It is a new year for the WWE. Will it begin with new champions? Here are our Day One predictions and prognostications.

Big E (c) vs. Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens vs. Bobby Lashley​ – WWE Universal Championship Match 

Name Prediction Winner
BETONLINE.AG Big E: – 165. Seth Rollins: +300. Bobby Lashley: +350. Kevin Owens: +400. Big E
Matthew Byer Ever notice how rarely a challenger wins a Fatal Four Way or Triple Threat match?  That’s why the reaction to this match is so lukewarm.  Everyone is expecting Big E to retain which is the most boring outcome for the match.  The best choice would be to give the WWE Title to Kevin Owens as that would instantly rejuvenate Monday Night RAW.  Sadly though look for WWE to continue with their predictable booking. Big E
John Powell To be honest, not much of what the WWE is doing presently interests me right now. Same old match-ups. Some old outcomes. It is mostly very predictable and that leads to boredom for me especially when it comes to the championship picture. Here’s hoping the WWE mixes things up but I doubt it. Big E


Roman Reigns (c) vs. Brock Lesnar – WWE Universal Championship Match

Name Prediction Winner
BETONLINE.AG Brock Lesnar: +170. Roman Reigns: -250. Roman Reigns
Matthew Byer So after the January 17, 2021 SmackDown everyone is expecting Paul Heyman to be on the side of Brock Lesnar at Day One?  Yet, it is very rare that Heyman has been presented as a babyface.  That’s why the swerve will happen at Day One when he betrays Lesnar and helps the Tribal Chief retain his Universal Championship. Roman Reigns
John Powell Although they are making it look like he is a challenger Brock Lesnar is just another body being fed to Roman Reigns. Heyman swerves Lesnar which is why there will be a third match between the two. Roman Reigns


The Usos (c) vs. The New Day – WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match

Name Prediction Winners
BETONLINE.AG Usos: -250. New Day: +170. The Usos
Matthew Byer This is one of the matches where there might be a title change as The Usos have had the SmackDown Tag Championship for quite some time.  Thus, look for The New Day to capture the SmackDown Tag Titles after a back and forth contest. New Day
John Powell The Bloodline continues their domination of Smackdown and the WWE…Zzzzzzz. The Usos


Edge Vs The Miz

Name Prediction Winner
BETONLINE.AG Edge: -300. Bobby Lashley: +200. Edge
Matthew Byer This is very obviously the first in a series of bouts between Edge and The Miz.  Thus, look for either The Miz to get an underhanded win or for the match to end in a count out or disqualification. The Miz
John Powell This angle seems so stilted and so forced. This angle will go on and on until WrestleMania and the eventual mixed tag match? The Miz


Becky Lynch (c) vs. Liv Morgan – WWE Raw Women’s Championship Match

Name Prediction Winner
BETONLINE.AG Becky Lynch: -500. Liv Morgan: +300. Becky Lynch
Matthew Byer As much as it would be nice for Liv Morgan to win and have at least a short tenure as RAW Women’s Champion the booking leading up to this contest doesn’t look encouraging.  Thus, Becky Lynch will probably get another win, but this time it will probably be a tap out victory. Becky Lynch
John Powell Becky Lynch wins forever. Let’s just hope that she isn’t wearing that gaudy, ill-fitting, red, plastic outfit again. Becky Lynch


Drew McIntyre vs. Madcap Moss

Name Prediction Winner
Matthew Byer This will be a squash victory for the Scottish Psychopath. Drew McIntyre
John Powell Corbin is going to help Moss get one over on Drew. Madcap Moss


Cesaro and Ricochet vs. Ridge Holland and Sheamus


Name Prediction Winners
 John Powell  One of those dump all these guys into a match kind of bouts. Cesaro and Ricochet are now nothing more than high quality jobbers so…  Ridge Holland and Sheamus


RK-Bro (c) vs. The Street Profits – WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Match

Name Prediction Winners
 John Powell  Nothing much changes in the WWE once they have something popular on their hands so…  RK-Bro