The big TV deal Ring of Honor fans had hoped for has been relegated to another option in the already crowded streaming market.

At the Final Battle press conference AEW CEO Tony Khan announced that RoH would not be airing on television but instead on the newly revamped Honor Club streaming service.

When RoH launches a weekly broadcast that is where it will live. Khan said details on that would be released in January.

Honor Club is priced at $9.99 a month.

As far as the RoH pay-per-views are concerned they will be available on Honor Club 90 days after they air.

Khan also mentioned that NJPW would be involved in some fashion.

Fans were hoping that Ring of Honour would return to regular TV in a deal with Warner Bros. Discovery but that appears not to be in the cards at the present time.

In the TV ratings Dynamite hasn’t hit a million viewers since October 5th and has only been over a million approximately 13 times this year. On December 7th Dynamite brought in only 840,000 viewers.

Rampage has been on a steady decline as well notching just 360,000 viewers on December 2nd. On average the show generates between 400,000 and 500,000 overall viewers.

These ratings may have something to do with Warner Bros. Discovery not being interested in investing in another hour of pro wrestling content. Warner Bros. Discovery has two streaming services under its umbrella HBO Max and Discovery+.