Greetings and Salutations! It’s always a pleasure going back to my ROH roots here at Slam! I cannot contain my excitement for the Tag Team Dog Collar Match between FTR and The Briscoes. The entire card looks good so let’s get right into the action. Without Further ado, let’s get to it.

Zero Hour

Zero Hour opened with a video package and Caprice Coleman and Ian Riccaobini are the commentators for the show. We get right into the action.

 Mascara Dorada vs. Jeff Cobb

Code of Honor was adhered to and Dorada sent Cobb outside and dove at him but Cobb used his raw strength and caught him and slammed him into the ring post. Cobb soo over Dorada before tossing him back into the ring only to stand on top of him today. Dorada after recollecting himself went to splash on Cobb but no one was home as he crashed onto the corner. Dorada with a head-scissors that sent Cobb outside which sets Dorada up for a corkscrew dive over the top rope onto Cobb. Dorada now with a slight advantage as he does a standing moonsault for a two-count.

Cobb came right back into the match and did a standing moonsault for a close in. Cobb went for a Tour of the Islands but Dorada countered this into a pin. Dorada went back to the air with a springboard but Cobb punched his way out of the issue.

Dorada went back to the ropes and pulled Cobb to the mat with a bulldog style move that led to a two count. Cobb battled back with a shot to the back of Dorada’s head, then hit his Tour of the Islands for the win. Both men shook hands after the match.

Winner: Jeff Cobb

A video package for both the Six-Man tag title match and Women’s title matches aired.

Angelo Parker and Matt Menard vs. “Shinobi Shadow Squad” Cheeseburger and Eli Isom

Parker grinned from ear to ear as the code of honor was adhered to. Menard shook Isom’s hand as over the top as humanly possible. Cheeseburger tagged in and parker wanted to shake his hand. There was a Mega Powers wind up but CB caught Parkers foot and Menard and Parker isolated CB to their corner. CB eventually escaped and tagged in Isom. Isom with a neckbreaker on Parker who was then stomped down by CB.

Cheeseburger called for his palm strike and then ran the ropes and tumbled through the ropes when Menard held a rope down from the floor. Menard entered the ring and joined Parker in performing a double DDT on Isom, Parker covered Isom for the win

Winners: Angelo Parker and Matt Menard

A video package aired on the ROH Pure Rules Title match between Daniel Garcia and Wheeler Yuta

Willow Nightingale vs. Trish Adora

Coe of Honor adhered to as the crowd chanted for both women. Willow slammed Adora and followed that up with a crossbody and pin attempt. Adora came right back with a chop and northern lights suplex for a two count. Willow hit a couple clotheslines and chops then a middle dropkick from the middle rope and picked up yet another two count.

Adora pulled Willow from behind into a pin. Willow sold the back of her head and neck. Willow came back with a Pounce and lowered the straps of her gear and then powered up Adora for a nasty looking sit-out powerbomb for the win. The wrestlers hugged and shook hand

Winner: Willow Nightingale

We get video packages for Samoa Joe vs Juice Robinson and Chris Jericho vs Claudio Castagnoli

“The Kingdom” Matt Taven and Mike Bennett (w/Maria Kanellis) vs. “Top Flight” Dante Martin and Darius Martin

Code of Honor adhered to and as a lockup with Dante and Bennett was about to happen, Taven hit Dante from behind and The Kingdom beat him down. Once Darius was int he match he took firm control of the match for Top Flight but Maria got on the apron to give The Kingdom control of the match again. Bennet with a spinebuster and Taven followed that up with a Springboard Moonsault. Bennett with a Catapult and Taven connected with a knee on Darius. Taven then with an elbow to Darius who was on the knees of Bennett to complete the combo attack. Darius was able to get back into the match as he did a Standing Spanish Fly on Bennett then tagged in Dante. Dante took both members of the Kingdom down and did a standing moonsault on Taven for a two count. Darius with a blind tag and DDT’d Taven for another two count as Bennett broke up the pin.

The Kingdom took control of the match again as Taven with a Just the Tip on Darious then Benett went for a pin. Darius connected on a dive to Bennett and Taven the dove on Drious. Dante slipped on the ropes to end the streak of dives. Dante threw Taven back inside the ring and was distracted by Maria back on the apron. Referee Mike Posey ejected Maria from ringside. The Kingdom set up for a spike piledriver on Darius, but it was broken up and Darius held up Bennett in powerbomb position, but then Dante performed a springboard backflip into a dive on the elevated Bennett. Darius covered Bennett and got the huge upset victory.

Winners: “Top Flight” Dante Martin and Darius Martin

The two teams shook hands afterward. Taven and Bennett raised the arms of the Martin brother.

We get a video package for the ROH Tag Team title match between FTR and The Briscoes in a Dog Caollar Match.

Main Card

Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman introduced us to the PPV as we are all set for the first match of the night.

Blake Christian and AR Fox vs. Dralistico and Rush (w/Preston Vance, Jose)

Dralistico and Christain to start. Both men trade shoulder blocks with Dralistico getting the better of the exchange. Back and forth action with Christian flipping out of a tieres before extending his hand for the Code of Honor. Dralistico doesn’t care and elbows Christian in the face. Fox and Rush checked into the match. Rush quickly drops Fox with an elbow before LFI drag Christian and Fox outside and bat them down by bending the rules. Rush strangles Christian with the camera chord as Drulistico powerbombs Fox on the steel steps. Once they got back to the ring, Rush boots Christian in the face in the corner.

LFI cut the ring off and put the boots to Christian. Double dropkick to the back of Christian but somhow Christian completed the hot tag to Fox. Kick combo and a Slingblade by Fox to Dralistico but Rush stopped the attack. Fox then performed a tope suicida to Rush on the outside and a missile dropkick to Dralistico in the ring. Fox now continues his amazing offense with more dives to from Fox to members of LFI. Fox with a senton atomico to Rush on the outside and another Swanton to Dralistico but its only good for a two.

Christian dives between the ringpost and the turnbuckle to Rush but Rush catches him and throws him into the guard rail. Dralistico with a springboard shooting star to the outside that takes out everyone! Christian catches Dralistico on the top which allows Fox to hit a jumping Spanish Fly. 450 by Fox as Christian dives to the outside to take out Rush! In the ring, Fox pinned Dralistico and we got a very confusing three count with everyone super confused including Fox. Seems something weird happened but the ref counted three.

Winners: Blake Christian and AR Fox

After the match, Rush charges Fox and LFI improvise a beat down on the outside, with chair shots to the head and all.

We get a video package for the ROH Women’s Championship.

Mercedes Martinez vs. Athena for the ROH Women’s Championship

Athena  went for a handshake and Martinez didn’t trust it but accepted it.  Athena superkicked a kneeling Martinez and covered her for a two count. Martinez came back with a beauty combo of a half and half suplex, a t-bone suplex, and a brainbuster but all of that offense was only good enough for a two-count.

Athena came back by slamming Martinez onto the apron. Athena let out a  scream as the crowd reacted with cheers. Athena picked up Martinez and ran her into the barricade. Athena then went for a dropkick  but Martinez moved out of the way and followed up with a draping neckbreaker.

Martinez went back to the ring as the crowd began to boo her. Martinez went for a surfboard, but Athena bit her hand. Athena with a Codebreaker and went for a pin but Martinez grabbed the bottom rope for the break. Athena grabbed the referee, then released him and removed a turnbuckle pad, which she threw out of the ring.

Martinez was back up and slammed Athena for a two count. Athena dropkicked Martinez into the exposed turnbuckle and then went up top and hit the O-Face (FKA. Eclipse) for the WIN!

Winner: AND NEW ROH Women’s Champion; Athena

We get a video package explaining the next tag match

Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland vs. Shane Taylor and JD Griffey

Griffey and Swerve started the match and Griffey locks in a rear naked choke but Swerve escapes. Swerve tags in Lee, who seems surprised. Griffey tries to square up with Lee and gets pushed aside. The is chanting “We Want Shane!” when he was tagged in. The Pretty Boy Killers are ready to take each other on but Swerve tags himself in to upset everyone. Inside out head scissor by Swerve takes Taylor down. Kicking combination and a diving European uppercut to Taylor’s seated back gets a two count. Clothesline by Taylor gets another two. Griffey in now with his MMA inspired moves to Swerve in our Glory

Griffey holds Swerve on the apron and tags Taylor who hits the big leg drop but this was only goof for a two count. Swerve ducks under Taylor and super kicks Griffey, before making the tag to Lee. Strikes exchanges by both men and Taylor comes off the middle rope with a cross body and Lee catches him but Taylor slips out the back door and drops Lee with a right hand. Taylor hits the ropes but Swerve pulls down him outside. Griffey tries a dive to Lee on the outside but Lee catches him and places him on his feet then Swerve pump kicks Griffey from behind.

Taylor is inside the ring and pulls Swerve over the top rope. We then get a From the Mean Streets of Cleveland (Aka the Tower of London). This was only good for a two but Lee didn’t even try to break the pin. after soeme more Griffey offense Swerve reverses with a back suplex into a back breaker. after a pin attempt, Griffey locks the triangle choke in on Swerve but Taylor pulls Lee off the apron. Lee and Taylor are fighting on the outside as Lee goes in the ring and heads up top and lands a moonsault on Griffey who was choking out Swerve.

All four men are in the ring now and a brawl breaks out. Rising knee to Taylor by Swerve. Strike combo by Swerve to Taylor with a rolling elbow. Lee has Taylor up on his shoulder and looks to drop him into the elbow combo but Taylor ducks and Lee takes out Swerve! We get a Welcome to the Land from Taylor to Lee but it was a super close two-count. Swerve now looks in the ring and sees Lee in trouble and starts walking to the back.  Swerve returned the favor from Full Gear and leaves Lee by himself as Taylor and Griffey double team Lee. Lee ducks a high kick from Griffey and he catches Taylor. Lee now has Griffey up and hits a Big Bang Catastrophe to give his team the shock win even though he was by himself.

Winners: Swerve in our Glory

Dalton Castle and The Boys vs. Brian Cage and “Gates of Agony” Kaun and Toa Liona (w/Prince Nana) for the ROH Six-Man Tag Titles

Castle starts off with Kaun and Cage tags in. One of the Boys are now in and went for a crossbody but is caught by Cage but is tripped by Castle. The Boys are now working over Cage but Toa takes them both down. He and Cage hold a Boy up in the air each on the outside and plant them both down while Kaun attacks Castle.

Cage then uses one of the Boys like a set of weights before throwing him down. Cage follows that with a superplex as The Embassy takes complete control of the match but Castle gets to tag in and he starts attacking all three men memebrs of The Embassy along with a boot to Cage and a suplex to Bishop, and then a German suplex to Liona. The Embassy are all outside of the ring.

Castle launches his Boys out to take out each man, but when The Boys tag back in, The Embassy regains control and Liona ends up with both on his shoulder to hit a double Samoan backdrop. He plants them on top of each other, but they’re able to kick out. Kaun nails a big boot to the face, but a tag is made. The Embassy in firm control until  Castle comes in and plants Kaun. Liona then slams Castle down with a belly to belly as a Boy dives in with a shotgun dropkick. However, this leads to Cage taking him out as Castle then drops Cage with a running bulldog. Castle wanted to dive to the outside to catch Cage but Prince Nana throws one of The Boys at him which works as a distraction. Cage hits a powerbomb to give The Embassy the huge win and Six-Man Tag Team Championship.

Winners: AND NEW ROH Six-Man Tag Team Champions; The Embassy (Brian Cage and “Gates of Agony” Kaun and Toa Liona)

Lexi Nair interviewed Top Flight, Darius Martin and Dante Martin. Dante said Top Flight is back after they beat The Kingdom earlier. Matt Menard and Angelo Parker interrupted them. Parker said the only congratulations they deserve is for Darius making it through a match without tearing another ACL. More back and forth happened then Dante hit Menard and the teams brawled all the way out to the arena. Dante Martin with a flip dive off the stage as Security and officials pulled the teams apart.

Menard and Parker went to the ring. Parker gave Chris Jericho credit for being the only man who could resurrect the brand. Menard asked the crowd if they wanted to know what makes his nipples hard? He pulled out one of Jake Hager’s purple hats and said Claudio Castagnoli would be wearing one when he teams with Hager when he loses against Jericho later and is forced to join the Jericho Appreciation Society.

Wheeler Yuta made his entrance. Parker and Menard went to the stage and then Daniel Garcia made his entrance. Garcia headed to the ring while Parker and Menard went to the back

Daniel Garcia vs. Wheeler Yuta for the ROH Pure Rules Championship

The match judges were Jerry Lynn, Chris Daniels, and BJ Whitmer. Garcia punched Yuta and was given his one warning for used a closed fist. Yuta returned the favor and received his warning. There went the warning early in the match. Trent Seven was shown sitting in the crowd. Garcia forced Yuta to use his first rope break. Garcia forced Yuta to use his second rope break and Garcia applied his Dragon Slayer submission hold, causing Yuta to use his final rope break less than eight minutes into the match.

Yuta put Garcia down with a brainbuster that left both men down and out. Garcia eventually caught Yuta in a Sharpshooter and Yuta was on the ropes, but he had no rope breaks left so he needs to find another way out. Yuta was able to hook the neck of Garcia who released the hold and then both men fell to the ground once again. Both wrestlers were back up and things blew up again as both men traded punches and Garcia went for a piledriver, but Yuta backdropped him. Garcia flipped off Yuta while on his knees and hooked the arms of Garcia and Yuta escaped and  locks Garcia in the crucifix position and rains down 12-6 elbows. Garcia is out cold as the Referee ends the match.

Winner: AND NEW ROH Pure Champion; Wheeler Yuta

Yuta extends his hand for the Code of Honor and Garcia kicks his hand  dropping the belt to the ground. Garcia picks up the Pure title… and hands it to Yuta

A video package set up the ROH Tag Team Title match

“FTR” Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler vs. Jay Briscoe and Mark Briscoe in a Double Dog Collar match for the ROH Tag Team Titles

Riccaboni made mention of the fact that there’s only been one dog collar match in ROH history and there has never been a tag team dog collar match in ROH.

Jay’s dog collar was attached to Harwood, while Mark’s was attached to Wheeler. The teams brawled and the match ended up outside. Mark bled right away and Harwood tossed Jay over the barricade, followed him, and then they fought in the crowd. Wheeler and Mark went to the stage.

Harwood and Jay ended up back in the ring meanwhile, Wheeler wrapped the dog collar chain around the ring post to choke Mark who broke free and went back to the ring. Mark held Harwood while Jay hit him with the chain wrapped around his fist. Harwood bled from the forehead. Mark and Wheeler fought outside. Back in the ring, Harwood put Jay on his shoulders. Wheeler wrapped the chain around his fist and then leapt off the top rope for a punch version of the Doomsday Device. Wheeler choked Mark in Gory Bomb position and Harwood whipped Mark’s abdomen with the chain. Wheeler tossed Mark over the top rope and then pulled the chain to choke him. Jay ran Harwood into the other pair’s chain to free Mark from the choke and for the match to continue.

Jay put Wheeler down with a neckbreaker and Mark leapt from the top rope and hit a Froggy Bow elbow drop on Wheeler for a two count. Mark set up a table on the floor while Jay and Harwood fought inside the ring. Wheeler tried to suplex Mark onto a stack of chairs on the floor but Mark reversed it and suplexed Wheeler onto the floor. Harwood knocked Jay off the ropes by pushing on the chain. Harwood climbed the ropes and wrapped the chain around his own head did a headbutt on Jay. Harwood wrapped the chain around his fist and punched Jay several times. As the punches rained down, Jay pulled referee in front of him, causing Harwood to punch the referee while he had the chain wrapped around his hand which lead to the ref bleeding heavily. The trainers checked on him. The match went on as Mark and Wheeler were fighting on the apron. Wheeler placed Mark on the table at ringsid, went to the ropes but Mark stood up and cut him off by punching Wheeler off the apron and then pulled the chain to get him down hard. Mark dropkicked Wheeler back to the floor and then placed him on top of the table. Mark went to the top rope and Jay set up Harwood for the Doomsday Device, but Wheeler ran back on the apron and yanked the chain causing an insane flip from Mark from the top rope to the stack of chairs on the outside of the ring.

In the ring Jay hit Harwood with the Jay Driller and we got a 2.999999 pin. Jay got a chair and slammed it over the back of Harwood multiple times then set up for a Jay Driller on a chair, but Harwood kicked him in the balls and piledrove Jay onto the chair for a very close two-count. Harwood picked up the chair, but Wheeler stopped him and yelled “F—ing murder him,”  then threw several chairs in the ring. Harwood put Jay in a seated position on the top rope and then chopped him a few times then Harwood set up for a top rope piledriver onto the chairs, but Jay fought him off and slipped under him then Jay used the chain to crotch Harwood then took out Wheeler when he tried to get involved. Jay superplexed Harwood onto the pile of chairs inside the ring. Mark held the chain to prevent Wheeler from returning to the ring as Jay pinned Harwood for yet another super close pin attempt. Jay pulled the chain, which was in Harwood’s mouth. Wheeler continued his attempt to get back in the ring, but Mark held onto the cage to stop him, and then Harwood passes out and the ref ended the match to give Dem Boys a HUGE win!

Winners: AND NEW ROH Tag Team Champions, Jay and Mark Briscoe

After the match, the Briscoes celebrated their win. FTR were left alone in the ring and were being cheered by the fans then Austin Gunn and Colten Gunn attacked FTR. Austin took the mic and said FTR’s legacy is dying. The Briscoes returned to the ring, causing the Gunns to leave. Harwood was lying on the mat and had a mic. Harwood said their mission is to beat the ass of the Gunns.  Briscoes and FTR get their hands raised together.

A video package set up the ROH TV Title match

Samoa Joe vs. Juice Robinson for the ROH TV Title

The wrestlers adhered to the Code of Honor. The crowd started a “Joe’s gonna kill you” chant which Joe acknowledged. Joe went for his finisher but Robinson escaped and headed outside. Tony Deppen was in the crowd.  Robinson put Joe in a sleeper but reversed  it but Robinson used his feet to push off the apron and thr momentum drovr Joe to the barricade. Joe came back and dove through the ropes and hit Robinson with a flying forearm. Joe sat Robinson in a chair next to the barricade and hit him with a running boot right on the noggin’. Joe rrally controlled a lot of the match and played with Robinson but Robinson caught him with a spinebuster.

Robinson then with a cannonball in the corner which gave him a two count. This angered Joe and he came right back into the match as he powerbomed Robinson and got a two count, then locked in a crossface from the pin. Robinson grabbed the ropes for the break. This didn’t slow Joe down as he  went for a Muscle Buster, but Robinson slipped into a sunset flip for a two count. Robinson went to the top rope but Joe got up and hit the ropes to make Juice fall and hit int he balls with the ropes. Joe hit the Muscle Buster and got the win.

Winner: AND STILL ROH TV Champion; Samoa Joe

Chris Jericho vs. Claudio Castagnoli for the ROH Championship

After a video package and entrances, Bobby Cruise gave the formal introductions for the main event. Claudio tries to adhere to the Code of Honor but Jericho kicks him in the stomach and runs after Ian Riccaboni. Ian ran away and Claudio catches up to Jericho and hits him with a running European uppercut.

Claudio with some punches before heading back into the ring and hitting Jericho with a cross body. Jericho went for a Code Breaker but it’s blocked. Then Jericho went for a  Judas Effect but it was also blocked. Claudio has Jericho up and his a Neutralizer for a two-count. Jericho on the apron now and Claudio follows him and climbs up to the middle turnbuckle and hits Jericho with a deadlift gut wrench suplex into the ring. This was only goof for a Two count.

Claudio military presses Jericho up and drops him on the top rope then hit a Big boot which made Jericho go outside. Jericho ducked from a cannonball that Claudio tried from the ring apron. Jericho sends Claudio back-first into the ring post. Jericho, who is now in firm control of the match hits a snap mare and kicks to Claudio’s back. Back suplex by Jericho and Claudio catches Jericho in a pop-up European uppercut which was only good for a two-count. Jericho then got back into the match by delivering a Clothesline which hurt Claudio’s chest which is now being targeted by Jericho

Jericho sits Claudio on the top rope and wanted to land a hurricanrana, but Claudio blocks it and hit Jericho with 10 punches. Claudio looks for the Ricola Bomb off the top rope but Jericho counters with a hurricanrana for two. Jericho sends Claudio into the ropes as he comes off with a springboard European uppercut but Jericho catches him with a Code Breaker but Claudio blocks it. Claudio now with a Big swing attempt but Jericho sends Claudio into the middle turnbuckle shoulder-first once again targeting the injured limb. Jericho went for a Triangle dropkick but Claudio catches him with an uppercut. On the apron, Jericho suplexes Claudio off  right onto the floor. Jericho now becoming more savage as he hits the back of Claudio’s head with punches and kicks.

Eventually Jericho ran right into a big boot but Claudio runs into a boot from Jericho of his won. Double clothesline and both men are down yet again. Both men are reeling in pain and look exhausted as they are fighting for the future of ROH.  Forearm and uppercuts by both men right int he middle of the ring. Eye poke by Jericho. Claudio went for a double leg dropkick but Jericho catches him and locks in a Walls of Jericho! Claudio clawing inch by inch to get to the ropes but  Jericho pulls him back in the center of the ring. Claudio inches again and finally made it to the ropes. The ref forces Jericho off Claudio who thought he won the match as he raises his hands but Paul Turner tells him that he hasn’t won and Jericho complains but eats a European uppercut after letting Claudio catch his breath. The JAS come down Garcia distracts the referee and Menard slides in Floyd the Bat and Jericho knocks Claudio out. Jericho falls to the ground and slowly makes the cover after wasting tons of time which was only good for a two and then Claudio with an inside cradle of his own for a two-count. Jericho hits a Code Breaker and wants to go for a Judas Effect but he misses and Claudio lifts Jericho and its Big Swing time! Claudio with THIRTY FIVE swings causing Jericho to tap out mid swing to give Claudio the ROH Championship.

Winner: AND NEW ROH Champion; Claudio Castagnoli

Confetti shot off while the Castagnoli celebrated. Wheeler Yuta and Jerry Lynn celebrated with Castagnoli. Fans threw streamers into the ring. Riccaboni said that the year for ROH has been a rollercoaster as it started with uncertainty then Tony Khan acquired it and now the heart of ROH is beating stronger than ever. Castagnoli went to ringside and spoke into the camera thanking the fans. Riccaboni closed out the show with his “Happy Wrestling” line as Castagnoli was with the boradcast team.

Here are some social media exclusives post show:




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Ring of Honor Final Battle: December 10, 2022

What a show. I admit that earlier this week I was doubting this show as the lineup didn’t intrigue me. We then got the announcement of the tag team dog collar match! That match alone gave life to this PPV and I have to say that ROH picked the wrong match to close the show. I haven’t been this adamant since Rock/Hogan didn’t close out WM18.

That said, the show from Zero Hour to the main event delivered. It was also announced that ROH TV will start on Honor Club in 2023 with NJPW involvement and more announcements after Wrestle Kingdom.

I can’t wait for ROH to be back but hope they find a TV network. Until next time!