Jason Silver, an independent scene veteran out of Dallas, Texas has died at the age of 36. The cause of death is unknown at this time, but it was learned that Silver has battled with epilepsy based on a post from his nephew, Shawn Monk.

That post from Monk states that Silver can now be reunited with his grandfather, it seemed that he was very close with his grandparents, and he would post about his late grandfather on Facebook.

Silver — real name Tim Paden — started wrestling in 2004, at the young age of 17 and for the last 19 years, he has become a veteran in the Texas indy scene. He was trained by Skandor Akbar and Tim Brooks, who both have passed away over the years.

Silver became a regular in a number of promotions including Heart of Texas Pro Wrestling (formerly ACW), Metroplex Wrestling (MPX) and VIP Wrestling. Silver would advertise for MPX constantly on his Facebook, urging his friends to buy tickets to all their shows.

Bobby Williams who has done work with MPX and VIP was the first to break the news of Silver’s passing on Facebook.

Silver just lost the MPX Tag Team Titles a few weeks ago, he was holding them with Sky de Lacrimosa for the third time, together they were The Lost Boys. “I love you. We were supposed to never grow old, never die. This isn’t f—ing fair… I’m going to miss you. Lost Boys don’t cry… but I can’t help it anymore…,” Lacrimosa posted on Twitter.

The Lost Boys holding the MPX Tag Team Titles. Credit: MPX Wrestling

Silver was also a former MPX World Champion, but his list of accomplishments goes on as he has been a world champion in three promotions, MPX, ACW and Wrecking Ball Wrestling. He has also held tag team titles 13 times across a number of promotions.

The nickname that Silver adopted over the years was “The Immortal,” the wrestler that no matter what couldn’t be killed. So, this loss comes to the surprise of many, as the man who branded himself as immortal has left the world.

Jason Silver at MPX. Credit: MPX Wrestling

Silver was very present on Facebook and he would share “positivity posts,” with his friends attempting to lift everyone’s spirits.

One of those posts read, “Just because you find yourself covered by shadows even when you are in the light, doesn’t mean the shadows will always be bad. Sometimes goodness has been hidden by negativity and it takes us peeling away the darkness to find the positivity. Don’t let the worst moments automatically spell disaster when you can still try to make the best out of a bad situation.”

Further details about his death are not known at this time. It is believed he died late at night on February 23, 2023.

He leaves behind a newborn son, Lyrick.

There is a GoFundMe set up to help with funeral expenses.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Post-publication, Silver’s real name was added and a few other personal details.