Hey wrestling fans,

Tonight we get to find out whose Bianca’s final War Games member is and we are shocked to see that it’s The Man, BECKY LYNCH. She’s back! The last time we saw Lynch she was attacked by Damage Control. She has a long standing rivalry with Bayley so this makes this meeting inevitable and brings karma. I love it. Bayley looked like she saw a ghost… Ha!

Both women’s Survivor Series teams brawl in the ring. These angry ladies get into a tussle to prove their point that maybe Belair’s team is the one with the advantage, even though, Asuka lost during her match against Rhea Ripley this past Monday. Perhaps the loss was a strategy. Hmm?

Butch vs. Santos Escobar – SmackDown World Cup Semi-Finals match

The first match of the evening starts between Butch of The Brawling Brutes and Escobar from Legado del Fantasma.

The bell rings and we begin. Butch has Santos in a joint manipulated position as he stomps onto Escobar’s arm, bruising it in the process. Santos does retaliate with a running knee to Butch’s jaw. Ouch.

Santos is all out of sorts when he’s up against Butch. He even retreats to the commentary table for a breather. Unfortunate for him, the rabid animal follows with a chop to the chest then drags Santos back only for Butch to be thrown outside the ring as a comeback.

Butch gets back into the game with a high kick to the side of Santos’ face, yet Escobar manages to spear Butch into the announcement table.

Escobar has Butch on the top ropes, getting ready to suplex him off, but Butch counters by twisting Santos’ finger, which causes the man to fall onto the main ground. Butch goes for even more pain by moonsaulting onto Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro.

Butch had Santos after a tornado DDT but he kicks out. Suddenly, live footage from backstage is being broadcasted for everyone to see. A brawl between the Usos, Solo Sikoa, Drew McIntyre and Kevin Owens was underway.

As Sheamus and Ridge Holland join the tackling going on backstage. I saw so many human squished sardines, along with the officials. It was a mess. Ha!

Escobar’s Fantome Driver puts Butch away. In my opinion, it is an undeserving win because of Zelina’s distraction that caused Santos’ buddies to kick Butch, so he’ll get disoriented. I suspect that when people do that, they don’t 100% believe the one they’re cheering for is going to gain a victory if they don’t interfere.

Doesn’t that say more about you then the one you want to beat? And yes, this notion literally includes the majority of my favorites… arg. Just something to think about.

Winner: Santos Escobar 

My thoughts on Bray Wyatt possibly being the attacker behind LA Knight’s unconscious ass could be correct. Uncle Howdy and Wyatt could be one in the same as I reckoned.

But I have to wait. Bray is here because of those accusations to help shed some light on this ominous occurrence. Oh, by the way, I didn’t think that was going to happen, but I actually like Bray’s theme song, mainly the beginning. It’s a good blend of creepy, messed up, revealing and raw. It works now for who he’s trying to presently be… whoever that is.

The Fiend. Uncle Howdy. Bray Wyatt?

Wyatt says that he isn’t the one behind LA Knight’s attack but Uncle Howdy tells us otherwise by showing us that a snake is still a snake. Paul Heyman. Is that you?

Knight is backstage getting interviewed and mentions missing Thanksgiving having to spend his time in the hospital with a broken arm. He must truly be winded because he said “bread” instead of “trash” to describe the objects laid on him last week. Ha!

Hit Row vs. The Viking Raiders – Tag Team match

Hit Row have become the target of The Raiders after they came back with evil and brutal intent. Sarah Logan is now known as Valhalla because the Gods bestowed her that title. She is the Viking Priestess.

Ashante and Ivar begin this fight, Adonis had the battle in his pocket for at least three seconds before Ivar shoulder tackled him so hard he bounced like jelly. The Viking tags his partner in, and they proceed to pound punches into Ashante’s back.

They used heavily brutal methods to keep Adonis from reaching Top Dolla, so win-win. Erik knocked him out cold for a bit. It was funny.

I did wince a little because of how harsh the knee to Ashante’s jaw was by Erik. He must be extremely dizzy. But there’s no time for jokes, Adonis avoids whatever Erik had planned on doing and tags Dolla in. He bulldozes through the Raiders like Football players.

Oh, here’s something new. I’ve never seen Top Dolla tumble over the ropes, so this was a blessing.

Ashante is on the ropes, Ivar rushes in to stop him, Adonis leap frogs over him which caused further pain to his ankle that the Raiders are now exploiting as Ivar sends a spinning kick to his opponent’s face leaving Erik to knee Dolla as well.

The Vikings play a double team with a Ragnarök the Apocalypse move to Ashante for a victory.

Winners: The Viking Raiders

A Digital Exclusive shows Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley stun Rey Mysterio at his home yesterday on Thanksgiving. Dom thought because it’s the holidays, that he could come home to the family, but Rey closes the door on him.

Given the darkness that’s crept into Dominik, named Rhea, she bursts into the building anyway, and he proceeds to hurt the father Luchador with a kendo stick of some sort. Dom uses a family photo as a weapon to Rey’s already injured leg. You know, if Dominik honestly wants to cleave himself from his dad, remove thy name. “Mysterio” doesn’t apply to you anymore.

This is disgusting. Shameless. Completely and utterly deranged. Wade Barrett and Michael Cole wonder where this kid’s self went, and I thought that he’s gone. Too far gone. I don’t know what else to say…

Ricochet vs. Braun Strowman – SmackDown World Cup Semi-Finals match

At the beginning of the match, Strowman was taunting Ricochet because of his height. Patting him on the head like a five-year-old blond girl with pigtails. I can see why Rico felt slightly insulted, but he still had a laugh too when he slapped Braun in return.

That did not sit right with Strowman, so he decides to push Ricochet into the turnbuckles as he chokes him. The high flying master Ricochet comes back with two drop kicks to Braun’s robust chest before sending him over the ropes then follows this with another drop kick that lands Strowman into a cameraman. I can’t imagine how disrupted the innocent man feels. Ha! Ha! Ha!

The celebrations were all good and well for Rico, yet he gets launched passed the announcement table like Black Friday shoppers at Walmart.

Strowman was about to give another beating to Rico, unfortunately, he gets a visit from Gunther and his lackeys. That moment allows Ricochet to roll Strowman into a crucifix for a win that the monster among monsters couldn’t fathom.

After the victory, that was when Imperium decided to strike Strowman down. It became a 3-on-1 assault; although, Ricochet didn’t have to, he went back to attempt at evening the odds. Imperium came onto Rico knowing he was tired, but Braun landed an assist.

Winner: Ricochet

Sami Zayn is backstage going to see The Bloodline but Kevin Owens intercepts him with a serious chat about the redhead’s behavior. Owens thinks that all the times he bailed Zayn out when he would hit a tit with Reigns’ family, that Zayn should not wait until they chase him out if he’s going to continue to be blind. Sami should strike first.

Jey hears this as he hides behind the door, unbeknownst to Owens and Zayn. He straight up asks if Sami talked to anyone since arriving at the arena, and low and behold, Sami lies. Oof. This won’t be good for him later, I can tell you that.

The lie would have worked if Jey wasn’t in the vicinity. You ticked the wrong person, Sami Sam.

Elsewhere backstage with Kayla Braxton, Becky Lynch might be the game changer for Bianca’s team at War Games tomorrow night. Yay!! I’m excited for some carnage.

And speaking of insanity, Ronda and Shayna assault Shotzi and Raquel Rodriguez. They slammed Rodriguez’ arm with the aid of an equipment bin’s lid. The amount of agony Raquel was in pains me because it seemed like her arm really hurt her. And they have a match against these risk-taking women later this evening, that is if Raquel can make it.

Sadly, Raquel won’t be able to fight tonight, She’ll be sent to the hospital for an x-ray. Rousey and Baszler believe there won’t be a fight because Shotzi can’t handle them both.. oop wait. Hold on. Let me check my notes…

Shayna Baszler & Ronda Rousey vs. Shotzi & Raquel Rodriguez?

Never mind. The war is still ongoing. Shotzi is ballsy as she’s made that apparent, so she takes on two of the most vicious fights in this industry, Shayna AND Ronda as a Handicap match.

It was going fine in Shotzi’s favor, taking out Shayna with a quick punch than she goes after Ronda.

Ronda derails her with a kick before Shayna joins in. Baszler and Rousey play a double team, but Shotzi swiftly dodges them.

Shayna had Shotzi down on her stomach, but surprise surprise, Raquel comes to the rescue despite her injured arm. She’s meant to fight with one arm, and she manages to do it as good as anyone could in these circumstances.

Rodriguez has gusto, but no one is that tough once Ronda came in to yank on her arm leaving passage for Shayna to stomp on it.

Rousey later has Raquel into an arm bar for a tummy turning win over Shotzi and Rodriguez.

Even though Raquel’s arm was already broken, now her shoulder has been dislocated leaving Shotzi to deliver the news to Kayla, who stood outside waiting for the results.

Winners: Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler 

Sheamus & Drew McIntyre vs. The Usos – War Games Advantage match

Kevin thinks that The Bloodline will turn on Sami in a heartbeat, but if that were true, they would have done that already, hence the signification behind the word “heartbeat”. No? But I suppose it’s for the drama of it all. Sissies.

Anyway, Sheamus has Jey in for 10 Beats of the Bodhrán as he delivers 17, I counted. You can see Jey slowly sliding out from his Sheamus’ grip like a worm. McIntyre joins in with Jimmy, but they didn’t get the chance because the twins choked them using the ropes.

The twins were doing very well calming the speed on Drew and Sheamus during this fight, hell, Jey shoves Sheamus into the barricade for great measure.

Drew and Jimmy are in the ring as the Scottish warrior sends a Claymore to the Uso twin before receiving a Super Kick by Jey.

Later on, Jey was on the top rope, so he could splash onto Sheamus, but he was too woozy. So, Sheamus met Jey up there and punched him. The Irish warrior was about to place Jey into a suplex, but Solo distracted the referee, and Sami tossed Sheamus off allowing Jey to splash him.

Sheamus kicks out in time, which makes Sami really angry. Ha! And Ridge Holland, let’s not forget him. He pulls Zayn down from the apron and engages into a brawl as Butch and Sikoa do the same. Then out of nowhere, over the top rope, McIntyre lands on everybody including Jimmy. Only Zayn administered a way to not get caught in the scuffle. Wow.

As if things weren’t already an overflowing disaster, Owens shouts at Sami at ringside saying that he should grow some balls if he truly wants to be in The Bloodline. Zayn doesn’t listen, so Kevin shoves him into the ring. The official was confused by Zayn’s complexing presence that he gets punished into a baby corner, preferably the streets of the city.

The momentary lapse gives Kevin the opening to send a Stunner to Jey, so Sheamus could deliver a Bro Kick for a winning advantage for War Games.

Good night, Sissies. And see you tomorrow.

…Wait. One more thing. How is it that the referee didn’t feel the mat rumble when Kevin did his Stunner move? Are you telling me if there were a small but noticeable earthquake, you would ignore it, sir?

Arg. Anyway, bye!

Winners: Sheamus & Drew McIntyre


TOP PHOTO: The Brawling Brutes, Drew McIntyre and Kevin Owens’ hold their hands up in victory. Courtesy of WWE