Greetings and salutations! We are thirteen days removed from Bound For Glory and on the road to the Impact Overdrive. With Kazarian giving up his X-Division title for a chance at Josh Alexander’s World title, it will be interesting to see the landscape of Impact wrestling on the Men’s side. As for the women, we are still waiting to see who will challenge Jordynne Grace for her title. Without further Ado, lets get to it!

The show started with a recap of last weeks Impact TV. We are then joined by Tom Hannifan and Matt Rehwoldt.

We cut to Chris Bey and Juice Robinson. They were having a conversation looking for Ace Austin. We then learned that Ace Austin was attacked in the parking lot (Authors Note: The parking lot is the most dangerous spot in all of pro wrestling!)

Robinson and Bey check on Austin and are then joined by Tommy Dreamer, who they were set to square off with along with Bully Ray. Robinson and Bey are suspicious of Bully Ray’s absence and think he has something to do with Austin’s attack. Robinson and Bey then start interrogating Dreamer…..

Bullet Club (Chris Bey & “ROCK HARD” Juice Robinson) vs. Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer

Juice Robinson officially took Ace Austin’s spot in the match. The match started with Bey and Dreamer in the ring as they exchanged wrist locks. Bey used his athleticism to roll over Dreamer’s back then stomped him with a high and low dropkick followed by a double stomp. Bey then went for a standing Moonsault but Dreamer moved out of the way and hit Bey with a pump-handle cutter.

Robinson and Ray are then tagged in. Robinson began stomping on Ray as they went to the corner. Robinson continued his attack on the corner with Ray. Ray rebounded slightly with a running back elbow and began chopping his chest repeatedly. Ray then got into Bey’s face trash talking before going back to manhandling Robinson.

Dreamer and Ray double team Robinson and cut him off from Bey. Dreamer and Ray delivered a double shoulder tackle on Robinson. Bey then got into the match and hit a spinning heel kick to Dreamer. Robinson hit Dreamer on the outside with a splash. Back in the ring, Bey stomped all over Dreamer then officially tagged Robinson back into the match. Robinson punched Dreamer continuously before hitting a Senton for a close two count. Bey came into the match and hit an uppercut on Dreamer’s back and locked in a headlock before sending him to the corner with an Irish Whip. Bey then went for an Art of Finesse but Dreamer countered it with a Cutter and tagged Ray back into the match as Robinson came back in via a tag from the Bullet Club team.

Ray landed some punches and then hit a back body drop on Bey who was still in the ring after the tag. Ray then put his attention to Robinson and hit a side smash for another close two-count. Dreamer and Ray were then clotheslined out of the ring as they attempted another double team. Robinson went for a Spinebuster on Ray and went to the top rope but Ray moved out of the way and hit a Full Nelson Bomb on Robinson for the win.

Winners: Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer

After the match, Dreamer confronted Ray and asked him aout the attack. Ray assured Dreamer that he did not attack Ace Austin in the parking lot before the match but things seemed uneasy with the two.

Heath and Rhino were backstage talking about their Tag Team Title match later in the show. Rhino vowed that he would tear apart The Kingdom with A GORE.

Taylor Wilde vs Mia Yim

Wilde and Yim started the match by locking up and going back and forth until Yim pushed Wilde all the way to the corner. Yim then locked in a wrist-lock and took down Wilde with it. The two lock up again and eventually exchanged arm drags. Wilde then hit forearm strikes and got a two count. The two women then hit stereo dropkicks on each other much to the delight of the crowd.

As the two women got up they exchanged fist bumps and Yim hit a wheelbarrow arm drag on Wilde. Wilde then went for a monkey flip and an arm drag of her own to take control of the match. Yim then ran the ropes and hit a front chop block followed by a running dropkick on Wilde then went for a pin but it was only a two count.

Back from commercial break, Yim kicked the back of Wilde and then the chest before hitting a staling suplex for a near fall. Yim then went for a bosy smash for yet another near fall but Wilde quicky returned the favour with a Gut-Wrench toss of her own to Yim. Yim then quickly came back and punched Wilde before locking in a Bow and Arrow but Wilde somehow got out of it via a lateral press for a two count of her own.

Wilde and Yim were both back to their feet and began exchanging punches but Wilde broke this up with a Lariat, single leg drop kick, hurricanrana and a locked rack assault combo. Yim countered this with a roll up and then both women went back and forth trying to pin each other until WIlde landed a Tijeras on Yim. Yim then hit a huge kick that sent Wilde to the corner and then hit a Cannonball on Wilde. Yim went for an Eat Defeat but Wilde got out and Yim connected with a back elbow but WIlde came back with a Wilde Ride (bridging German Suplex) for the pin and the win.

Winner: Taylor Wilde

After the match, Mickie James came out into the ring while Wilde was still there. Mickie James challenged Wilde to a match since they never face off before. VXT, Chelsea Green and Deonna Purrazzo came out to attack Wilde and James. Giselse Shaw then came out and instead of helping James and Wilde, attacked them instead. Jordynne Grace came out and hit a HUGE Spinebuster on Shawn then threw her out of the ring. Wilde, Grace, and James stand tall in the ring as James eyes Grace’s Knockouts Championship

Backstage, Jordynne Grace, Taylor Wilde, and Mickie James challenged Deonna Purrazzo, Chelsea Green, and Gisele Shaw to a match for the 10/27/2022 edition of IMPACT Wrestling.

Honor No More was seen pacing and looking confused.

Jason Hotch was complaining to his girlfriend about how he lost his spot in the Call Your Shot Battle Royal to someone. Joe Hendry shows up and told Hotch that losing was an opportunity to learn. Hotch’s girlfriend was then wearing a Hendry T-Shirt and Hotch broke up with her as he proclaimed to “Date him”. She turns to Hendry and asked if he was single….

Joe Hendry vs Jason Hotch

Before the match the crowd chanted Hendry’s theme and he got on the mic and said that he listened to the fans and they believed in Joe Hendry so he would oblige. Hendry put Hotch in a headlock then hit him with a Lariat. Hotch was able to get up and did a leapfrog over Hendry who ended up shoulder tackling Hotch. Hendry did a Suplex on Hotch. Hotch came back briefly with a Snap Mare kick on Hendry before screaming that he doesn’t trust Joe Hendry. Hendry got up and and did a one-handed spine Buster on Hotch for the win.

Winner: Joe Hendry

A flashback of Chris Sabin exercising Option C on Bully Ray aired. Bully buried and mocked him for being too small, but Sabin was able to win by using a hammer Ray brought into the ring. Good Times….

Option C and the X-Division Belt Relinquished

Scott D’Amore is in the ring and Frankie Kazarian comes out to cut a promo before cashing in Option C and relinquishing the X-Division championship. Scott D’Amore announced that there will be a tournament to crown a new X-Division champion that will culminate at Impact Overdrive. He also announced that at that show, Kazarian will challenge Josh Alexander for the Impact World Championship.

Kazarian  got on the mic and mentioned how much Impact means to him because it was where he became a household name. He siad that the one thing that has always eluded him was the World Title and that’s why he cashed in the belt for the World Title Shot. Steve Maclin came out and attacked Kazarian from behind. Maclin put Kazarian in a Tree of Woe and hit a Spear on him. Josh Alexander came out for the save.

Eddie Edwards arrived to the building and was confronted by Alisha and the rest of Honor No More. Edwards said he made his decision regarding his relationship with his wife or leading Honor No More but that would be revealed later…

Frankie Kazarian and Josh Alexander were tlaking about Maclin’s attack. Kazarian told Alexander to not trust Bull Ray before walking away.

Rich Swann vs Eric Young

Young started the match in control but Swann quickly came back with a dropkick but Young answered that with a Wheelbarrow Neckbreaker. Young sent Swann to the corner and began chopping the hell out of him then began putting the boots to him. With Swann still in the corner, Young hit him with a running Elbow direct on his head. Young then performed a Snap Mare on swann before locking in a nerve gold and turning that into a Chin lock.

Swan came back and got out of the hold by punching Young’s stomach. Swann slapped Young then hit a back fist followed by a head kick. All of that was only good enough for a two-count on a pin. Young gouged the eyes of Swann but he replied with a Cartwheel Cutter. Deaner was out to distract Swann and Young went for a Piledriver but Swann turned that into a victory roll for the win.

Winner: Rich Swann

After the match, one of Young’s students came out to try to attack Swann but the lights in the arena went out and Sami Callihan came out to help Swann.

Matt Cordona and Brian Myers were backstage. Cordona told Myers that he gave Cordona the Digital Media Championship and he wants more gold. They intend on challenging for the Impact Tag Team Titles.

The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) (c) (w/ Maria Kanellis) vs. Heath & Rhino for the IMPACT Tag Team Championship

Rhino opened the match as he wanted to tare all of Honor No More apart. Heath and Rhino isolated Bennett and did many double team moves and quick tags. Taven ended up attacking Rhino’s injured leg and the Kingdom took control of the match. Taven and Bennet kept going for Rhino’s knee.

After the commercial break, Taven went for a Lionsault and missed which gave Rhino the opening he needed to make the much needed tag to Hath. Rhino did in fact make the hot tag to Heath and he came guns a blazing with a powerslam on Bennett but the pin was stopped by Taven. Taven was then tagged in and he hit a Kick of the King for a 2-count on Heath then tagged in Bennet who hit a hard rolling elbow for yet another 2-count.

The Kingdom went for a Hail Maria but Heath hit Taven in the family jewels on the turnbuckle and hit a double clothesline on The Kingdom. Kenny King, Vincent, and PCO came out and all distracted the referee. Maria went into the ring to try to distract Rhino and throw powder into his eyes but she actually hit the powder to Bennett’s eyes before Rhino Gored her by accident as Taven looked in horror. Heath then hit the Wake Up Call on Taven for the pin and the win!

Winners:  AND New IMPACT Tag Team Champions: Heath & Rhino.

After the match, Eddie Edwards came down to the ring. Bennet checked on Maria while the rest of Honor No More goes into the ring to join Edwards. Edwards takes the mic and reminds everyone of the ultimatum of choosing either Honor No More or his wife Alisha. Edwards then said Honor No More failed…… Bennet, Taven, and King gave their loyalty to Honor No More. Edwards then asked Vincent if he was loyal to Honor No More or PCO. Edwards also questioned PCO’s loyalty.

The crowd was going nuts for PCO. PCO then attacked Honor No More except for Vincent. Vincent tried to calm everyone down but PCO tried to chokeslam him but The Kingdom then Superkicked PCO but to no avail as PCO took out The Kingdom. Vincent hit PCO with a chair but this didn’t even phase PCO. PCO then punched Vincent before hitting a flip dive through the ropes on The Kingdom on the Outside followed by chokeslamming Vincent on a bunch of chairs.

Honor No More Blows up to end the show….



IMPACT: October 20, 2022

Everyone in IMPACT right now seems to have a story happening. From Bully Ray’s trust issues with everyone, Joe Hendry being Joe Hendry, to VXT , Wilde, Grace and James, to Josh Alexander and Kazarian and finally the blow up of Honor No More. The show is intriguing right now and the eventual blow up of Honor No More was handled well considering that The Kingdom appeared on AEW so we had an inkling on what would happen. The cherry on top is we have good fun matches. All in all this was a good episode of IMPACT TV that really paved the way for Overdrive on November 18, 2022.