Jeff Hardy is opening up about leaving WWE and being offered a Hall of Fame spot by them.

Hardy appeared on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast with his brother Matt to address some of the issues that have followed him, been lingering since his WWE departure.

Hardy said he felt lost during his recent run with the WWE.

“The best way I can describe my journey is during the last few months there were glimmers of hope like maybe I still had something. The last glimmer of hope was Survivor Series, which was really good! It came down to me and Seth Rollins and it was killer! I almost won and the crowd was so behind me! I felt like one of the most popular baby faces in WWE because the crowd was so with me! Then, there’s other times I just felt like a ghost roaming the halls and I just don’t know why I was even there. I didn’t feel important,” he said.

Hardy admitted that jumping the rail during that house show was an intentional move on his part.

“I just said I’m ready to go and I went over the rail and disappeared into the crowd. Naturally, they thought I took something like drugs or whatever but I didn’t. If I was that bad I would never have went out there. I thought it’s just another unpredictable thing that I can do and I’ll get away with it but it was more serious than that. It was one of the smartest things I’ve ever done because everything worked out so perfectly,” he said.

The offer shortly thereafter from the WWE to include him in the Hall of Fame this year didn’t sit well with Hardy either.

“It just felt completely wrong. I almost felt offended. After my 90 days is up and the Hall of Fame’s in April and I do go to AEW, how’s that going to work? My mind and emotion kind of went crazy and I was in tears because this is my career! I know I’ve been a very influential person to a lot of like young misunderstood individuals. It just felt so wrong and I almost felt like…How dare you?” he said.

If Jeff is ever inducted he would love to do so not on his own but with his brother.

“It’s never really meant that much to me. It’s not time for that and it feels like something Matt and I should do together as the Hardy Boys when the time is right. It was just weird. I still don’t know how I feel about that. Overall, it just felt so wrong,” he said.