Well, I’m not surprised that things are still hectic within The Bloodline. What I am shocked about is that I thought after Sami laid some sense on the table for all to see, and Jey reacted accordingly to said evidence then would prompt the others to realize there’s something broken among them.

Alas, we can’t have what we want no matter how much sense it really makes. Jey came home… Now I’m just wondering if he’ll return with a newly refreshed perspective or will he continue to walk around like nothing Zayn said had any relevance?

As soon as the Usos arrive to the arena, Jey asks where’s Roman. Heyman doesn’t answer him with verbal words, rather an uncomfortable hug. Oof… Apparently, Reigns is proud of Jey, and so is Heyman. Once the wise man knows where Roman is, Jey wants him to know he’s here. I’m not sure in what way does he mean that.

After what happened on RAW when Jey came back and kicked Sami, Braxton questions why he did that. We’ll have to wait till later to find out. Ooh, mystery. Love it.

Sheamus vs. Drew McIntyre vs. LA Knight vs. Xavier Woods vs. Karrion Kross – Fatal 5-way Intercontinental Championship Qualifying match

Ding. Ding. Ding.

Kross and Knight gang up on Woods then shove him outside the ring while McIntyre and Sheamus slowly approach one another as they glared. It became a standoff between these two men because they want the same thing, and that was made clear last week when Drew announced he wanted the Intercontinental Championship, which upset Sheamus since he’s never won it.

LA Knight and Kross notice them in the middle of the ring and start to pounce. However, Karrion and Knight also join Xavier on the main floor, as Sheamus and McIntyre bicker again, which distracts them from incoming attacks from the other opponents.

After the break, Woods is seen cornered by Knight and Kross again as he attempts to fight them off. McIntyre climbs back into the fold to take on Kross while Knight focuses on Xavier. Sheamus wasn’t present till after he dragged Knight from his ankles then drives him into the barricade. Kross follows in a venture to assist.

McIntyre gets his head knocked against the post by Knight. It would appear that Woods’ involvement in this match seem inconsequential to everyone else. He’s not a threat. Ha! It’s kind of sad.

Kross and LA Knight play another double team on Woods by planting his face against the mat. Then they go after McIntyre as well. Sheamus leaps from the top and rightfully lands on LA Knight’s irritating ass then takes Karrion out with a clothesline.

All I hear is “AHHH!” from McIntyre since he’s in a one leg cramping submission position by Kross. It was kind of funny, honestly. Meanwhile LA Knight delivers a neck breaker to Sheamus for a cover that’s almost immediately broken off by Karrion. I guess that alliance is over after Knight sent a right hand to Kross.

Xavier looks to rally as he takes both LA Knight and Kross with the Honor Role to their collarbones. Ouch. Ha! He gains further momentum by sending Karrion into a DDT and knees to Knight’s mid-section. Woods is on fire till all the men stop him from winning.

At some point, you hear the crowd going “boo”, and I wondered why till I saw Imperium looking on by the entryway. Who invited them?

McIntyre was caught on the ropes, lucky for him, he manages to throw Kross and Knight on their backsides. Yes!

Sheamus puts Knight through multiple running fists and Woods through an Irish back breaker. He follows that with Ten Beats of the Bodhrán to Xavier, Karrion and Knight. Sheamus prepared himself for the Bro Kick, yet Drew steals his prey by headbutting Knight instead.

While they argued, AGAIN, Sheamus delivers a boot to Woods as McIntyre sends Knight to Claymore Country. They enter the cover together and win… together.

Who’s going to WrestleMania then? Adam Pearce has an incoming headache with this one. Ha! Ha!

Winner: Sheamus & McIntyre?

Since Kayla Braxton couldn’t get a straight answer from Jey, she decides to ask Paul Heyman. Laughably, he wasn’t paying attention because his mind was on Cody Rhodes given he showed up to save Sami Zayn on Monday during Bloodline business. Aw, boo the hell hoo, Heyman. Crying isn’t a look for you. Scurrying is.

On more enthralling news, Rey Mysterio is the first inductee for the Hall of Fame 2023 class. He will be inducted one night before WrestleMania. Finally!! Just like The Undertaker, it’s long overdue. Rey most definitely deserves this. I hope you’re watching Dominik. Ha! Ha!

A standing ovation for the greatest Luchador of all time as he makes his way to the ring. “You deserve it!” the crowd chants. Although, this is great, my gut feeling was telling me that something unwanted was going to happened… Damn it. Dominik is here literally after mentioning his name… like the Devil with whining issues. Rey barely said one sentence before Dom’s theme music started playing.

“Mommy was right. I’m ashamed to be your son.” Dom said according to Ripley’s implication of Rey being a bad father. I think you should be ashamed of yourself, Dom. And good thing too that Legado del Fantasma arrive as backup for Rey. Honestly, I didn’t expect all of them to show up, including Zelina.

I just had a thought. I’m not belittling Dom’s problems as a whole knowing how much it could hurt when a loving parent isn’t present for your soccer games, your birthdays, extracurriculars, non-extracurriculars, your life basically. But since he’s talking about real issues that should be taken seriously, why can’t he behave accordingly? He wants this be taken as maturely as possible, but it’s easy to shrug it off because of how amazingly insufferable he is. You can’t have them both ways with this kind of attitude, Dom.

Santos Escobar hasn’t forgotten what Dominik did last week, so the match that Legado del Fantasma was suppose to have against The Judgement Day later tonight is going to happen right now. By the way, the mic that Escobar slammed on the mat hit Rhea. Ha! Ha!

Legado del Fantasma vs. The Judgement Day – 6-man Tag Team match

Cruz Del Toro and Finn Balor start this matchup with a basement drop kick to Del Toro since he didn’t take the opening for a cover. Damian Priest and Balor play a double team, so Priest could cover. It failed, luckily.

Dominik comes into this fight against Del Toro with a German suplex. Wade Barrett said that Dom was paying homage to Eddie Guerrero, who was a great uncle, while also disrespecting those who weren’t great family members like Rey. I think Barrett is starting to confuse me… Even Michael Cole found his perspective odd. All he’s saying is that, like me, he’s not discounting that behind the scenes Rey probably was a terrible father. I wouldn’t use that word though.

Del Toro slingshots Finn to create space, so he could tag Santos, who comes charging at Balor like a bull. Ha! There were exchanges of tags between Legado del Fantasma to keep Balor in their corner.

Priest delivers a big boot to Joaquin Wilde for a failed cover. Ha! I’m telling you everything that’s happening inside the ring is of no importance because the history between Rey and Dom narrated by Cole and Barrett is far more fascinating. Sorry sweating boys.

It was bad parenting to scare Dom into thinking Rey would kick him out at 15 to fend for himself because of his delinquency somewhat juvenile behavior, but there’s a difference between going to jail for an hour and saying “No, I won’t clean my room.” Cole believes as one grows up, you take responsibility for your actions, which Dom isn’t, and possibly neither is Rey. He also thinks that Rhea has poisoned Dom’s mind. In the contrary, I think she evilly brought his repressed feelings into the forefront. Now they just look awful.

Priest delivers a vertical suplex to Wilde, followed by a stomp by Finn then a rolling splash by Dominik. Escobar comes in with a Step Up Enziguri, so Priest won’t interfere then leg drops Finn.

I don’t know what Del Toro did to Dom, but it was beautiful to watch. It almost put him away, unfortunately, Priest swoops in.

At some point after a suicide dive by Fantasma to Finn and Damian in front of the announce table, Zelina hilariously attempts to slingshot Rhea, who effortlessly throws her on top of her friends.

While Rhea and Rey are having words, Dom slide kicks right into him. Rey angerly comes in as the official tries to keep him away. At the same time, Damian kicks Del Toro in the head, so Dom could roll him up for a win.

Once this fight concluded, Dom wants to have a “heart-to-heart talk” with his dad. Dom is confused that they’re inducting Rey into the Hall of Fame because he recons Rey belongs in the dead-beat dad Hall of Fame. He even goes as far to say that he wishes he was Eddie Guerrero’s son…. MEGA OUCH! Rey implies that Dom didn’t mean that.

I finally suspect that Dominik’s masochist ways to beg Rey to hit him may have something do with the fact that as a kid, he never got hit for the troubles he caused like some parents would do. So now he blames Rey for not applying that part.

I ask again, what??

Rey dodges Dom as he launches himself pass the ropes and onto the floor where the rest of The Judgement Day are standing. “I’m not going to fight you no matter what you say!” said Rey. “But you will!”

Winners: The Judgement Day

Given it’s WrestleMania season, Charlotte Flair wants a match against anyone Pearce can find to be suitable. How nice.

Ricochet & Braun Strowman vs. The Viking Raiders – Tag Team match

Two bald men with beards. Ha!

Ricochet takes Erik down with a slingshot, yet he receives a knee to the mid-section as a counter.

I laughed so loudly after Ricochet manages to drop kick and send Ivar flying right up the moment Ivar misses with a body splash. It was so goddamn hilarious. Ha! Ha! Ha! Most of the people in my house are asleep, so I tried not to be so noisy. Practically impossible.

Just like how Strowman uses Ricochet as a bomb as he explodes onto the Raiders outside the ring. A complete 180 happens when Ivar sits on Ricochet.

Erik does a great job isolating Ricochet from reaching Strowman, who’s impatiently waiting to get in this match. “I’m going to break your pretty face.” said Erik. Well, at least he acknowledges Rico has a pretty face.

Insanity ensues as Ivar crossbodies Strowman against the barricade after getting distracted by Erik.

Ricochet off the second rope takes out Erik with a Moonsault. Once Strowman is finally tagged in, he bulldozes through Ivar, but misses Erik as he goes over the commentary table. Again. Valhalla saved him.

Ricochet leaps for the 450, but nobody home. Ivar spin heel kicks Ricochet as a counter, climbs to the top and frog splashes for the win.

Winners: The Viking Raiders

“Challenger is singular, Mr. Pearce.” So goddamn petty, Gunther. Due to Sheamus and McIntyre winning the fatal 5-way, the Intercontinental Champion is confused, as am I. He won’t tolerate incompetence. Nope.

So, Pearce decides that whoever wins between Sheamus and Drew next week, will face Gunther for the championship at WrestleMania. Everyone is happy.

Charlotte Flair vs. Shotzi

Flair and Shotzi fist bump to show great sportsmanship, which was sweet to see before Charlotte shoulder tackles her opponent on her butt.

Off the second rope, Shotzi sends Charlotte flying. The queen counters with waistline takedowns and a big boot to the face.

Speak of the devil, and she will appear. Just as Charlotte was about to perform the Figure 8 I believe, Rhea Ripley descends. Due to Rhea’s sudden arrival, Charlotte is brought into a roll up by Shotzi. She escapes then German suplexes as retribution.

Ripley was just standing there watching ominously. Shotzi flips Charlotte right off the top and onto her back for a failed cover.

Flair retaliates with a heavy boot to Shotzi’s face as she falls in front of Ripley standing at commentary. Rhea must really be getting inside Charlotte’s head because she misses Shotzi and gets kicked in the face after a mere glance at Ripley.

Things turn around in Charlotte’s favor once she starts to deliver chop after chop to Shotzi’s chest followed by a spear as the fans roar in excitement.

“Look on, Rhea. Take notes.” said Cole. Charlotte performs the Figure 8 for a victory that proves she’s the best there ever was, and Rhea won’t rip her apart like she fantasies.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

So, why did you step on Sami like an old pair of shoes, Jey Jey? Why, the people ask. Shockingly, Jey reverses the question on us. What would we do for our family?

Jey says he did it because he had to, he had no other choice since Jimmy is his twin, his blood while Sami isn’t. He shouldn’t be blamed, but that’s not the word I’d use… I’d say misguided.

Jey does blame Sami Zayn for all the wiggling around over the past several weeks for almost leaving his brother to “get clipped”. Ha! Funny choice of words.

Reigns said it, Jimmy said it, now Jey is saying it too. Sami is selfish. “All you had to do was fall in line.” Why though? Is that what family is to you, Jey Jey? Blindly taking orders from someone who, indeed loves you, also treats you like crap and isn’t in the nature of apologizing for his mistakes? Instead blames others to deflect the conversation from himself.

Nah, nah.

Anyway, since we like summoning names, Cody Rhodes is here as well to chat with the Usos. Rather brawl with them with the help of none other than Sami Zayn.


TOP PHOTO: Rey Mysterio and Dominik sharing words. Courtesy of WWE