It’s the Wednesday night before AEW Revolution and you know what that means! It’s officially the go home show! We still need one more tag team to fill out the four way dance for the AEW World Tag Team championships, but other than that the card is pretty much set. So let’s get right to the action.

Orange Cassidy (champion) vs. Big Bill (challenger) w/Stokely Hathaway – AWE All-Atlantic Championship Match

Big Bill stares Cassidy down and walks him down, but Orange just slips out of the ring. He gives Bill the hand wave to come get some. Orange retreats to the ring. Bill follows, so the champ just rolls back to the floor. Cassidy is playing keep away. Stokely gets in Orange’s face, so the champ takes his glasses. Bill tries to attack from behind, but Orange ducks. Bill nearly decks Hathaway.

Back in the ring, Bill finally catches Cassidy and drops him with a massive side slam. He follows with a splash in the corner before whipping the champ across the ring. Cassidy goes up and over, only to catch a big boot that sends him to the floor. Bill pummels Orange around the ring. Hathaway helps to set up a table, but Orange fights out of the chokeslam. Cassidy looks for the Orange Punch off the steps, but Bill catches him and choke slams him through a table.

After the commercial break, Bill has Cassidy up for a delayed vertical suplex. Even with Danhausen running down to ringside, Orange is crushed in the middle of the ring. Bill locks in a full nelson. He ragdolls the champ in the middle of the ring. Cassidy is able to drop out of the hold and then ducks a big boot. The champ rolls to the floor. Danhausen looks to curse Stokely, but Bill puts a stop to that, allowing Hathaway to hit him with the cast. Orange takes advantage, hitting Bill with a suicide dive. Bill catches the second one, but the champ counters with a punch. Cassidy hits the Orange Punch and then drop kicks Bill into the ring steps. Orange gets caught going for an other Orange Punch, but he counters with Stun Dog Millionaire. The champ hits a DDT and follows with and Orange Punch. Cassidy delivers an Orange Punch from the top turnbuckle. He covers Big Bill and gets the three count.

Winner…and still AEW All-Atlantic Champion…via pinfall: Orange Cassidy

Jon Moxley had some chilling words for Hangman Adam Page right after his match with Evil Uno last week.

The AEW Trios champs, that would be Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks, walk out on stage. They’re music cuts out and the arena goes dark. The lights come up and the House of Black is standing right behind them. The lights go out again. When they come back on the Elite have been laid out.

Konosuke Takeshita vs. Ortiz vs. AR Fox vs. Eddie Kingston vs. Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Sammy Guevara vs. Action Andretti vs. Komander -The Face of the Revolution Ladder Match

Well with Bryan Danielson and MJF going for an hour on Sunday, I guess there just isn’t room on the card for this match, so we’re doing it tonight. Ortiz and Kingston brawl on the floor. Samoa Joe joins commentary, as the winner of this match gets a shot at his TNT title next week. Hobbs powerslams Andretti into a ladder in the corner. Sammy wants no part of Hobbs, but Takshita will step up. Konosuke hits Hobbs with a German suplex, but then catches a jumping knee from Guevara. The two go to the floor, where Andretta wipes them out. AR Fox follows with an implosion senton. Komander tops that by running across the top rope to flip onto all four men.

After a commercial break, Hobbs is looking to suplex Komander out of the ring, but AR Fox hits Komander with a chair. Hobbs takes down Fox with a lariat on a ladder. Sammy starts to climb the ladder, but Andretti meets him up top. Action delivers falcon arrow onto a ladder and both men crash to the mat. Komander hits AR Fox with a moonsault on a ladder and ho looks to grab the brass ring. Takeshita catches him from behind and delivers a Blue Thunder Bomb from atop the ladder. Konosuke makes the climb. Andretti springboards on the ladder. Daniel Garcia runs in, toppling the ladder and lays out Andretti. Garcia and Guevara set up several chairs at ringside. Are you missing Ortiz and Kingston? Well,  they fought into the back where they had to be separated. It’s safe to say that they are done. Sammy climbs atop a ladder on the floor hitting senton on Andretti through a ladder. Garcia drags Sammy into the ring and drags him up the ladder. Takeshita tips over the ladder and knocks Garcia out of the ring. Hobbs runs in and lays out Konosuke. He climbs the ladder and is able to secure the brass ring.

Winner: Powerhouse Hobbs

Hobbs makes a beeline for Samoa Joe, but Wardlow walks out on stage and fights through security. Hobbs just sits back and watches. Get that man some popcorn! Wardlow powerbombs a guard off the stage into his cohorts.

Renee Paquette informs us that the Best Friends have not been medically cleared to wrestle tonight after being attack last week. Danhausen announces that he and Orange will take their place. Cassidy may not be 100% after his match but he just doesn’t care.

Chris Jericho vs. “Pretty” Peter Avalon

Avalon jumps Jericho at the bell, beating him into the corner. Jericho rolls to the floor, btu Avalon catches him with a suicide dive. Avalon shoulders Jericho in the corner and catches him with a flying cross body. He hits a tornado DDT, but can’t get the three count. Jericho hits a Code Breaker out of nowhere and covers to get the three count.

Winner via pinfall: Chris Jericho

After the match, Jericho grabs his bat and level Avalon. He hammers away until Ricky Starks runs down to make the save. Jericho retreats to the floor. Jericho tells Starks he will beat the hell out of him on Sunday, but tonight the JAS will get theirs. Garcia, Jericho and Hagar gang up on Starks. Hagar with a powerbomb. Garcia drives him into the mat. Jericho hits Starks with the Judas Effect.

Hangman Adam Page says this match with Mox is all he has left to lose.

Renee Paquette welcomes Christian Cage to the ring. Cage tells her that he was done with Jungle Boy, until he saw Jack Perry announce that he was going to win a singles title in 2023. Not on Christian’s watch. Cage announces that he will win a singles title in 2023. Cage had to show Perry how man conducts business last week; he doesn’t hesitate. Cage wants a fight with Jungle Boy on Sunday, not a match, just a straight fight. We cut to a video of Jungle Boy digging a grave for Christian Cage.

Matt Hardy w/The Firm vs. Hook

Things don’t look good for Hook as he is grossly outnumbered. He then takes a shot from Stokely’s cast, which has been getting a lot of work tonight. Hook overcomes. He counters a Twist of Fate into a submission and Hardy taps out immediately.

Winner via submission: Hook

Toni Storm w/Saraya vs. Riho

A hip attack to the back of the head sends Riho to the floor, where Saraya hits her with knee strike. Storm then tosses her into the ring post. Jamie Hayter and Britt Baker make their way to ringside to keep their eyes on things.

After a commercial break, Riho drop Toni into the ropes, but gets caught on the tiger feint kick. Riho avoids the hip attack and goes up top. Riho takes out Storm with a diving cross body. She rolls Storm into the ring and hits her with a double foot stomp. Riho goes up top again, but Storm catches her. Riho fights her off, but can’t get her over on a sunset flip bomb. She drop kicks Riho into the corner and hits the hip attack. Riho kicks out. Storm applies the cloverleaf, but releases it to keep Baker off the apron. Riho takes advantage of the distraction and rolls up Storm to get the pin.

Winner via pinfall: Riho

After the bell, Storm goes after Baker, while Hayter and Saraya brawl in the ring. Ruby Soho runs down and all three women brawl until they are separated.

Keith Lee will not stand for what the Mogul Affiliates have done.

Revolution Casino Battle Royal

Alex Reynolds and Jon Silver are attacked by Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta on the ramp. Preston Vance and Rush, The Lucha Bros, Aussie Open, Top Flight, Orange Cassidy and Danhausen, The Kingdom, The Butcher and the Blade, and Matt Menard and Angelo Parker fill out the rest of the match. The Kingdom accidently kick their own manager Maria Kanellis-Bennett in the head and get eliminated by Aussie Open. The Butcher and Blade nearly eliminate Orange and Danhausen, but the two fight back and the Gunns walk out. Cassidy gets hits with a stunner and lariat, but doesn’t go over the top. B and B put the boots to Orange on the apron, but this allows Danhausen to sneak up from behind and dump Butcher and Blade over the top rope.

Winners: Orange Cassidy and Danhausen

After the match, Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett attack Orange and Danhausen. The Acclaimed run in to make the save.

Bryan Danielson joins Renee Paquette in the ring. She asks Bryan if knowing that he inspired MJF to become a wrestler. Bryan starts to answer when MJF interrupts him. Danielson actually cuts him off, telling him to shut up. He says MJF has done nothing to earn what he has. He hasn’t fought for it. The one thing he did deserve was the fiancé leaving him. Bryan is ready to fight; he’s been fighting his whole life. Bryan has a new dream; to become AEW World Champion and he is ready to fight for it. MJF better be ready to fight for everything for 60 minutes or he’s going to get his head kicked in. MJF just storms off.