Night six of the NJPW G1 Climax tournament hosted a series of grudge matches, leaving perhaps the most personal for its main event. Former friends and tag team partners Juice Robinson and David Finlay unleashed their animosity on one another in their G1 Climax match.

Both men yelled at the official to ring the bell so they can just wail on each other. Robinson goes full heel on Finlay when he pulls up one of the mats covering the arena floor around the ring. Robinson attempts a piledriver but Finlay backdrops him on the floor instead. An angry Finlay throws Robinson into ring barrier after ring barrier.

Finlay dodges Robinson as he charges in. Robinson clobbers Red Shoes instead. Robinson grabs the IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship and takes a swing at Finlay. Finlay counters with a swing of his shillelagh. Finlay cracks Robinson in the head with it and urges the official to gather himself and make the count. Finlay though pulls Robinson up at two. He pins him with Trash Panda.

Chase Owens started his match with The Great-O-Khan with a bit of chicanery. As Owens came down to the ring he reminded Kevin Kelly that in the same arena he beat The Ace at last year’s tournament. Before the bell rings Owens throws blinding powder into Khan’s face. Owens almost gets a three count on a stunned Khan. Owens rakes Khan’s face and eyes across the ropes to inflict further damage.

Kevin Kelly and Chris Charlton discuss how Khan was recognized for saving a young girl from a horrendous situation and how he has devoted time to saving wildlife as well. Way to break kayfabe guys. Khan makes a comeback hanging Owens in the Tree of Woe and nailing him with a sliding drop kick. Kahn gets some revenge smashing Owens head into the apron over and over again.

Khan is blinded. Courtesy: NJPW.

Standing on the apron, Owens pulls Khan’s arms through the ropes, guillotining his throat on those ropes. A C Trigger running knee strike and a Package Piledriver pins Khan much to the surprise of everyone in Korakuen Hall.

Evil joins Kenta’s Book of the Month Club. Courtesy: NJPW.

Bullet Club members Evil and Kenta didn’t hold back in their bout either. Evil attempted to pull Kenta into his finisher instead of shaking his hand as the match began. Kenta poked him in the eyes in the guise of Too-Sweeting him.

Kenta goes under the ring and retrieves a copy of his new book. Kenta offers it as a present to Evil. Evil pretends to read it, throws it into the air, kicks Kenta in the stomach and then throws him out of the ring.  An angry Kenta smashes Evil’s head off a steel post and smashes his book, or what’s left of it, over his head too. Kenta places the book on the announce table and bonks Evil’s head off of that. Kenta picks up the bell hammer and swings it at Evil. Evil blocks with the bell itself. Evil heaves Kenta into the barricade which knocks over the time-keeper and his table.

In a funny bit, Evil wraps a microphone cord around Kenta’s throat and asks him if he quits. Kenta retrieves his crutch from under the ring. With the official down he has plans to brain Evil. Togo stops him waving his finger in his face. Kenta sees the official getting to his feet. He lays down on the ground screaming as Togo stands holding the crutch. Kenta pushes Evil into Togo and almost gets the pinfall.

Kenta takes Evil’s breath away. Courtesy: NJPW.

Kenta has Evil in the Yes Lock. The lights in the arena go out. When the lights are back up, Evil is choking out Kenta with a t-shirt. Kenta and Evil start swinging chairs at each other on the floor. Kenta wins that fight hitting Evil over and over with the chair he has. Kenta chokes Evil on the floor with the steel chair. As they both try to stop the other from getting back into the ring and beating the count, Dick Togo reaches from under the ring grabbing Kenta’s legs. Kenta is counted out so Evil wins.

NJPW G1 Climax 32 Standings

G1 Climax A Block
G1 Climax B Block
G1 Climax C Block
G1 Climax D Block

NJPW G1 Climax 32 Night 6 Results

House of Torture (SHO and Yujiro Takahashi) versus Ryohei Oiwa and Yuto Nakashima

Nakashima submits to Sho’s Snake Bite.

Winners: House of Torture (SHO and Yujiro Takahashi)

CHAOS (Tomohiro Ishii and Toru Yano) versus TMDK (Jonah and Bad Dude Tito)

Yano shoves Tito into Ishii and then rolls him up for a pin.

Winners: CHAOS (Tomohiro Ishii and Toru Yano)

Hirooki Goto, Tama Tonga and Jado versus United Empire (Jeff Cobb, Will Ospreay and Aaron Henare)

Jado submits to Henare’s Ultima submission hold.

Winners: United Empire (Jeff Cobb, Will Ospreay and Aaron Henare)

Kazuchika Okada, YOSHI-HASHI and Hiroshi Tanahashi versus Suzuki-gun (Zack Sabre Jr., Taichi and TAKA Michinoku)

Hashi pins Taka with his new Lariat finisher.

Winners: Kazuchika Okada, YOSHI-HASHI and Hiroshi Tanahashi

Los Ingobernables de Japon (BUSHI, Tetsuya Naito, Shingo Takagi and SANADA) versus Bullet Club (Jay White, Bad Luck Fale, El Phantasmo and Gedo)

Bushi gets a win! I repeat Bushi gets a win! He pins Gedo with an MX. I repeat, Bushi gets a win! It is such a rarity these days I will wear my Bushi shirt for the rest of the day.

Winners: Los Ingobernables de Japon (BUSHI, Tetsuya Naito, Shingo Takagi and SANADA)

Great-O-Khan versus Chase Owens – G1 Climax Match

Winner: Chase Owens

KENTA versus EVIL   – G1 Climax Match

Winner: EVIL

Tom Lawlor versus Lance Archer – G1 Climax Match

Archer pins Lawlor with Blackout.

Winner: Lance Archer

Juice Robinson versus David Finlay  – G1 Climax Match

Winner: David Finlay