Welcome to Championship Fight Night on AEW Dynamite. Four titles are in play tonight, but only two are actually being defended. The AEW World Championship and AEW Women’s World Championship are featured in eliminator matches, so they really aren’t on the line. But the Trios belts and the Tag Team belts are up for grabs, so let’s get right to the action.

MJF vs. Konosuke Takeshita – AEW World Championship Eliminator Match

MJF offers a handshake, but Konosuke is wary. As well he should be, as Max kicks him in the gut. Takeshita hits a jumping knee and looks for the piledrive knee, but Max pulls the ref in front of him to block. MJF drops Konosuke with a hammerlock DDT. Takeshita snaps off an exploder suplex. He follows with running boots in the corner. MJF dodges the third kick and nearly gets a roll up. Takeshita hits a brain buster and nearly gets the pin. Konosuke pays homage to Eddie Guerrero with a frog splash, but still can’t get the pin. MJF blocks a brain buster. Takeshita reverses a piledriver into one of his own and then hits a suplex. MJF rolls to the floor. Takeshita bounces MJF off the ring post.

Back in the ring, MJF crotches Konosuke on the top turnbuckle. Takeshita with a lariat off the top, but MJF lands on his feet. The two trade blows and both men are down. MJF locks in an arm bar, but is forced to release the hold when Takeshita rolls him up. Konosuke pulls down the knee pad, but MJF rolls out of the ring. MJF hides behind the ref and then hits Takeshita with a cheap shot. Maxwell misses on a knee drop. MJF hits Konosuke with a powerbomb, but hurts his knee in the process. Takeshita with a Blue Thunder Bomb, but only gets a two count. He hits a knee strike, but MJF breaks the pin by getting a foot on the rope. Takeshita misses the senton atomico and MJF locks in the Salt of the Earth.  Takeshita taps out.

Winner via submission: MJF

After the match, MJF hits the ref and then decks Takeshita with the Dynamite Diamond ring. MJF continues to hammer away at Kinosuke until Bryan Danielson chases MJF off.

The Bunny w/Penelope Ford vs. Jamie Hayter w/Britt Baker and Rebel – AEW Women’s World Title Eliminator Match

The Bunny offers a handshake with out any shenanigans. Hayter takes care of business with the rip cord lariat and finishes the Bunny off with Hayter-Ade.

Winner via pinfall: Jamie Hayter

Saraya and Toni Storm have a word with Renee Paquette. Saraya calls in Leva Bates. Toni hits her from behind and they paint an “L” on her.

Lexy Nair is able to get a word with MJF in his lockerroom. Max gives Konosuke credit, but he just isn’t a match for him. MJF tells us a story from high school and how he is a scumbag. He is going to expose Danielson and there will be no match at Revolution.

Ricky Starks vs. The Jericho Appreciation Society – Garcia/Guevarra Gauntlet Match

Starks needs to beat  Angelo Parker, Matt Menard, Daniel Garcia and Sammy Guevarra to get a shot at Chris Jericho. Angelo Parker is the first man up. Parker with a snap suplex, but Starks quickly kicks out. Angelo connects with a drop kick. Parker with an eye gauge, but Ricky spears him and rolls him up for the three count.

Winner via pinfall: Ricky Starks

Matt Menard rolls into the ring behind Ricky. Starks ducks a punch and rolls Menard up for the three count.

Winner via pinfall: Ricky Starks

Daniel Garcia makes his way down the ramp, but is then interrupted by Sammy Guevarra. There’s some mind games afoot here.

Guevarra sucks Starks to the ropes, and Garcia attacks him from behind. Starks is whipped chest first into the turnbuckle. Garcia hits a big elbow.

After a commercial break, Starks with a spear, but Garcia counter with a front guillotine. Starks gets to his feet and counters with a power bomb. Garcia cuts Ricky down on the top turnbuckle and hits a superplex. Starks rolls through and hits a northern lights bomb. Garcia avoids the Rochambeau. The two trade blows on the apron. Starks spears Garcia off the apron. A “fan” in a luchardor masks attacks Starks with a back elbow. Garcia rolls Ricky into the ring and covers to get the three count.

Winner via pinfall: Daniel Garcia

The “fan” makes his way into the ring and takes off the mask. It’s Chris Jericho! I’m shocked! Shocked! Well, not that shocked.

Billy Gunn is torn as to who to root for tonight in the tag team title match. Gunn says he is going to stay in the back during the match.

Someone traps Bryan Danielson in the trainer’s room right before his match is supposed to start.

Rush vs. Bryan Danielson

MJF walks out on stage and demands Aubrey Edwards start a ten count since Bryan Danielson isn’t in the ring. Danielson breaks out of the training room as MJF berates Edwards to count faster. Danielson hits the ring, only to have Rush put the boots to him. Rush hits a splash in the corner. The two trade chops in the middle of the ring. Bryan unleashes head butts on Rush, but gets suplexed and eats a running knee. Rush takes Danielson to the floor and slams him into the security barrier. Rush hits Bryan in the side of the head with  knee strike. Danielson is busted open as Rush knees him into the barrier.  Back in the ring, the two trade strikes and slaps. Bryan charges Rush on the apron, who counters with a suplex that sends Danielson to the floor.

After a commercial break, Danielson is able to apply the Lebell Lock. Rush is able to get to the ropes to the break the hold. Danielson hits a suicide dive on the floor. He follows with the running drop kick. Danielson hits a missile drop kick in the ring. Bryan hits the round kicks to the chest. The two trade chops in the middle of the ring. The two trade shots in the corner. Bryan with the running drop kick. Rush hits the straight jacket pile driver, but Danielson kicks out of the pin. Danielson catches Rush with the Psycho knee, but only gets a two count. The two go back to slugging it out in the middle of the ring. They trade head butts. A slaps sends Danielson to the mat. Rush with a suplex, but Bryan rolls through. Bryan connects with another Psycho Knee and covers to get the win.

Winner via pinfall: Bryan Danielson

MJF hits the ring, attacking Danielson. He locks in the Salt of the Earth arm bar after nailing Bryan with the Dynamite Diamond ring.

It’s cross promotion time. The guys from Impractical Jokers have stolen Chris Jericho’s bat.

Top Flight and AR Fox (challengers) vs. The Elite (champions) – AEW World Trios Championship Match

No offense to Top Flight and AR Fox, but the Elite aren’t dropping the titles in their first defense after that best of seven series with Death Triangle. They fought the good fight, with Fox dealing out cutter for everyone. Matt Jackson with a double suplex to Top Flight, while being tied up with Fox. Kenny Omego sets AR Fox up for the One Winged Angle, but he counters it. Omega with a crucifix roll up and gets the three count.

Winners…and still AEW World Trios Champions…via pinall: The Elite

Stokely Hathaway is adamant that there are cracks in the Firm. Hathaway blames all their problems on Hook. Stokely doesn’t see Hook walk up behind him. Hook has some words.

The Gunns (challengers) vs. The Acclaimed (champions) – AEW World Tag Team Championship Match

Billy Gunn has stuck to his word and has stayed in the back. Bowens nearly chops Austin out of the ring. Caster with a quick tag and drops a double axe handle. Bowens with the Scissor me Timbers! And the Gunns clear out of the ring.

After a commercial break, Caster hits a jaw breaker and sends Austin to the floor. Colten misses Max and flies over the top rope. Bowens takes to the fight to the Gunns. He pummels Austin and hits Colten with the famouser. Austin breaks the pin. All four men hit the mat after double clotheslines. Bowens misses a rolling elbow and hits the ref. Austin Gunn hits Bowens with Quick Draw. Austin grabs a title belt with bad intentions, when Billy Gunn hits the ring. He checks on Bowens and stops his son from clocking Anthony with the belt. Colten blasts his father with a title belt. Caster and Bowens hit Colten with the Mic Drop. Caster tries to get the ref. Austin slams Max into the barrier and then pulls Bowens off the pin. Bowens has Colten beat, but the ref is slow to count. Colten nails Bowens from the outside with a belt and Austin rolls him up. The ref makes a the three count.

Winners…and new AEW World Tag Team Champions…via pinfall: The Gunns

After the match, Billy joins the Acclaimed in the ring as the crowd boos the Gunns.


AEW Dynamite 2/8/2023

El Paso County Coliseum, El Paso, Texas

AEW put on another solid two hours of wrestling tonight. The Elite and Top Flight with AR Fox should also have a best of seven series. That match was incredible. Bryan Danielson and Rush put on a show of brutality that saw Bryan come out of on top and earn the match with MJF.