his feet off the ropes. That led to her getting pummeled by Rhea.


Lumis tried to scare Rhea, who didn’t seem fazed, and set him up for an attack. Priest and Dom hit a combo move on Lumis, but Gargano broke up the fall. After all four men battled in and out of the ring for a while, Lumis nearly choked out Dominik, but Priest made a blind tag, came in, and kicked Lumis in the head, before sending him South of Heaven for the pin.

This was fine and had some good moments when things weren’t moving at Lumis speed. Dominik has to be the most hated person in the company right now, which is great.

Winners: The Judgment Day

Earlier today, Cathy Kelley tried to get a word with WrestleMania host The Miz when he came into the building, but Chad Gable interrupted them, asking if they had seen Otis. Miz facetiously told Gable to put up some fliers as you would do for any lost pet, and Gable took the idea and ran. Miz was dismissing Cathy’s idea of having a co-host for WrestleMania, when they were both distracted by the sounds of combat.

The camera swung over to see Damage CTRL beating up Trish Stratus, slamming her against some dumpsters and cases, and then hitting her with a Triple Kick to the head.


Omos-Lesnar Face-to-Face (or rather, face-to-chest)

Omos and MVP came to the ring. MVP said that Brock Lesnar made a mistake by accepting a match against Omos at WrestleMania. Well, it probably is the lowest point in his career, but even the Undertaker’s streak included a DQ win over the Giant Gonzalez, so maybe this will be just a forgettable deal like that one was, and it won’t hurt Brock’s legacy too much.

Lesnar made his way to the ring, and stood up against Omos, who towered over him by a lot. Omos showed Brock how big his fist was but then opened up his hand, motioning for Brock to shake it.


Brock did, and when Omos didn’t let go, Brock stomped on his foot. Omos released his grip, and Brock ducked behind him for a German Suplex attempt, but Omos broke loose and face-palmed Brock over the top rope (they botched the initial attempt, but eventually got it). Brock seemed simultaneously, irritated, shocked, and embarrassed. A bunch of suits and refs ran down to try to stop any more physicality, but Brock seemed to want nothing more to do with Omos on this night, as he walked back up the ramp with his tail between his legs and a wary eye. The commentators sold this as Brock being scared of someone for the first time ever.

They recapped last week’s reunion of the Usos as they rejoined to beat up Sami Zayn, and the resulting aftermath with Cody Rhodes making the save, and then Sami joining Cody in a fight against the Usos on Smackdown.


Match 2: Cody Rhodes vs. LA Knight

Cody outwrestled Knight at every stage early on, even when Knight tried some dirty tactics. But Knight surprised Cody by leaping onto the ropes when Cody went up top, and hit Cody with a Superplex. Knight maintained his advantage with a poke to the eye and a DDT, but Cody fought back with some trademark moves, including a Disaster Kick for a near-fall. Rhodes finally hit a Cody Cutter that stunned Knight, and a Cross Rhodes was all she wrote.

This was a standard Cody match, and a good showing for him. What a dis-service for LA Knight, though. Not only didn’t they let him cut a promo – his biggest strength. But they pretty much had Cody beat him clean and definitively. If they’re going to job someone that badly, isn’t Elias still around?  Or Cedric Alexander? Or any other lower-tier jobber? LA Knight is a great personality, but it seems he’s almost destined to be on Main Event sooner rather than later.

Winner: Cody Rhodes


Cody Rhodes promo

After the match, Cody Rhodes took the mic and reiterated that, despite Paul Heyman’s warnings, he was not going to stay out of the Bloodline’s feud with Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. Cody got really emotional and passionate here, saying that while he acknowledges Roman Reigns, the champ had better acknowledge Cody Rhodes. Cody invoked the Rhodes/Runnels Family legacy and said that on April 2nd, he will be the first one in that dynasty to win the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship. Go find this promo online. This was a tremendous way to sell that match in under two minutes.


They recapped last week’s segment between Seth Rollins and Logan Paul that saw a match between the two set up for WrestleMania, and ended with Logan Paul knocking Seth out with a sucker-punch.

In the back, Byron Saxton interviewed Rollins. Rollins said he can get knocked down, but he’ll never stay down. The Miz walked in and mocked Seth for getting knocked out, and informed Seth that next week, Logan Paul will be there to do a live version of Im-Paul-sive TV, and Miz would be a guest on that show. Baron Corbin, who was apparently wandering around nearby, jumped in and tried to insert himself as a guest as well, but Miz blew him off. Corbin asked to be Miz’ co-host at Mania, but Miz gave him a flimsy excuse as to why that couldn’t happen. Corbin then tried to offer Seth some boxing advice with which he could beat Logan Paul, but Seth insulted him. Corbin said that he could easily knock out Seth and challenged him to a match later tonight, and Seth agreed. Miz told Corbin that if he beat Seth, Miz would put in a good word with Logan on Corbin’s behalf.


Match 3: Elias (w/ Rick Boogs) vs. Bronson Reed

Boogs was on the outside taking notes, as apparently Elias is trying to be his mentor. But he wouldn’t have learned too much from this one, other than how to get squished and squashed by Reed. Reed hit a number of big moves, using his size advantage to flatten Elias, finally putting him away with a Tsunami.

At this point, it may not be a question of whether anyone wants to walk with Elias. But rather how long it takes until he’s walking to the unemployment office.

Winner: Bronson Reed

In the back, Cathy Kelley was in front of the Trainer’s office, hoping to get an update on the status of Trish Stratus. Becky Lynch and Lita brushed past Cathy with angry looks on their faces, and they went into the room without a word. Meantime, Chad Gable was still looking for Otis, and had fliers with Otis’ picture on them.

Elsewhere in the back, Cathy interviewed Kevin Owens, asking why he hasn’t asked Sami Zayn for help in dealing with the Bloodline. Owens said that he’d asked for Sami’s help before, but given what happened, he wouldn’t do it again. Nor would he help Sami, who has been asking for Owens’ help as of late. He said he wishes Sami the best, and if Cody wants to help Sami, that’s fine. But Owens wants Cody to focus on beating Roman at WrestleMania. And to stay out of his business, including by not helping Owens out during his Street Fight against Solo Sikoa tonight, no matter what happens or who else gets involved.

They recapped last week’s appearance by John Cena and his verbal beat-down of Austin Theory.

They showed a clip from earlier today when the Street Profits ran into Austin Theory backstage and started mocking and bullying him. Theory fired back and chirped at them, trying to drive a wedge between the partners. They didn’t bite, though, and instead, Dawkins challenged Theory to a match later tonight.


Match 4: Austin Theory vs. Angelo Dawkins

Theory’s US Championship was not on the line in this one. Montez Ford came out for Dawkins’ introduction, but apparently there was smoke backstage, because he went to go get it after the Solo Cup waterfall. Dawkins started off strong, but Theory used a simple Toe Stomp to hurt Dawkins and then take over, including throwing Dawkins into the ringside barrier a couple of times. Dawkins was in pain, but found some smoke and started throwing Theory around for a bit. A cocky Theory nearly got rolled up, but when Dawkins went for a Spinning Splash, Theory clocked him with a big Forearm, before putting him down for good with the A-Town Down. After the match, Theory grabbed Dawkins and locked on John Cena’s signature STF submission hold, only releasing it when Montez Ford hit the ring for the save.


This was good. Theory really has untapped potential. They could do a lot worse than to give him the big win over Cena at WrestleMania.

Winner: Austin Theory

In the back, Cathy Kelley interviewed Paul Heyman, who complained about the problem plaguing the Bloodline: Kevin Owens. Heyman said that tonight Solo would take care of that problem. But Heyman said there was another problem by the name of Cody Rhodes. Heyman said that Cody should not have made things personal with Roman Reigns. Heyman said Cody made a mistake to sarcastically acknowledge Reigns earlier tonight. But said that Cody could acknowledge Roman respectfully next week, because Roman will be on RAW live. He said that if Cody wants to be a problem, Roman will personally solve that problem.

The video announcing Rey Mysterio’s Hall of Fame induction aired. Then, the announcers noted that on this Wednesday’s episode of The Bump, Ric Flair will announce the name of the next inductee in the 2023 class.


Rey Mysterio promo

Rey Mysterio came to the ring, and thanked the crowd, who chanted “You deserve it!” He said the honour is bestowed not only on him, but the people who helped him get there, and for all the fans with whom he has a connection.

The Judgment Day’s music hit, and Dominik walked to the ring. Dom said that Rey earned the Hall of Fame honour, but earned it only by putting his career ahead of his family. Dom said that Rey had failed to be there for important moments in Dom’s life, citing a couple of example. Dom said that Rey is a poor excuse for a father, and for a man. Dom said that he was going to let Rey enjoy his Hall of Fame moment. But that he wanted to be part of that weekend, by challenging Rey to a match at WrestleMania. Rey refused, and said that he would not fight his son. He said that Dominik might not believe him, but Rey still loves Dominik, no matter what is going on with them now. Rey left the ring, but Dominik kept trying to goad him into a match. Dom said that the only thing Rey ever taught him was what not to be. Rey was visibly saddened, but still left to the back.

This was really good, with one exception. At one point, Dominik noted that Rey had promised him a car for his 16th birthday. But then complained that Rey “only” got him a BMW and not a Mercedes like all his friends got. They tried to make it seem like Dominik was just a spoiled rich kid, but it came across as forced attempted comedy. The rest of this promo has been more reality-based where Dom felt like Rey had put his career before his family, and that has a sense of realness to it. This line stuck out like a fly in the ointment. They got it back, but they shouldn’t have gone there to begin with.

Cathy Kelley was back in front of the Trainer’s office, looking for news on Trish. Trish, Lita, and Becky came out, and they looked angry. Becky said that Damage CTRL was going to pay for what they did. Lita said that if Damage CTRL was going to attack, they should have finished the job. Trish agreed, and said that the only thing they did was make her mad.

A new WrestleMania film trailer aired, this one starring Rhea Ripley in a parody of Stranger Things. This was rally good. It wasn’t played for comedy at all, and was really effective.


They hyped that Backlash will be in Puerto Rico, and put over Bad Bunny who will be hosting that event.


Match 5: Baron Corbin vs. Seth Rollins

The Miz joined the commentary team to call this one. Seth was posing in the ring during his introduction and Corbin clobbered him from behind to jumpstart the match. Rollins showed off some of his boxing skills by out=punching Corbin, and also showed off some of his wrestling skills by blasting Corbin with a Flying Dive and a Flying Knee.


Rollins then threw Corbin on top of Miz just for fun, and then rolled a staggered Corbin back in the ring. Miz tried to retaliate but when he climbed onto the apron, Rollins hit him with a Boot to the Head and Miz fell into the ring. With both Miz and Corbin down on their hands and knees in the ring, Rollins used Miz as a springboard to hit a Stomp on Corbin to get the pin.

This was short and sweet. They really need to figure out what to do with Corbin. Perhaps it’s time for him to become happy again? Or maybe give him a new emotion? Horny Corbin, maybe? Because this depressed version isn’t working.

Winner: Seth Rollins. Flawless victory.

In the back, Chad Gable was still searching for Otis. Mustafa Ali came up to him, spewing some positivity – seriously, is that what they’re trying with Ali now?  Like he’s ever going to get over? – but Gable brushed by him.

He rounded the corner and saw Otis doing a photo shoot for the Maximum Male Models and Maxxine Dupri. Gable questioned them and they said bizarre things, including some reference to Vanderpump Rules, which I think is like Raven’s Rules, but without the weapons. One line that was funny is them calling Gable Gollum. Gable tried to get Otis to join him for a workout, but Otis went off with the models, leaving Gable alone and looking sad.


Match 6: Bianca Belair vs. Chelsea Green (w/ Carmella)

Bianca’s title wasn’t on the line for this one. Green was flummoxed by Bianca at every step, until Carmella got involved from the outside. Chelsea didn’t get a chance to capitalize on that too much, though, as Bianca came back with some power moves. Green nearly stole a win after Carmella sacrificed herself by getting bucked off the apron and to the floor, but Bianca kicked out at the last second. Green tried for something else, but Bianca blocked it, and hit the KOD for the three. After the match, Carmella ran in and she and Green double-teamed Bianca, but Asuka ran in for the save and she and Bianca beat up Green and Carmella. Asuka teased Bianca by holding onto the RAW Women’s Championship a bit too long, and then scared Bianca by spewing out some blue liquid from her mouth. Asuka laughed menacingly and left while Bianca looked unimpressed.


This wasn’t a particularly good match. Not sure if it’s Green’s bad persona or if it was just a lack of familiarity with Belair, but they didn’t really click during the match. The post-match stuff with Asuka was fine, but the whole face vs. face dynamic is making this build kind of meh.

Winner: Bianca Belair

They replayed the earlier confrontation between Brock Lesnar and Omos. Notably, they edited out the botch, and stitched the clip together pretty seamlessly to make it look good.


Match 7: Solo Sikoa vs. Kevin Owens – Street Fight

Sikoa is the Street Champ according to the writing on his pants, so presumably he would have the advantage in this one. But perhaps none of his other street opponents dropped all their weight on him with a Senton like Owens did. Ouch.

They went to the floor and the battle went back-and-forth, as they both used the announcer table to hurt each other. They continued to batter each other, in and out of the ring, each hitting big man moves. Sikoa went under the ring to get some chairs, and then disappointed the crowd by rejecting a table despite the chants.

After a commercial break, Sikioa was down on the ground and Owens was launching chairs into the ring, even hitting the referee accidentally with one. Owens set up some chairs in the ring and was going to Superfly Sikoa through them, but Sikoa stopped the attempt and Press-Slammed Owens onto them – mega-ouch!


Owens refused to give up, and soon they were fighting in the crowd and all the way up the entrance ramp. Owens chased Sikoa into the Gorilla Position, and then got blindsided by stereo Superkicks by Jimmy and Jey Uso. The twins dragged Owens back into the ring and they hit him with another pair of Superkicks. This left Owens prone for a Samoan Spike and the three-count was purely academic after that.


After the match, the Usos and Sikoa celebrated, while Owens was in the ring, alone, friendless, and coughing up red spittle that feel from his mouth like a blood line.

Winner: Solo Sikoa



Monday Night RAW - March 13th, 2022

Amica Mutual Pavilion - Providence, RI

While not all the matches this week were great, the build for many of the WrestleMania matches were quite strong. The Omos-Brock confrontation made the match a little more intriguing than it sounds on paper. The Cody Rhodes promo was stellar. And everything to do with Dominik and Rey Mysterio was off-the-charts effective. With three weeks to go until WrestleMania, things are ramping up nicely.