On the latest episode of  FTR with Dax Harwood, Hardwood raised yet another controversial topic. He spoke about how he thought MJF didn’t give Tully Blanchard the respect he deserved when they were part of The Pinnacle faction.

When the group was getting ready to put together a promo Hardwood took MJF aside and criticized his treatment of Blanchard.

“I remember talking to Max and I said, ‘Hey, I think we should allow Tully to do something, some of the talking,’ because that promo was 10 minutes long or whatever. Max was like, ‘No, No, I really think I should do all the talking.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, but we’ve got one of the greatest talkers of all time, Tully Blanchard, and he’s our manager and he’s the reason we’re all tied together. I think he should say a little something.’ Max didn’t see that my way and so Tully just sat in the back and so did everybody else,” said Harwood.

Harwood says that FTR felt honoured they were managed by not only a wrestling legend but a member of The Four Horsemen. They treated him like a “difference maker” because otherwise why have a manager in the first place?

“Me and Cash, we would sacrifice us and sacrifice our ‘cool stuff’ to give something to Tully, always. Whether it was in the match with – we’ll talk about it later – Darby and Sting where Tully was the factor and the reason the match ended. We always gave him time to talk because if we didn’t then our group was dead in the water because then it was just three people together,” he said.