Following Dynamite last night, AEW posted a backstage interview with Cody Rhodes in which he apparently confirmed his status with the promotion.

“You asked for post-match comments, so, there’s so many elephants in the room. This is an insane week in wrestling. People think that the Sean Ross ( story is b——t. It’s not. I am working here without a contract. I’m not even on payroll anymore. I’m working here on a handshake deal. That is 100 per cent legitimate. I swear on Pharaoh’s life, if you want to know how serious things got,” said Rhodes.

Rhodes explained how much he loves working for AEW.

“I can tell you this. I have never felt more at home than under those lights wrestling for the TNT title. A title that will never ever ever be secondary because of matches like that,” he said of his title unification ladder match on last night’s edition of Dynamite. Cody lost to Sammy Guevara.

Rhodes reflected on that loss.

“Wrestling is about the ones who win. Man, I ought to know. I lost for eight years. I really ought to know, so, something as silly as a a wrestling match isn’t silly at all to me. The winner’s purse isn’t remotely fictional to me. The winners make more than the losers. The winners sit in first class. The winners wear the TNT Championship. I feel at least positive about the fact that it’s (the championship) is on someone like Sammy Guevara. It’s on someone who I helped bring here and recruited. Who I wrestled in the very first match on Dynamite in Dynamite history,” he said.