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But is it really a good evening though? For some reason Richard Holliday is on my scene talking to me in his home. Why? It would appear that he’s in a commercial for an immune-supporting vitamin drink called AG1. If you were ever in the right mind set to purchase this item, you can obtain it through this link:

We’ll have fun tonight!

Cosmos vs. Star Rogers

I’ve never seen these wrestlers before, of course, I am new here. But if I’m being honest, I’m not really fond of their names. I’m all for uniquely strange names that work, yet there are a few that don’t. These ones are unfortunately an example of what I mean. I’m being somewhat lenient towards Cosmos, but Star Rogers… hmm, no.

It’s like a downgraded version of Duck Dodgers in the 24th-and-a-half century.

As the match begins, Rogers thinks he has a hand on Cosmos by twisting his arm around yet the Luchador reverses with an arm twist of his own.

What came off as both dumb and hilarious was when they tried to drop kick each other at the same time in the center of the ring. They looked at one another pretty much saying “You’re the stupid one for copying me”. Ha!

Star manages to flip Cosmos over for a cover but the referee notices that his shoulder wasn’t down, so he didn’t start counting until Cosmos switched positions, and now Rogers almost gets pinned.

Cosmos does a Sunset Flip off the top rope, then turns it into a brutal kick to Rogers’ jaw as he wobbles backwards like a dehydrated fish. It gets even worst for Star after he fails to catch Cosmos on the apron and becomes a human pancake as Cosmos Suicide Dives on top of him outside the ring.

Rogers wants to be taken seriously despite his show-off personality, he proves that by also diving in Cosmos. He had his eyes off Star for a moment, but that’s all it takes. Star delivers heavy chops to Cosmos’ chest to weaken his opponent.

The majority of this fight looked like rabid children attempting to ambush seventh graders. It’s all weird jumps, ducking and avoiding. I dare say, I was kind of bored. I’m shocked…

Anyway, Rogers manages to spin heel kick Cosmos in the face while he tried to block it, yet he failed miserably.

Things did pick up some energy once Star German suplexed Cosmos after a useful drop kick to the back of the spine when he was kneeling against the second rope.

Cosmos jumps from the top turnbuckle, so he could use his legs to flip Star across the ring like a slingshot. Rogers retaliates by attempting to Moonsault Cosmos from the second rope, thankfully, Cosmos dodged a bullet, which allowed Star to land hard on his stomach. It was quite funny. Ha! Ha! Because of that, both men laid on the mat all the way to the count of seven, I believe.

Once Cosmos is on his feet, he sends a couple of clotheslines to Rogers before performing an admirable Tornado DDT in the middle of the ring.

Rogers comes back with a kick to the side of Cosmos’ head then follows it up with a Neck Breaker for a cover that goes nowhere. I thought the Spanish Fly was going to be the end of Rogers, but he kicks out of it almost too swiftly. Meaning, did it hurt at all? Nah, he was temporarily superhuman.

Rogers meets Cosmos up on the ropes before he could jump Star. They both go down but Star was the one on top with a flipping move that grants him the victory.

Winner: Star Rogers

Last week, Hammerstone and Nduka had a match that resulted in Alex getting an injury right beneath his lower lip. A hole, to be precise. A HOLE. I got freaked out because I rarely see that happen. The hole looks like a pen was used to cause the opening. Really thrusted in there to make that visible. My God. It was horrible.

Nduka is here about to be interviewed on his… work.

EJ gloats that Hammerstone doesn’t know how to tackle given he’s the one in the hospital with a mini tunnel on his face. Nduka doesn’t appreciate the attack, but he ain’t the one who’s absent. My voice sounds like I agree with Nduka, but I don’t. I think arrogant assholes deserve to be put down real quick.

Elsewhere, Juicy Finau and Lance Anoa’i are fueling the other up with Jacob Fatu’s assistance, so they could get a title shot at the gold. Whose gold, I wonder? Why, the Heavyweight Championship, of course. “A focused Fatu is a dangerous Fatu.” is something worth noting.

Also, Mads Krugger is here too, and he has a message for us and his target. Mance Warner, you costed this man big time at Battle Riot, so he isn’t finished with you, not by a long shot. Ha! I wasn’t sure if I should say this, but Krugger resembles a serial killer. Am I mean for saying that? He does. Am I lying? Am I?

Outside somewhere, Warner said he’s in the forest looking for wild animals. I feel like I got hit in the head with a hammer and woke up to find this man trying to make sense as to why he’s towering over me in the woods. Warner does accept Krugger’s Tables Match for next week. Yay! One piece of sanity from this man, Mance.

Lady Flammer also has something to say to Taya Valkyrie. She ensures she’ll be the new Women’s World Featherweight Champion when they come face-to-face next week.

The Boom-Ay-Hey fight club member Alex Kane says that the Hart Cup will now be in his possession after the tournament that he’s convinced he’ll win. Confidence is good, but too much of it could lead to chaos. And not the one we love so dearly.

Davey Richards (c) vs. SB KENTo – National Openweight Championship match

This is KENTo’s wrestling debut, and I’m excited to see him in motion for a 22-year-old fighter. He’s the same age as me. Astonishing.

KENTo did have a handle on Davey at first, but that quickly declines once Richards has him squished against the turnbuckles as you hear him whine the works “Wait” repeatedly. I laughed because he asked for this. KENTo wanted to take on the best MLW has, and that’s Davey. I see reality hit him then.

However, whatever fear or restrain KENTo had is gone at the speed of light as he kicks Davey in the abdomen then follows that with a few punches to his head while he looms over him.

Davey regains strength as he drop kicks KENTo under the ropes. He was happy, yet suddenly, SB removes his t-shirt, climbs back into the ring and uses it as a rope to strangle Richards with before pushing him forward. KENTo bent the rules for a moment, so he could meet the champion and bang his head against the barricades.

KENTo performs an amazingly dangerous DDT on the apron to Davey’s head, which causes Richards to tumble down like loose jelly. SB looks like an amateur, really, but he has viciousness inside of him, hidden under the soft fa├žade. KENTo does a running drop kick into Davey’s stomach in the corner of the ring then follows that by wrapping Davey around the ropes and yanks him from the nose. The champ was in dire pain. Man!

Davey Sunset Flips SB, but after doing so, he was tittering. He almost feel prey to KENTo, luckily, he counters with a double stomp to KENTo’s chest. Both men struggle to get up, KENTo mostly, then begin to exchange punching blows to each other. Davey sends the worst of it with earth-cracking kicks to the pecs.

Richards had KENTo tangled in the Dragon Screw, what bothered me was how long it took for him to execute the maneuver. He glances back and forth, and back and forth towards the audience before finally doing it. The man could have released himself if you continue to waste time.

Later on, KENTo was wailing in agony because Davey had him trapped with a leg suppressing maneuver, yet it was forcibly broken for SB reached the bottom rope.

KENTo uses the fact that Davey bounced off the rope to German suplex him into a bridge for a near win, but not close enough, sir. Same goes for Davey. He did a gigantic Superplex to KENTo that went nowhere. He initially turns this into an ankle lock, unfortunately, he didn’t have the grip he wanted, so he kicks KENTo instead. SB stood up and roared a fired up rage.

Davey counters with a sneaky Super Kick then a German suplex, but KENTo wouldn’t stay down. So, plan B. Richards forces KENTo into another ankle lock that connects with a tapping win.

KENTo did put up a hell of a fight, but the better man won. Although he lost, Davey respects SB just like he returns the gratitude. And speaking of respect, Davey does feel that way towards Alex Kane for the most part, but the other side says Kane is a disgrace to the wrestling sport.

Richards warns Kane that he’s coming for his cup, Alex’s blood and soul very soon. You know, if Kane has a soul. The night could have ended there, but not before we weave Warner and Microman back into the screen still catching butterflies…

Winner: Davey Richards 


TOP PHOTO: SB KENTo and Davey Richards bowing to each other. Courtesy of MLW