Seeing CM Punk and Eddie Kingston argue is like watching Captain America and Iron Man throwdown in Marvel’s Civil War.

It just ain’t right.

The two fan favourites met in the ring to hash things out on Rampage. All the confrontation did though was pour gasoline on an already raging fire.

Punk started things off on the wrong foot asking Kingston to come out to “his” ring.

“His ring? Now it is CM Punk’s ring all of a sudden?” said Taz on commentary.

“You want an apology? Answer me when I am talking to you,” said Kingston as came down to the ring to address Punk.

“I know it sounds a little bit condescending when one man asks another man for an apology but you interrupted me, man. Don’t paint me into a corner like I am the bad guy here. YOU interrupted ME,” Punk fired back.

Kingston went on to say that he was sick, thinking he had COVID and had to get tested to make sure he was safe and others would be too. It is why he wasn’t on Dynamite this week to address Punk.

“This is the world’s smallest violin and it is playing for your little ass,” said Kingston doing his best Mr. Pink.

“I apologize to you guys,” said Kingston to the crowd, pulling the microphone away and then saying Punk could do something physically impossible to himself.

Kingston explained he was going to reveal the real CM Punk to everyone.

“This man was once a hero of mine. Guys like him, Samoa Joe, Homicide, Amazing Red, guys on the independents where I first broke in. They inspired me. They were my heroes but you, you low-life, scumbag, two-faced narcissistic bitch, you judged me. I came to that locker room to get free from my mental crap, free from the streets. I came to that locker room for brotherhood and all you did was judge me,” accused Kingston getting right into Punk’s face.

“You want to know what I hear right now? I hear you lumping a lot of baggage on me but you named a couple of other people in there and if you want to know the truth, the truth is it wasn’t just me that judged you. It was me. It was Homicide. It was Samoa Joe. It was Danielson. It is a hard pill to swallow but we judged you and held you to a higher standard of the potential that we saw in you. You are the one who fell short of that mark. You can blame me and you can lose in the middle of the ring to a guy like Bryan Danielson, you can walk into the back and try to blame me but it is not my fault. I am not wrong for seeing greatness in you 15 years ago but I am damn sure a fool for holding you to that standard and expect greatness because you’re a bum,” Punk fired back.

Kingston got fired up throwing his hat into the crowd.

Kingston asked Punk if a “bum” would main event Full Gear?

“Would a bum almost have to sell his house because of the pandemic but keep fighting through to make it to the….This is a shot…the ONLY professional wrestling company in the world today? Is that a bum?” asked Kingston.

“Nobody wants you here. Nobody wants you here. That whole locker room is afraid to say it but not me. So, get out!” yelled Kingston challenging Punk to a fight at Full Gear.

“Full Gear? That is a little bit high bar for you. I was thinking something like Elevation or Dark. Something more your speed,” said Punk mocking Kingston.

“I will see you on the thirteenth,” said Punk as he turned to leave the ring.

“I don’t care about winning or losing at Full Gear. All I am going to do is beat you up and after I am done beating you up do me a favour quit again and leave for seven years,” snarled Kingston right before Punk head butted him in the face.

The two began brawling bringing out all manner of officials and coaches to separate the two men.

It was announced that all of the tough talk and mayhem wasn’t for nothing though as Tony Khan has made the match between the two at Full Gear official.

Speaking of Mr. Pink, here is an oldie but a goodie. The George Baker Selection with Little Green Bag from Quentin Tarantino’s phenomenal Reservoir Dogs.

AEW Rampage – Friday, November 5th, 2021 results

Bryan Danielson versus Anthony Bowens

Max Caster cuts a rap on Danielson. It is one of his best ever.

The Acclaimed, we only do numbers but this guy’s too busy growing cucumbers.

Don’t be mad at me bro because you are only known for your wife’s reality show.

And you should eat some eggs. Look at Bowen’s arms. They are bigger than your legs. 

I am going to put you into poverty, dawg. I end careers quicker than your father-in-law.

Funny stuff that.

Danielson smirks and laughs but he is all business when the bell rings. Bowens takes Danielson down twice and enjoys the moment. A crucifix pin almost gets Bowens a three count. Danielson shakes his head, trying to get back into the game. Danielson does just that with an arm breaker and some chops and kicks in a corner. Bowens escapes a cross-arm breaker by reaching the ropes. He slinks out to the ring apron to collect himself. Danielson drop kicks Bowens to the floor.

Bowens counters a running drop kick by catching Danielson and slamming him onto the apron. While the official is distracted, Caster clotheslines Danielson to the floor. Danielson clobbers Bowens with some Yes Kicks before hitting some chops and kicks in a corner once again. Bowens ducks a running corner-to-corner kick from Danielson DDTing him. Danielson drop kicks Caster off the apron, back drops Bowens onto Caster and then splashes them both on the floor. A missile drop kick off the top rope, stomps to the face and the LeBell Lock has Bowens tapping out.

Winner: Bryan Danielson

Rating: 7.5/10

The Jurassic Express and Christian Cage challenge Adam Cole and The Young Bucks to a Falls Count Anywhere match at Full Gear.

The Bunny versus Red Velvet – TBS Championship Tournament Match

Jade Cargill is at ringside. A furious Velvet tears into the ring and The Bunny. Bunny is forced to bail. Velvet clotheslines Bunny to the floor and then jaw jacks with Cargill. Bunny turns things around hurling Velvet into the barricade and stomps Velvet’s head into the stairs. It is the Bunny’s turn to chat with Cargill. The Bunny viciously drop kicks Velvet’s head into a turnbuckle. The Bunny’s Death Valley Driver cannot put Velvet away. Velvet’s Final Slice out of nowhere wins the match. Velvet and Cargill spit some more venom at each other.

Winner: Red Velvet

Rating: 6/10

Adam Cole versus John Silver

The Young Bucks show their appreciation for Adam Cole. Courtesy: AEW.

Someone tell me why the Young Bucks are dressed like they should be out playing bocce ball or shuffle board at a Florida retirement home?

Silver has some fun at Cole’s expense inviting him to be his manager if he cuts his hair and changes his name to BUDGE.

Silver drops Cole over the top rope pitching him around the ring like a small child. Cole is a little dazed. The announcers attribute that to the Conchairto Christian gave Cole on Dynamite.

Cole wins a battle on the apron. He puts Silver in the Camel Clutch on the floor. The Bucks kiss Cole on each cheek. The announcers and myself wonder if Silver is related to Boris Zhukov.

Silver unleashes a devasting offensive flurry with a clothesline and a Snap German Suplex. It looks like he has the match won but the Young Bucks pull Cole’s leg over the ropes. The Dark Order scrambles to the ringside area. Doing the math, the Bucks bail. Silver blocks a low blow from Cole hitting him with a low blow and a Spinning Liger Bomb for a two count. Although he prevents a Panama Sunrise, Silver is pinned by some super kicks and Cole’s Boom finisher.

Winner: Adam Cole

Rating: 7/10

AEW Rampage - Friday, November 5th, 2021


The yacking was more interesting than the wrestling. The Punk and Kingston segment stole the show. The matches were decent, nothing special and they were pretty predictable. Still, that Acclaimed rap was so goood.