Sami Callihan went hunting on Thursday night’s episode of Impact Wrestling, and his prey was his nemesis Moose. And, despite his team getting the “W” against W. Morrissey and PCO, Moose did indeed get tagged by Callihan, who laid him out with a baseball bat after the match. With his show-ending threat, it’s likely that this one will only get more intense until these two inevitably collide – possibly in a couple of weeks at Slammiversary, the build to which was what this show was all about.

A nifty throwback video package kicked off the show, paying tribute to the TNA roots and the 20-year history of the company.


Match 1: Savannah Evans (w/ Tasha Steelz) vs. Mia Yim

Deonna Purrazzo joined Tom Hannifan on commentary for this one, as Matthew Rehwoldt was in the back preparing for his upcoming match.

Savannah had “Cannibal” written on her tights, and at first I thought it said “Hannibal” and I was tempted to turn off the show because nobody wants to see Hannibal wrestle.

Given that this was one of Mia’s first matches back, this one was surprisingly one-sided against her. Savannah was in control for a long time, battering Yim with throws, strikes, and numerous power moves. Yim tried to mount comebacks, but would get stifled again and again, to the point it was resembling a squash. But Yim finally did turn the tide and staggered Evans with a big Kick to the Face on the floor. Yim threw Evans back in but as she tried to follow, Tasha Steelz got in some cheap shots behind the referee’s back. This brought Jordynne Grace to the ring and she pummeled Steelz.


In the ring, Yim avoided a charge by Evans and hit Eat Defeat to get the win.

This was very much a showcase for Evans’ fairly basic offence. With Yim being a competitor in the Queen of the Mountain match at Slammiversary – and not Evans – it’s interesting that she didn’t get a chance to shine more in this one.

Winner: Mia Yim

They showed a clip from earlier today where Shark Boy confronted Eddie Edwards about attacking long-time TNA/Impact veterans Chris Sabin and Frankie Kazarian. Shark Boy suggested Eddie should show some more respect to the company’s Day One-ers and the company itself. Eddie was hearing none of that and slammed Shark Boy against the wall. Before he could do anything, “Wildcat” Chris Harris walked in and said that Eddie should respect Impact and not associate with the Honor No More faction who has no respect for Impact or what it stands for. Eddie let go of Shark Boy and left, but said that at Slammiversary, HNM would end Impact’s legacy.

In the back the Influence entered into Rosemary’s corner and boasted about what they did to Havok, and said it proved that Decay had no business challenging them for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship. They offered Rosemary a makeup makeover but Rosemary declined and threatened to bite off their faces. Crazzy Steve and Black Taurus came in and scared away the Influence.


Match 2: Kenny King (w/ Honor No More) vs. Blake Christian

Trey Miguel filled Rehwoldt’s chair on commentary for this one. King’s spot in the Ultimate-X match for the X-Division Championship at Slammiversary was on the line in this match.

Christian was on fire in the early moments, dizzying up King with a speedy hit-and-move assault, including a big Somersault Dive to the floor.


King slowed things down with some no-nonsense shots, flattening Christian with fists, kicks, and targeted submission holds. Christian broke free and he hit another rapid-fire series of moves, nearly getting a pin after Backbreaker/Half-and-Half Suplex combo, and another after a nice Standing Somersault Senton. But when he went for a Handspring move, King kicked him in the spine and dropped Christian. They exchanged moves, including a really sweet Flying Splash by Christian onto King who was draped over the top rope – that looked really good – but neither one would stay down. Christian went for a 450-Slpash, but Kenny got his knees up. He then picked up Christian and hit a Dragon Suplex and a Royal Flush that kept Christian down for good.

This was a really good match and felt like a throwback to the X-Division matches of the early days of TNA. King is an all-arounder, and Christian can do some incredible things in the ring – if he had a bit more personality/charisma, he could be a huge star in the X-Division.

Winner: Kenny King

A video package aired to announce the fifth participant in the Slammiversary Ultimate-X match: Jack Evans. The “Forbidden Door” must be open – or at least Impact’s wallet is – because the video include a bunch of clips from Evans in All Elite Wrestling. That match now features King, Evans, Ace Austin, “Speedball” Mike Bailey, Trey Miguel, and one more name to be announced.

In the back, Bhupinder Gujjar thanked W. Morrissey for teaming up with him last week. Morrissey gave Gujjar some advice, saying there’s nothing wrong with having someone watch your back. Gujjar offered his help to Morrissey if he needed it tonight. But Morrissey pointed to PCO, his tag team partner for the match later tonight, who was acting crazy, and Morrissey said that things were covered.


Match 3: Matthew Rehwoldt vs. Rich Swann

Swann was looking for revenge on Rehwoldt who screwed him out of a World Title opportunity in an earlier Gauntlet Match.

During Swann’s introduction, they showed footage from a Wrestling Revolver show last weekend where he beat Matt Cardona for the Impact Digital Media Championship, but Cardona stole and left with the belt.

They did some comedy to start, with Swann making Rehwoldt look foolish. But Rehwoldt got serious and drove Swann into the ringpost, and then hit an impressive Rope-Assisted Stomp for a very close call. But Rehwoldt got too cocky, trash-talking Swann and the crowd, and that allowed Swann to come back with some kicks. Rehwoldt caught Swann in a flying move attempt and hit Earth Shatter (an Inverted Fireman’s Carry Slam) for two. Swann surprised Rehwoldt with a Handspring Cutter and then hit a Phoenix Splash for the win.


This was a short, but fun match. Rehwoldt is really entertaining and it wouldn’t be unwelcome to see him in the ring more often.

Winner: Rich Swann

They showed a clip from the BTI pre-show where Alisha Edwards beat Renee Michelle with an ugly-looking Delish (Neckbreaker). After the match, Masha Slamovich came to the ring and harshly shoved an envelope into Alisha’s grasp.

Backstage, Gia Miller interviewed Alisha who revealed that the envelope contained a photo of Alisha with a red X drawn through it. Gisele Shaw came up and told Alisha that it meant that Masha had marked her for death. Alisha was understandably shaken up. In reading the spoilers for this segment, I misread and thought that Alisha had competed against former WWE Diva and Playboy model Candice Michelle. I wonder what she’s been up to lately. Hey, Candice, if you’re reading this, hit me up.


Good Brothers / Briscoe Brothers confrontation

The Good Brothers came to the ring, and boasted about their accomplishments. They said when they meet the Tag Team Champions, the Briscoe Brothers, at Slammiversary, their winning ways will continue. They mocked the Briscoes and poked fun at their down-on-the-farm way of life. But the Briscoes probably know how to say the word “lineage” correctly and not pronounce it “linnage” like was done here.

They ran a video of their Top 10 accomplishments since joining Impact, with most of the items being the time they beat the Briscoes. But they kept saying it, and like with Beetlejuice, say their names enough, and the Briscoes will appear. They hit the ring and grabbed mics. The Briscoes said that the Good Brothers were soft and pampered and couldn’t handle a hard life on the farm, whereas the Briscoes grind all day long.

They exchanged some more insults and this led to a quick brawl. The Briscoes were getting the best of it, and the Good Brothers skedaddled.



Backstage, Gia Miller interviewed World Champion Josh Alexander who said that he didn’t have time to be worried about defending the title against Eric Young at Slammiversary. Because he needed that time to get ready to face Young, who has done it all in the company. He noted that he needed to prepare not only for Young, but for Young’s Violent By Design cohorts Deaner and Doering as well. Suddenly, Josh found himself surrounded by all of Violent By Design. Josh tried to take them all on in a brawl, but security broke it up and separated everyone.

Josh then went to Impact Executive Vice-President Scott D’Amore and requested a match against Doering next week. D’Amore told him to focus on his Slammiversary match only. Josh said he wanted to take care of Doering so he wouldn’t be a factor at Slammiversary, D’Amore agreed to give him the match.


Match 4: Matt Taven & Mike Bennett vs. Heath & Rhino

Eddie Edwards joined Tom Hannifan on commentary for this match, featuring his Honor No More stablemates Taven and Bennett.

Heath & Rhino were dominant in the opening minute, but  a blind tag by HNM let them isolate Heath and double-team him in their corner. A funny spot saw Bennett run the ropes, criss-crossing a few times before simply poking Heath in the eye. After a few attempts at trying to tag in Rhino but getting cut off, Heath finally did. Rhino was on fire, but when all four started brawling in the ring, that atmosphere was perfect for HNM. Bennett hit Rhino with a Superkick and Taven sneaked up behind and hit Rhino with the Climax for the pin.

After the match, Edwards and the rest of Honor No More ran into the ring and they swarmed Heath and Rhino. They took a steel chair and bashed Rhino’s ankle repeatedly, leaving him screaming in pain. The beatdown continued until the Motor City Machine Guns and Frankie Kazarian ran in for the save.



The match itself was pretty standard and somewhat lacklustre, but the post-match attack was fine. Rhino was the MVP here for his shrieks after his leg got crunched.

Winners: Matt Taven & Mike Bennett

In the back, Scott D’Amore oversaw the medical team who loaded Rhino into an ambulance. Heath accompanied Rhino en route to the hospital. Kazarian and the Guns confronted D’Amore and said they wanted a chance to avenge what had happened. D’Amore told them to find two other partners and they could face Honor No More at Slammiversary. D’Amore reiterated that these three had been there since the beginning, so perhaps that means some TNA legends may be taking those spots?


Match 5: Moose & Steve Maclin vs. W. Morrissey & PCO

Matthew Rehwoldt was back at the commentary desk, having rebounded from his earlier loss.

On paper, this one had a bizarre dynamic with these two teams. Moose has had his issues with Morrissey, and Maclin has had his issues with Honor No More member PCO. But why would babyface Morrissey want to team up with PCO?

After PCO monster-handled Maclin early on, they both tagged their partners, leading to a slobber-knocking chop exchange between Morrissey and Moose. The referee seemingly forgot this wasn’t a Texas Tornado rules match, as he let PCO and Morrissey go wild on both opponents with multiple Avalanches in a lengthy sequence.

Some dirty tactics let Maclin and Moose take over and they took turns putting the hurt on Morrissey, working over his knee. Morrissey finally got loose and tagged in PCO who was on fire. He took down both opponents and then crushed Maclin with a De-Animator (a Flying Somersault Dive off the ropes onto Maclin who was lying on the apron). That looked gross. Later, PCO hit both Moose and Maclin with a Running Somersault Dive over the top and to the floor.

The closing minute saw a series of hard-hitting, teeth-shattering blows dished out by everyone to everyone. Maclin, in particular, hit Morrissey with the Crosshairs and immediately followed that up with a Flying Dive to the floor on PCO. Maclin went back into the ring and hit Morrissey with a DDT for good measure, and that was enough to get the pin.

After the match, PCO clobbered Maclin, but then ate a Spear by Moose.

Moose stood alone and triumphant in the ring when suddenly the lights went off. When they came back on, Sami Callihan was in there. Moose was ready and charged to Spear Callihan, but Callihan hit him in the head with a baseball bat, downing the mighty Moose. Sami posed over Moose’s fallen body and the show ended with him screaming a promise into the camera that he would continue to make Moose’s life miserable and it would never be over between them.

This was a fun war of a match. With this win, it looks like they may finally be moving Maclin into the World Title / main event picture, and that is a welcome development. They had some minor stumbles with his booking since he’s arrived, but this could be a very good course-correction if they stick with it. PCO is really inhuman and he continues to impress doing moves more geared for someone half his age and half his size. There are reports that this could be one of Morrissey’s last matches – or maybe THE last match – in Impact. If so, it’s been a solid run. Hopefully after seeing what he did here, other companies will give him a showcase, because he’s so much better now than he was the last time he was contracted to a major company. This could very well be his time.

Winners: Steve Maclin & Moose



Impact Wrestling - June 2nd, 2022

Osceola Heritage Park Events Center - Kissimmee, FL

This was another strong show on the build-up towards Slammiversary. Go out of your way to watch the Blake Christian vs. Kenny King match. The main event was also fun, just because of the hard-hitting physicality. The Good Brothers’ promo segment was the best thing they’ve done in some time, and that was even before the Briscoes showed up. The good was somewhat countered with the merely okay, like the opening Knockouts match.