Greetings and salutations all! It is the biggest show of the year for Impact and while the card looks great, the star power form past shows isn’t there. That said, the current roster is super talented so I am sure that the show will be great. Without further ado, let’s get to it!


A lot of the show had technical difficulties but let’s go into the important stuff.

Brian Myers vs. Dirty Dango for the Digital Media Championship

After issuing his open challenge many people have been wondering who could have a blue checkmark and challenge Myers for the Digital Media championship. Well, it was none other than Dirty Dango.

The match kicked off with vintage Dango hip action. Once the action started Myers connected with a front kick and dragged Dango all the way to the ringpost. Myers controlled a lot of the front half of the match. Dango came back with a suicide dive that gave him some control in the match. Dando then made a brief comeback as he punched and kicked his way to an advantage and ended a combo with a Legsweep. Dango then hit Myers with a Falcon Arrow for a two-count.

Dango’s momentum didn’t last long as Myers quickly came back with an Enzuigiri and Edgeucution which was only good enough for a two-count. Dango hit Myers with a dirty Palm but Myers quickly recovered and hit a Spear and Roster Cut for the win.

Winner: AND STILL Impact Digitial Media Champion – Brian Myers

Raven Inducted into the Impact Hall of Fame

Tommy Dreamer was out to induct Raven to the Hall of Fame. There was some joking from Dreamer about thinking that he was inducted into the Hall of Fame and then when it was clarified that it was for Raven, Dreamer made a joke that he is still out jobbing for Raven.

Dreamer mentioned that he has known Raven for a long time and made reference to Raven having MENSA IQ. Dreamer said that Raven was influential in not only his career but that of everyone in ECW. Dreamer wanted everyone to thank Raven. Dreamer was beginning to get all choked up as he then introduced Raven to the arena.

Raven came out and accepted his glass trophy. Raven had his moment as he basked in the moment as the crowd cheered heavily for him. Raven first said that he is known for being a smart ass and a dick. He mentioned that he has ADD and being very self destructive which aren’t typically qualities you’d want in a wrestler. Raven mentioned that he didn’t think he deserved the cheers because boos always made him feel at home. Raven made mention that he is one of the last wrestlers to go through the territories and that taught him how to be successful. He thanked Grappler Len Denton for helping him through his journey including how to book a show in a serial format. Raven was then visibly choking up and mentioned that he wants boos now to make him feel less nervous.

Raven then thanks Paul Heyman for being a huge part in his career and for allowing him to do anything he wanted. Raven mentioned that his greates feuds in ECW were against Dreamer and Sandman. Raven said he went to WCW for the money. He said that that’s when his self destructive nature took over. He mentioned that he got clean and sober when he went to WWE but that he was still miserable through his time there. That’s when TNA came calling. He said that TNA extended his career by a few years. Raven mentioned that he hated the drive to Nashville but he was happy in TNA. Raven said that he feels like he’s in the Hotel California and can’t ever seem to leave TNA.

Raven then put his attention on Dreamer. He thanks Dreamer for their time as enemies and friends through 20 years. Raven then hugged Dreamer and then DDT’d him on the stage. Raven ended his speech with “quote the Raven, Nevermore…”

Bound For Glory 2022 Main Card

There was a narrated open to the show highlighting the various feuds and stories that are currently taking place on the card.

We get right into the action…

“Speedball” Mike Bailey vs. Frankie Kazarian for the Impact X Division Championship

The men started the match by shaking each other’s hands as a sign of respect. Kaz and Bailey locked up and Kaz pressured his way to the corner. After the men broke up the lock up, Bailey arm dragged Kazarian and went for a backslide but this quick pin attempt was only good for a two-count. With both men up, Kazarian went for a roll up which was only good for a two. Kazarian went for a chicken wing but Bailey held the ropes to block the move from causing real damage. Both men traded dropkicks and then Bailey blocked another crossface attempt with an armdrag. Bailey continued to dodge and move out of Kazarian’s offense as he dodged a Guillotine Legdrop and ended up landing a Triangle Moonsault on Kazarian.

Bailey went to the top rope but took too long as Kazarian shoved him off it. Back in the ring, Kazarian hit a slingshot legdrop and went for a pin but it was only a two-count. Bailey then attempted his Martial Arts offense but Kazarian was blocking it all and ended up locking in a cross arm submission. Kazarian then put Bailey in an electric Chair and Bailey reversed this into a victory roll pin but again, not enough for the win. Bailey then kneed Kazarian. With Bailey in firm control of the match, he went for Rapid Kicks and a Red Arrow for a two-count. Bailey continued with a chamber kick that was blocked which he then hit a Back to the Future for just a two-count.

Both men are starting to show exhaustion as a double Lariat brought them both down. Kazarian and Bailey then trade some more roll ups but Kazarian won this combo with a bodyslam on Bailey. Kazarian went to the well one too many times as he missed a springboard leg drop which opened the door for a kick and a Meteora-Sault for Bailey onto Kazarian. Bailey followed this up with a 720 Tornado Kick and an Ultima Weapon which gave us the closest two-count humanly possible.

Kazarian was finally able to lock in a Crossface Chickenwing but after falling down, Bailey picked himself up and threw himself outside to break the hold. Kazarian eventually threw Bailey back in the ring and cnnected with a slingshot RKO for a two-count. Kazarian dragged a lifeless Bailry body to the top rope and ended up connecting a Spanish Fly for yet another nearfall. Bailey is now seeing his championship run come to a near close so he desperately went for modified pins to try and put the match to an end. Bailey reversed a Back to the Future with a Poisonrana. As Bailey went for a Ultima Weapon, Kazarian reversed this into another Cutter but yet again, it wasn’t enough to put Bailey away. As Bailey kicked out of the pin, Kazarian locked in one last Chicken Wing and this time Bailey was forced to tap out to give Kazarian another X-Devision Championship!

Winner: AND NEW X-Division Champion, Frankie Kazarian

In the back, Gia Miller interviewed Mickie James about her upcoming match which could be her last if she loses. James said that she handpicked Yim and doesn’t want her to go easy on her. James said she is hearing people asking if she can still hang with the likes of Yim and if its time for her to pass the torch? James said that she is the torch and it’s time to burn Albany to the Ground….

Authors Note: Wording……

A hype package for Mickie James vs Mia Yim airs

Mickie James vs Mia Yim

The match started with both women locked up elbow to collar deep. They were mutually separated and then James and Yim went through a sequence of wristholds, armdrags, and rollups. Yim then locked a legscissors to get out of a headlock and James escaped the aforementioned move with a kick up. Yim then blocked a DDT from James and James locked up her left knee. James hit Yim with a back elbow and eventually hyperextended James’ already injured knee. Yim then focused a lot of her offense on James’ injured knee. James gets some momentum and ended Yim’s sequence with a huracanrana. James then hit a neckbreaker to give her a bit of a rest.

James dodged a Lou Thesz Press and hit Yim with more forearms and Axe Handle strikes. James’ knee is still not well through this sequence. Yim ended up coming back with a buckle bomb followed by a corner Cannonball for a two-count. James and Yim were back up and traded punches all the way to the top rope. When the women were at the top rope, James kissed Yim and ended up hitting a seated senton for a two count. James then went for a Mick Kick but Yim reversed this and locked in a Stretch Muffler. Yim, now in firm control of the match hit James with a Pele Kick and hit James with Eat Defeat but James broke the pin as she extended her hand to the rope in a last second attempt to save the match.

Yim shoved James across the ring and James yelled at Yim to come at her. James moved out of another Cannonball and hit Yim with a Mick-DT as she goes for a pin which gave her the victory.

Winner: Mickie James

We get a hype video for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship Match…

“VXT” Deonna Purrazzo and Chelsea Green vs. “The Death Dolls” Taya Valkyrie and Jessicka (w/Rosemary) for the Imapct Knockouts Tag Team Championship

VXT and specifically Green was dominated and overpowered by Jessika to start the match. Purrazzo was tagged in but she did not do much better. Valkyrie was tagged in and quickly took Purrazzo to the ground and landed her double stomp. Valkyrie also hit Johnny Impact’s sliding German Suplex. Green kicked Valkyrie’s back then both members of VXT gave the boots to Valkyrie. VXT cut the ring in half as they do quick tags to keep the pressure on Valkyrie.

Jessika eventually got the hot tag BUT Purrazzo had the ref distracted to make this an illegal tag to force Valkyrie back into the match. VXT with a double suplex on Valkyrie. After some more pressure from VXT, Taya was finally able to get the hot tag and Jessicka came into the ring with a vengeance. Jessicka hit a kick combo and followed that up with a Bionic Elbow on Green. Jessicka then bodyslammed both of VXT and hit them with a running splash. Purrazzo quickly came back with a flatliner and Green followed that up with a stomp for a two-count. Taya came back in and gave Purrazo a spear, and Jessicka hit Green with a Sikishi Driver folowed by a Roadhouse and the pin and the win!

Winners: AND NEW Knockouts Tag Team Champions, The Death Dollz

“The Kingdom” Matt Taven and Mike Bennett (w/Maria Kanellis) vs. “The Motor City Machine Guns” Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley for the Impact Tag Team Titles

It was a quick start to the match as Taven dropkicked Shelley. The other two men came into the ring and Bennet dominated his side match with Sabin. Sabin folowed this up with a springbaord crossbody but Bennett answered that up with a Mule Kick. Sabin hit a huracanrana and a couple armdrags. Taven was back in the match and he and Bennett double teamed Sabin. Taven missed an elbow which allowed Shelley to tag into the match. All four men were in the ring exchanging punches as things really picked up. With Taven in a wheelbarrow from Sabin, Shelley hit a PK the arm of Taven. MCMG then focused a lot of their attacks on Taven’s arm. Sabin with a leapfrog axe handle. Sabin then got Taven in an armbar. MCMG were then able to isolate Taven on their half of the ring as they cut Taven off from his partner, Mike Bennett.

Maria was able to distract the referee but Shelley attacked both memebrs of the Kingdom. Bennett quickly came back and re-took control of the match with a Lariat. Bennet with an elbow and Taven landed a dive to Shelley. Now it was The Kingdom’s turn to cut the ring in half and do quick tags. Bennett put Shelley in a Grapevine Kimura but Shelley was able to get out of the hold but the double team attacked to Shelley killed any momentum he could have had. Shelley eventually made both members of The Kingdom to collide on each other and and this opened up the chance for Sabin to get the hot tag.

Now with Sabin in in the ring he ‘Cleaned house” and hit a crossbody on both members of The Kingdom. Bennett accidentally hit an elbow on Taven as both guys were knocked outside of the ring. With both members of The Kingdom on the outside, Sabin hit a Suicide Dive on both of them. Sabin eventually hit a cutter on Bennett. Now both members of MCMG hit Taven with a double Michinoku Driver and this gave Sabin a two-count.

MCMG hit Taven with double Yakuza Kicks but Maria once again distracted the referee which gave Bennett a small window to re-take control of the match for The Kingdom. As Bennett put a world of hurt on Sabin, Shelley put Taven in a Tree of Woe. Sabin and Bennett shared slaps and Shelley ate a superkick from Bennett but he returned the favour with a superkick of his own to Bennett. Shelley then hit Taven with a hesitation dropkick. Bennett fishhooked Shelley to get him off the ring apron. Bennet superkicked Maria by accident after Sabin dodged the kick and with the madness happening, Taven rolled up Sabin to get the three-count and the win.

Winners: AND STILL Impact Tag Team Champions, The Kingdom (Mike Bennett & Matt Taven)

We get a recap of Raven’s Hall of Fame induction.

We then get a video hyping the Call Your Shot Match

The Impact Call Your Shot Battle Royal

This match is Royal Rumble Rules where the final two in the ring wrestle in a regular match to determine the winner.

First out was Eric Young followed by Joe Hendry. Young Attacked Hendry to start the match. Hendry made a small comeback until the third entrant, Steve Maclin made his way into the match.

Maclin hit Hendry with a Uranage into a backbreaker. Rich Swann was next out and hit several 450 splashes on Young and Maclin. Hendry with a Fallaway slam on Swann and Maclin. PCO then came out.

Savannah Evans came in next and had a face off with PCO. Both tried to give the other a chokeslam. Maclin stopped this. Johnny Swinger came out next followed by Tasha Steelz who partnered up with Evans. Killer Kelley came out and hit forearms on just about everyone but was elimated quickly. Evans and Kelly were fighting when Steelz threw both out. Moose came out next and eliminated Hendry.

Moose went after PCO as Sammi Callihan came out. Callihan attacked Moose and Maclin. Swinger went after Steelz. Taylor Wilde was next in and hit a hurricanrana on Swann followed by a German Suplex on Maclin. Gisele Shaw was next in. Deaner ran in and hit Callihan to save  Young.

Next in was the surprise return of Bully Ray. Steelz was picked up and tossed onto Young and his security by Ray to eliminate her. Tommy Dreamer was out next.

Maclin and Moose ate some Bionic Elbows from Dreamer and Bully Ray. Rhino camein next. The EXW originals of Ray, Dreamer and Rhino all went face to face. Dreamer and Ray tossed Swinger. Bhupinder Gujjar was next as Dreamer was eliminated. Heath camein next and hit a wake up call on Young, Swann, and Moose. Heath and Rhino were re-united to a massive pop.

Bobby Fish was in next as the crowd chanted CM Punk. Matt Cordona was the final entrant. Moose threw out Rhino and Maclin eliminated Heath. Maclin then eliminated Moose via clothesline. Shaw and Wilde were eliminated by Cordona who was quickly eliminated by Gujjar. Young then eliminated Gujjar via a neckbreaker on the apron. Swann then kicked Young who was still on the apron to eliminate him.

We were down to the final four of Bully Ray, Steve Maclin, Rich Swann, and Bobby Fish. Ray was attacked by everyone. Swann and Fish were eliminated leaving Maclin and Ray as the final two to have a match.

After some quick offense between the two Ray dodged a knee and hit a Bully Bomb on Maclin for the win to win the Call Your Shot Gauntlet.

Winner: Bully Ray

Eddie Edwards was seen hugging his kids backstage. Alisha Edwards was there and Eddie started a promo stating he will win the Impact championship to continue his and Honor No More’s goals. One of Eddie’s daughters asked what will happen if he doesn’t win? He said that won’t happen

A hype video for the Knockouts Championship match aired.

Jordynne Grace vs. Masha Slammovich for the Impact Knockouts Championship

Grace had early control of the match as she user her forearms to overpower Slammovich. Masha eventually took control of the match with a roundhouse on the apron. Masha with a Thrill of the Kill on Grace. Masha then focused a lot of her offense on Grace’s neck. Grace made a brief comeback as she hit Masha with a backdrop and slingshot stomp. Grace went for a Grace Driver but Masha was able to block this and followed it up with another roundhouse followed by a fireman takedown and a stomp. Masha is now in full control of Grace. Masha hit a Yakuza Kick and a PK to Grace in the corner.

Grace attempted a comeback with some rear guard punches. Both women attempted a suplex but they were blocked with punches. Both women started chopping each other chests. and after Masha hit Grace with a back elbow, Grace answered that with a spinebuster. Masha hit some roundhouse kicks which didn’t even phase Grace. Grace then hit Masha with a Michinoku Driver for a close two-count. Grace missed a Vader Bomb which opened the door for Masha to take control of the match.

Masha hit Grace with a Canadian Destroyer for a two-count. Masha and Grace then fought to the top rope and Grace ended up delivering a superplex to Masha from the top rope. Grace followed this up with a Jackhammer and once again it was only good for a two-count. Grace went for a Kinniku Buster but Masha escaped and landed a hook kick to Grace.

Masha use a Karate takedown on Grace and locked in a Crossface. Grace struggled but found her way to the rope for the eventual break. Masha then hit Grace with a Bridged German Suplex for another two-count. Both women are starting to show effects of the match as they are worn out and are staggering around the ring. Both women exchange punches. Grace got the advantage and hit a Vertebreaker on Masha which once again focused on the neck of Masha. Grace finally hit a Grace Driver on Masha after she taunted her a bit for a very close nearfall.

Grace was able to put Masha on a Torture Rack and Masha hit a strong right on Grace to escape. Masha hit an Air Raid Crash and followed this with a Snow Plow. Masha slowly went for the pin and thought she had it but Grace’s foot was under the rope for the break. Masha slowly moved Grace to the top rope but Grace reversed the momentum at the top rope and hit a Grace Driver from the top. Grace stagegred over to Masha and scored the pinfall win.

Winner: AND STILL Knockouts Champion, Jordynne Grace. 

Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt checked in from the commentary table. Hannifan hyped up the Impact Plus Overdrive show for November 18th. Hannifan sent the show to an ad for Impact’s January PPV, which is a Friday the 13th Hard to Kill

A hype video for the main event between Eddie Edwards and Josh Alexander aired.

As Eddie Edwards came out, we see his family at ringside. Edwards called off and sent back Honor No More to the back.

Josh Alexander vs. Eddie Edwards for the Impact World Championship

Edwards dominated the early part of the match. Edwards chopped and elbowed Alexander but Alexander got a quick leg takedown. Eddie threw Alexander to the outside and allowed Alexander back in the ring. Edwards was frustrated with himself and argued with the fans. Back in the ring, Alexander with an armdrag on Edwards. Edwards with a face wash to Alexander, then Alexander sat Eddie on the apron and hit a crossbody to his back. Alexander with firm control of the match but Edwards came back with an Atomic Drop and Belly to Belly. Eddie hit Alexander with a suicide dive. Edwards then removed the mat outside to expose the bare floor. This took too much time as Alexander hit a Suicide Dive on Edwards. Alexander set up Edwards for a German Suplex on the outside onto the exposed floor but Edwards grabbed the ropes and eventually hit Alexander with a Die Hard River on the floor.

Eddie dragged Alexander’s lifeless body back into the ring and went for the pin but it wasn’t enough. Edwards then put Alexander on the top rope and hit a Backpack Stunner and followed this up with a pin. Alexander got up at two and quickly went for a Single Leg Crab. Alexander was in obvious pain but he went to the ropes for a break. Edwards had full control of the match as no matter what Alexander did, Edwards had an answer. Edwards reversed a kick right inot a powerbomb. After sometime though, Alexander had some momentum as he hit a Alabama Slam out of nowhere. Alexander then gave Eddie chained German Suplexes on the entrance ramp. Alexander followed this up with a backbreaker bomb. Alexander went for a C4 but Edwards got 0ut and hit Alexander with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a close call pin.

With Alexander reeling from the Blue THunder Bomb, Edwards dropped his kneepad and went for a Boston Knee Party. Edwards wrnt for a Die Hard Driver but Alexander reversed it into a Half and Half Suplex. Edwards went for a Gamegiri from the top rope but Alexander reversed it into an ankle lock. Since they were on the top rope, Alexander put all the pressure he could before the five-count.

Edwards came back with a Tiger Driver for a close pin. Edwards then hit some chops and eventually both men went back and forth with slaps, punches, and chops. Alexander is now fired up and took down the straps from his attire. Alexander hit some punches on Edwards and hit a Discus forearm but Edwards responded right away with Jackknife Rollup. Edwards hit a Lariat but Alexander came right back and answered that with another Discus forearm and C4 Spike for the pin and the win to retain!

Winner: AND STILL Impact World Champion, Josh Alexander

After the match Honor No More all came out to beat up Alexander. Swann tried to help but Honor No More came back and beat Swann up. A Table was set up in the ring as Bully Ray came in with his Call Your Shot trophy. What side will Bully Ray pick? Well as Ray stood over Alexander and allowed him to get up. Right before they went to blows, Ray picked his side and attacked Honor No More with Alexander. The ring is now clear as Alexander and Ray are alone. Ray grabbed the belt and held it over his head. Ray got into Alexander’s face and said that he needs to step up his game and dared Alexander to rip the belt from his hands. This exchange closed the show…

TOP PHOTO: Josh Alexander vs. Eddie Edwards for the Impact World Championship at Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory on Friday, October 7, 2022, at the Albany Armory in Albany, NY. Photo by George Tahinos,


George Tahinos’ Impact Bound For Glory 2022 gallery


Bound For Glory: October 7, 2022

The in-ring was really great. While the show did not have the star power of past Bound For Glory’s, the show was really fun as each match was given the right amount of time.

The one puzzling decision was having Bully Ray comeback and be given a prominent role by not only winning the Call Your Shot match but also standing tall with the belt as he stared at the champion, Josh Alexander.

This is a fun wrestling show and I will give the Bully Ray story a shot so all in all, the show delivered for a fun night of pro wrestling.