The pro wrestling world is full of ballyhoo and make believe. As fans, we have come to understand that the deceit is necessary, that the suspension of disbelief is part of the fun.

So enter the biographer, whose job it is to set the record straight, not always an easy task.

When working on the upcoming book, The Woman Who Would Be King, with Debrah Miceli — who wrestled as Madusa and as Alundra Blayze — it starts right at day one, where not only was the location of her birth always reported as Milan, Italy (such a small errore), but her birthdate has been wrong too.

Today, February 9, 2023, is the 60th birthday of Madusa … not the 59th as listed across the internet, including Wikipedia.

Happy birthday, Deuce!

Normally, I’d be reluctant to “out” a woman’s age, but hey, there’s a book coming out where even more is revealed, far beyond the basics. (And she has been noting she is turning 60, so I’m not breaking kayfabe.)

Want a teaser for the book? Here are some of the things on the personal side of the book, which is about as wild a ride as you will find. There’s a reason she always told people to “Sit Down, Strap In and Crank It Up.”

  • Deb grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, persevering through an uneasy life of poverty, parental neglect and abuse … and saying “It’s complicated” doesn’t do it justice
  • From an early age, she contributed financially to the family home through various jobs
  • She studied nursing and modelling
  • She didn’t learn who her actual father was until she was an adult, and then found out she had a half-sister and half-brother
  • Settling in Florida as a wrestler, Deb set up a reserve on her property to raise wolves for 17 years
  • No offence to her husband Alan, but Deb loves her Harley-Davidson motorcycle a whole heck of a lot, and it’s been there through all the ups and downs … she also ran a custom motorcycle shop (Alan has a Harley too!)
  • There were two different pet grooming salons that she ran
  • Deb has acted in numerous movies and done voiceover/narration work
  • On the bet-you-didn’t know front, she is a licensed yogi, has been a personal trainer, has practiced Reiki healing, and studied natural health
  • Heartbreakingly, she tried repeatedly to get pregnant, and even when she did, naturally or artificially, it was never successful; an adoption fell through dramatically at the last minute in a courtroom

Is that enough to convince you that The Woman Who Would Be King isn’t a normal wrestling autobiography? It even has a book trailer (see below)!

It’s also believed to be the first book written for adults that reveals the actual backstage politics in the world of monster trucks … which isn’t that far off from the wacky behind-the-scenes world of pro wrestling.

On a personal level, Deb has become a treasured friend. Sure, there were times I hid when she called — Hurricane Madusa is a real thing — but I always returned the call.

There’s no big party to mark Deb’s 60th. Her hubby has some small, personal things planned, so she’s in good hands today.

Soon enough you’ll all have her story in your hands, where the facts are actually correct.