Greetings and Salutations! It’s time for a new episode of NXT TV. This week on the show we are firmly on the road to Roadblock next Tuesday as we hear whether The Heartbreak Man, Shawn Michaels will be part of the Waller Effect next week. We will also hear from Gigi Dolin after he return last week. Wes Lee will kick the show off with his North American Title Open Challenge, the living legend Meiko Satomura will be in action, and the main event of the show is scheduled to be Carmelo Hayes versus Tyler Bate in what could be a match that ends up on some peoples best of at the end of the year. We have tons on tonight’s show so without further ado, let’s get to it.

The show kicks off in a frenzy as a slew of NXT wrestlers were fighting in the back as they all want to answer Wes Lee’s open challenge for the NXT North American Championship. As the camera made its way to the arena it was Dabba-Kato who emerged as the one to answer the call, or so we thought until Apollo Crews jumps from the stands to take him out. Nathan Frazer leapfrogs over the brawling wrestlers to get in the ring. The crowd immediately chants “welcome back” to the returning Frazer.

NXT North American Championship: Nathan Frazer VS. Wes Lee (c)

The match starts right away and Frazer had Lee in a headlock takeover. Both men are showing their speed and agility as they go back and forth with arm drags. Both men had the same idea as they hit each other with Double Dropkicks and both men got back up with Kip-Ups. Frazer extends his hand and Lee shakes it. With both men going back and forth some more, Nathan then with a schoolboy for a 2-count. Lee gets a brief advantage as he hits Frazer with a knee and a Snapmare that he locked in a Reverse Chinlock. As Lee controlled the match, Frazer was able to answer anything brought his way.

Frazer backdrops Lee at ringside and goes for a Traingle Moonsault but he missed. Lee missed a Flipdive of his own. Lee then blocks Frazer’s dive with a Gamengiri. After the break they once again had the same idea as they take each other out with stereo Crossbodies. Both men trade strikes but it was Frazer who broke the stalemate with a Moonsault into a modified DDT. Lee managed to push Frazer off the ropes who lands on his feet then ran back to the corner to land a huge Superplex turned Final Cut. Frazer went for a pin but Lee got up right before the ref counted the three. Both men are going back and forth again. Frazer with a dropkick on Lee who was lingering on the apron to make him land on the announcer. Frazer with a big Plancha but Lee moves and Frazer hits the announce table hard. Lee with a Flip Dive. Back in the ring, Lee hits a Cardiac Kick (Mars Attack Kick) and picks up the win to retain the North American Championship.

Winner: AND STILL NXT North American Champion; Wes Lee

After the match, the two shake hands in respect.

A JD McDonagh promo aired. JD explained to us how a retinal injury is. McDonagh talked about how he now has his aim set at Ilja Dragunov and how even though he has the highest pain tolerance out of everyone he has faced, he will break Ilja’s will and send him home for good.

Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen are in the back. Brooks looked a bit down. Briggs makes mention of Jensen breaking up with Kiana James but Jensen said they are still together but things have been off. Briggs said all guys are stupid including him. Briggs said men can’t fully understand women. Briggs hypes Jensen by saying how the Jensen of six months ago would be proud of where he is now. They are ready and hyped enough for their match with Indus Sher.

We get a Tyler Bate promo where he has gone full zen. It’s very much a repeat of last week’s promo.

The hardest working reporter in all of professional wrestling McKenzie Mitchell was with Hank Walker. She asked him about being part of the brawl to start the show and whether he was going after the title or Drew Gulak. Walker said both. Axiom showed up heated with Walker as he kciked him in the face. Axiom in anger told Walker that he wouldn’t even be able to beat Lee. Both men start pushing each other. Refs and officials pull them away.

“Indus Sher” Veer Mahan and Sanga (w/Jinder Mahal) VS Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen

Indus Sher kicks things off and Sanga went for a Sid Slam of Briggs but he escaped and put Sanga in a headlock. Briggs and Jensen with quick tags. Jensen hits Sanga with a Facebuster. Briggs was back in the ring and they go for a double team move but Jensen was distracted. Sanga now with kicks on Briggs. Veer tagged in and hit Jensen with a high leaping elbow drop. Sanga was back in the match and hit Jensen with an assisted Draping Yakuza Kick. Sanga kept control of the match with a Million Dollar Dream but Jensen was able to find a way out of it before it was fully locked in.

Briggs with a somewhat cool tag and hit Sanga with a Shoulder Tackle. Briggs sets up for their finisher but Jensen was distracted again and they missed their finisher. Sanga now with a Slam to Jensen. Veer was back int he match and hit Jensen with a huge Lariat which was good for the win.

Winners: “Indus Sher” Veer Mahan and Sanga (w/Jinder Mahal) 

After the match Jinder Mahal take the mic and said that the Creed Brothers deprived the country of India a new NXT Champion. Jinder said that the Creeds can overcome anything except for Indus Sher. He said Indus Sher have beaten them before but at Roadblock it would be 10x worse. Jinder challenged the Creeds to find a partner and face the three of them next week.

The hardest working reporter in professional wrestling was setting up for an interview with Nathan Frazier at the trainers room until Katana Chance interrupts and says that something has happened to Wendy Choo. Mitchell tells the cameraman to follow them and we go through the back into a door leading to the most dangerous place in NXT, the parking lot. We see Wendy Choo laid out holding her arm.

Gigi Dolin Speaks

Gigi Dolin comes out to the Toxic Attraction theme. In the ring she has a mic. She said that this was the last time you’ll hear the Toxic Attraction theme. Dolin said that this isn’t the first time she’s been laid out and kicked by someone she’s trusted. Dolin said that Jayne will find out who Gigi really is. Gigi said that Jayne is all about superficial things like glitz, glamour, and money. Dolin said that it was fun being a mean girl for a while but it was a way for Jayne to channel her insecurities. Gigi said that it was a way for her to channel her inner demons as she’s just been happy to survive.

Dolin said that she trusted Jayne with personal information, her fears and so much more. Dolin said that the last person she trusted like this was her own mother. She said that like Jayne, her mom used her as a punching bag and caused her to run away. She said that she wanted to prove to her brother that they both can escape the cycle of pain and make it in WWE. Dolin continues to say that she has been knocked down over and over but she keeps getting up. Dolin told Jayne to bring everything she has btcuase she will take all of the pain and suffering and rage to hammer the final nail in the coffin of Toxic Attraction.

We get a Chase U promo. Duke Hudson is apologizing to Thea Hail. He said that he did however mean what he told Andre Chase about Chase U. Chase takes the podium and is quickly interrupted by The Schism via a projector.

Schism singles out Hail and say she’s spooked and scared because she was able to see what it was like to be part of The Schsim. Gacy vows to torture all of Chase U unti it goes up in flames. Schsim light a Chase U shirt on fire.

Back at the podium Hudson wants to ask a question but Chase ignores him. Chase promises to show his students what Chase U was built on when he delivers a Chase U sized ass whoopin’ to Schism.

Dijak responds to Tony D’Angelo’s challenge. He says Tony cost him the North American Championship not once but twice, so now he’s public enemy number one and next week at Roadblock, he’s going to lock him down for good. There we go! The match is on!

Meiko Satomura vs. Zoey Stark

Roxanne Perez joined Vic and Booker for commentary on this one. The match started with both women using their chain wrestling skills. Both women are in a test of strength and it was Satomura that put Stark in a Neck Bridge and traps her in a grounded Hammerlock. Satomura goes for the pin but Stark gets up. Stark then reversed the hold and hit Satomura with an elbow but Satomura came right back with a Spin Kick Combo. Stark then with a Snapmare and Basement Lariat. Both women were back up and Satimura hit Stark with a roundhouse kick.

Back from the break, Stark knocked down Satomura to the ground and went for a Slingshot Dive but Satomura kicked Stark on her surgically repaired knee. This took down Stark. Satomura with the full advantage as she kciks and punches Stark. Satomura with a Frogsplash that was only good for a 2-count. Satomura with more kicks on Start. Satomura with a Cartwheel knee strike but Stark moved out of the way and hit Satomura with a Slingshot Corkscrew Meteora. Stark with a pin but again, it was only good for a 2. Stark goes to the ropes but Satomura followed her and connecte with a Pele Kick. Stark now down and Satomura with a Uranage but it wasn’t enough to end the match.

Stark attempted a comeback as she connects with some Thurst Kciks and a Baseball Slide kick but Satomura once again kicks out of the pin attempt. Stark goes for a 450 but Satomura rolled our of the way and then hit Stark with a Death Valley Driver and a Scorpion Rising (Set-Up Kick). Satomura goes for the pin and the win.

Winner: Meiko Satomura

After the match we get a face to face between Roxanne Perez and her Roadblock opponent, Meiko Satomura.

Vic sent the show to a replay of the end of last week’s NXT where Grayson Waller hijacked the production truck to call out Shawn Michaels. Vic then aired a tweet where Shawn Michaels accepted Waller’s invitation to the Waller effect show

The hardest working reporter in all of professional wrestling, McKenzie Mitchell was trying to give us an update on Wendy Choo when Tiffany Stratton interrupted. Tiffany said that the best advice she can give everyone is stay away from the most dangerous place in NXT, the parking lot.  Katana Chance and Kayden Carter showed up to point out that Stratton might have a motive to attack Wendy Choo due to them having a feud. Katana Chance challenged Tiffany Stratton to a match later tonight.

The Creed Brothers are talking about what it’s gonna take to beat Indus Sher as they approach Damon Kemp and ask him for some help. Kemp brings up them having six-man tag-matches in the past. He questions if they’re trying to get the band back together but then tells them to stick it. In walks NXT Champion Bron Breakker, who thanks them for helping keep his match last week fair-and-square. He asks if they need a third man for their match against Indus Sher at NXT Roadblock. He says he’s in. Julius was upset he had to ask Kemp but it was all goof as they bark to end the promo.

Sal Ruca vs. Elektra Lopez

Both women go back and forth but Ruca gets hit by a Elektra Elbow and XFactor. Lopez controlled the match as we see Feroz just staring at the match. Ruca got to her feet and rallied with kicks and punches.

Ruca hit Lopez with shoulder tackles and a dropkick. Ruca hit Elektra with a vertical suplex and then Lopez dodged a front flip splash. After a pin attempt, Lopez went to get the brass knuckles from the turnbuckle, but there were no knuckles there. Feroz had already removed them. While Lopez was distracted asking Valentina for the knuckles back, Ruca hit Lopez with the Sol Snatcher for the win.

Winner: Sol Ruca

After the match, Lopez confronted Feroz who eventually punched out Lopez with the Brass Knuckles as she walks to the back alone.

In the pub, Gallus are playing billiards again. Mark Coffey talks about liberty-taking ballbags and brings up Pretty Deadly. Coffey is getting Wolfgang hyped and angry about Pretty Deadly as they bring up their loss to them two years ago for the NXT UK Tag Belts. Some random bumps into Wolfgang  which was a mistake as he gets an elbow and glass to the head. The Gallus boys are ready for Pretty Deadly.

The hardest working reporter in all of professional wrestling, McKenzie Mitchell is with Pretty Deadly. They say they spanked Gallus good and proper last week and then are asked to respond to a Drew McIntyre tweet about the receipt that’s coming to them. They say Scotland is terrible, grey and dreary, and full of horrible people. They say they are all rough and rugged and that next week they’ll meet Gallus face-to-face.

Katana Chance VS Tiffany Stratton

Chance with some great offense to start the match. Chance with a Headscissors out of the corner, inside cradle but Stratton gets up at 2. Chance continues to impress as she goes for a Side headlock, back suplex but Stratton lands of her feet and eventually blocks a Tijeras and throws Chance to the ropes!

Chance with an upkick and combo to end with a Tijeras. Chance continues with Knees in the ropes and a Corkscrew splash but it was only good for a 2-count. Chance once again heads to the top but Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn come to ringside for the distration. This allowed Stratton to catch Chance and hit her with a rolling senton. Stratton hit Chance with a Mero Sault which gave her the win.

Winner: Katana Chance

After the match, Stratton grabbed the mic and she said she doesn’t just want to be called “the best” but “NXT Women’s Champion” and she doesn’t care who is champion after next week because she [Stratton] will be the next NX Women’s Champion.

In the back, Brooks Jensen is still looking hurt and Josh Briggs tells him whatever is going on needs to stop because it’s affecting business and it is WrestleMania season. Briggs tells Jensen that Fallon Henley already apologized to Kiana, so the hard part is over and now all he has to do is go get his girl back. Jensen says he’s afraid because he knows he’s going to say the wrong thing. Briggs says he will talk to her for him and the two hug.

Axiom vs. Hank Walker

Axiom tried to hit a Juji Gatame early on but Walker used his power to get out. Axiom locked in a sleeper. Walker escapes and hits a big boot on Axiom.. Axiom hit Walker with a Gamengiri and High Crossbody for a two count. Axiom worked on Walker with some good ol “Yes” Kicks but Walker reversed Axiom with a Pounce.

Walker hit Axiom with a few corner splashes and a huge lariat. Axiom rolled up Walker for a quick count. Axiom then hit Walker with a running knee and switch kick but then set up and hit Walker with the Golden Ratio Superkick for the win.

Winner: Axiom

Scrypts was shown hanging out at the entrance. Axiom walked up to Walker and comforted him in the loss Axiom said he is special and needs to keep up fighting like that. Scrypts disappeared before Axiom saw him.

It’s Twitter promo time as Grayson Waller appears. He continues to talk trash about Michaels. Waller wondered if we’re getting the Heartbreak Kid next week, or the Corporate Stooge HBK from the past few years

Vic Joseph hypes next weeks Roadblock show which I’ll put the card at the bottom of the review.

Carmelo Hayes (w/Trick Williams) VS Tyler Bate

Bate jumps off to an early offensive advantage, taking it to Hayes as he knocks him out to the floor and then comes off the ropes with and launches himself over the top crashing onto Hayes. When we return from the break, we see Bate still all over Hayes. This didn’t last long as Trick distracted Bate. Bate knocks Williams off the apron and Hayes pounces with a leaping kick to Bate for a 2-count.

Hayes with a pump kick right on the head of Bate. Bate hoists him up and airplane spins him which gave Bate a 2-count. Bate keeps going at Hayes as this time he connects a huge Lariat. Bate goes for another pin but Hayes kicks out at 2. Hayes starts to fight back as the fans have dueling chants for both men. Hayes with some unique offense but he can’t put Bate away. Hayes follows that up with a stiff flying knee but Bate again kicks out of the follow-up pin attempt.

As the match continued, both men gave it their all and went dug deep. Bate connects with a super-plex on Hayes off the top rope and he goes to the top alone this time but Trick comes on the ring apron. Bate kicks him off but then Hayes smashes Bate on the mat with a Codebreaker. Now Hayes Climbs the ropes and hits Nothin’ but Net (Top Rope bicycle kick) for the win!

Winner: Carmelo Hayes

After the match, Haye’s got in the camera saying that there ain’t no road block standing between him and Stand and Deliver, because there’s one man left and by saying “I am…him”

Fade to Black

WWE NXT Roadblock Card for March 7, 2023:

  • NXT Women’s Championship Match: Roxanne Perez vs. Meiko Satomura
  • Jailhouse Street Fight: Tony D’Angelo vs. Dijak
  • Indus Sher & Jinder Mahal vs. The Creed Brothers & Bron Breakker
  • Andre Chase vs. Joe Gacy
  • Gigi Dolan vs. Jacy Jayne
  • Pretty Deadly & Gallus meet face-to-face
  • The Grayson Waller Effect with special guest Shawn Michaels

NXT TV: February 28, 2023

With this acting as the go-home show for Roadblock we got a great show setting up that special show next week. Gigi Dolin delivered a career making promo while the opener and main events were great in-ring matches. This was all in all a well balanced episode of NXT as we head into Roadblock next week.