What’s up everyone,

We have a guest we haven’t seen in a while. Cesar Duran. He claims that MLW needed him to make this business better with his wits, and he obliged. So now, he will rise with Azteca Lucha, “Just you wait,” Although, I’m not sure if this is meant to be a threat, or a treat.

Shun Skywalker (c) vs. Lince Dorado – MLW World Middleweight Championship match

Okay then… right out of the gate, Skywalker lunges at Dorado with a huge kick to the face followed by punches aimed at the neck.

Shun has the upper hand in this match as he twists Lince’s arm around in order to bend it from behind, trying to get him to submit. I was witnessing the Say Uncle game. Ha! Ha! Dorado retaliates by hitting the champ using his elbow.

Lince was looking to crossbody on top of Shun on the main ground, but he quickly moves to plant Dorado spine first on the apron. The room was roaring in anticipation as Shun delivers heavy chops to Dorado’s chest as he wails in pain.

Skywalker showed his intellect by going with what people would expect, a body slam, yet he swiftly makes a turn to grab onto Dorado’s legs for a tapping submission.

Dorado comes back with a clothesline to the champion on the apron, leaving him to bounce like a hyper child on acid. Shun climbs back up with a Midstream Adjustment combined with a neck breaker for a close win.

Dorado almost had Shun beat with an arm bar, but as the champ kept squirming, he manages the release himself and perform a formidable neck breaker that leaves Lince teetering.

Skywalker was about to perform the SSW, but Lince turns it around by curving his body for a narrow victory. Unfortunately for Dorado, Shun still has gas in his engine. So, Dorado counters with a Spring Stunner then a DDT and concludes with a Shooting Star for an emotional victory over Shun as the new champ.

If I’m being honest, this Middleweight Championship belt feels like it’s being simply passed around from person to person. First Myron Reed, then Skywalker, now Lince. I’ve never seen a title belt go from one wrestler to another so quickly. Oof. Oh well.

“Ever the opportunist,” Cesar Duran is back with champagne to celebrate Dorado’s win… and possibly welcome him to Azteca. Hmm? Hmm!

Winner: Lince Dorado

I see that Mr. Thomas is finally getting involved in a fight aside from just standing there. Alex Kane is chanting, or yelling, at the screen saying “Bomaye!” as he usually does. He scared me… It was so abrupt.

The Fight Club can relax now because they got what they wanted, the Opera Cup and a fight against The British Bulldogs later tonight. Mr. Thomas interrupts by including another country the club got offers from… Canada. Reed and Kane are bewildered that anyone would be coming from Canada. Canada? Eww.. I’m from Canada. Ha!

What made me slightly uncomfortable was when Duran tried to match Kane’s energy by chanting “Bomaye”, and it fell flat for me. Cesar looked happy… for a moment. It died real quick.

Besides that, Duran gets an award for Booker of the Year 2022. Somehow, he makes these things seem even more arrogant then they need to be. He prefers being awarded as Booker of the Decade. He’s a promoter.

Taya Valkyrie is the prime example of Duran’s ability to scout for the best talents, and he won’t settle for less. Next week, we’ll get to see who else he signed into the Azteca Lucha. Surprise. Surprise.

Did anyone else question why Cesar tried to bite the camera?… I don’t know what to say about that. I’m too stunned.

Speaking of stunned, EJ Nduka pulled out from his Last Man Standing match against Alex Hammerstone the prior week because he wants to negotiate a sweeter deal. These talks are still ongoing. While Nduka is playing games, Hammerstone isn’t. He’s ready to fight.

The Bomaye Fight Club vs. The British Bulldogs – 6-man Tag Team match

As Myron Reed zooms in on the main stage, here I thought he was the leader of this secret society. That’s the impression I got for weeks. Maybe that is the case, but Kane is leaping into the role now. If there was a shift, it came suddenly.

Once The British Bulldogs arrived, the entire ring was empty as if the Bomaye Club just scattered. Ha! Ha! I wondered where they went, but then they came back.

Mark Billington, cousin of Davey Boy Smith Jr and Myron Reed start this match up with a bit of body tussling. After Reed jams his elbow into Mark’s eye, he bows arrogantly. As if we needed any of that.

Mark comes in with an arm drag off the second rope, which came as a shock to Myron as he winced his teeth. The Billington cousin tags Davey in as he delivers body slams on his opponent.

The Bulldogs manage to secluded Myron from his club, so Davey could tag Thomas Billington Jr. on the red, blue and white team as they split Reed’s legs open. Thomas pays homage to the original Dynamite Kid with a snap on the suplex and the falling headbutt.

Myron wobbles out from the ring into his followers as they fan him with flayers. Thomas prepared himself at the top of the ring to drop kick Myron as soon as he returned on the mat. I thought Reed was going to try and tag his friends. My mistake.

Mark and Thomas attempt to play a double team, but Myron catches them with a fast dodge that leads to a step-up kick, then he ultimately fails with momentum as Thomas sends a harsh clothesline that turns Reed inside out. His neon green butt was on camera. Ha!

Thomas Jr was getting ready to body splash Myron, but Mr. Thomas pushed him right off the turnbuckles, and he landed hard on his back. He looked like his soul got sucked out. Myron struggles to tag Mr. Thomas, yet thankfully, he makes it.

Mr. Thomas angrily stomps on Thomas Jr’s chest, yanks him to his feet only to deliver a chop so agonizing that it reminds me of Gunther, The Ring General and the Intercontinental Champion on WWE. He put the little pup DOWN! My God.

After giving the young Billington a vertical suplex, Mr. Thomas tags Alex Kane into the fold with a suplex and a spine breaker.

Myron tags Mr. Thomas in as he inflicts a hammer punch on Thomas Jr’s spine then another chop followed by a body throw. He kept instigating Davey Jr. with the slime-like body of his cousin. Alex marches in to throw hands at Davey from across the ring.

Kane and Reed tried to rain down on Thomas as a double team, but lands on his feet and tags Davey in. The big dog sends a double clothesline to Myron and Alex, then punches Mr. Thomas out before picking up Kane and Reed for body slams.

Davey smacks Kane and Reed’s heads together like you normally would in an action movie like Indiana Jones. Ha!

Not too late after, everything was in shambles. Myron hits a massive low blower to Thomas. Alex sends a suplex. Mr. Thomas delivers a harsh spinning body plant. Mark goes one-on-one with Mr. Thomas giving it his best with a punch and a kick, leaving the mister on his knee.

Mark leaps off from the top and lands on the rest of the Bomaye Fight Club. We return inside the ring, Davey and Mr. Thomas go at it, but the mister is in trouble once Mark and Thomas Billington crawl back to assist Davey Jr. From the second rope, Davey pays homage as well by planting Mr. Thomas for a huge win over the Fight Club.

Winners: The British Bulldogs


TOP PHOTO: The Bomaye Fight Club on the right, and The British Bulldogs on the left. Courtesy of MLW