With at least one WrestleMania championship match bound to be set up tonight,  it’s time for Elimination Chamber 2021. Dave and Gavin Hillhouse will act as the first two entrants tonight and bring you all the action.

Pre-show Match: Mustafa Ali VS. John Morrison VS Ricochet VS. Elias – Fatal 4-Way to enter the Triple Threat Match for the United States Championship (later this evening)

Gavin: This entire match is populated by incredible superstars, but here they are on the pre-show. It’s just a little sad is all.

Dave: Ricochet is not messing around, and starts with a charging dropkick on Ali, following with an enziguiri on Elias soon afterwards. With Retribution members lurking around the ring, it’s pleasant to see multiple fights happening inside the ring at once, and not sending two people to the floor for a break. Never mind – there goes Morrison to the floor.

Gavin: He returns to set up a double-suplex on Elias and Ricochet, but Ali dives into the ring to deliver a sort of RKO on Morrison, which also drives the other two to the mat. That was an incredible spot that they made look effortless.

Dave: Ricochet makes a sunset flip look far too acrobatic as he gets a near fall on Ali. A sit-out chokeslam by Elias moments later stops Ricochet cold. Morrison enters the ring again and delivers Moonlight Drive on Ricochet, who must be feeling picked on.

Gavin: A missed Starship Pain gives everyone a moment to collect themselves. It’s alright though, because Starship Pain looks cool even when it’s missed and a little bit botched. Ricochet takes charge and gets another near fall with a bridging German suplex on Morrison.

Ricochet and Elias were sort of color coordinated today, weren’t they? Maybe they should make a tag team of underappreciated wresters with only one name! Photo: WWE

Dave: A 450 splash on Ali by Ricochet might have ended the match, but the pin is broken up by Retribution. Ricochet takes the fight to them with a dive to the outside, but Retribution catches him and drives him back-first into the ringpost.

Gavin: This is silly. The ref has to be able to say, “Nothing against you, RETRIBUTION, but just based off of your consistent history of interference, I’m just gonna kick you out now.” You’re telling me that they can’t insta-kick a group of people who have destroyed WWE property on many occasions?

Dave: As Ali watches the happenings, Morrison sneaks up behind Ali and wins with a roll-up.

Winner via sneaky pinfall: John Morrison

Match Rating: Gavin: 3/5, Dave: 3/5

Kevin Owens VS. Sami Zayn VS. King Corbin VS. Jey Uso VS. Cesaro VS. Daniel Bryan – Universal Championship Elimination Chamber Match

Dave: Sami’s complaints over his documentary crew being ejected from ringside are heard over top of Corbin’s entrance music. And that’s from inside the pod, too. We get a promo for the Chamber match, even though we’re two-thirds of the way through the entrances. Just in case the audience’ interest was waning and they were about to change the channel.

Gavin: Cesaro and Daniel Bryan start out against each other in the Chamber, and the respect that the two have recently built for each other shows as they have a very professional exchange of pin attempts. Cesaro hits a backbreaker for 2 to gain control, and then continues his assault with a series of uppercuts. He looks for an Irish whip, but Bryan flips off the turnbuckles, lands on his feet, and delivers a running elbow to the Swiss Cyborg.

Dave: I’m also glad to see Bryan and Cesaro have some time alone. I could see them being together at the end, too. Except I didn’t predict either of them to win, so forget that.  Corey Graves tries to sell us on the idea that the specter of a pod opening at any moment is always in the back of a wrestler’s mind. Sure, if they don’t hear the piped-in crowd counting down. Or see the lights flashing onto the pods with the ominous music. Or hear the horn. Without those things, it would be a shocker.

Gavin: Bryan focuses on the leg of Cesaro with some kicks, and tosses him over the ropes into the chamber wall before delivering a diving kick. Bryan climbs the ropes once more and delivers a missile dropkick for 2, and then stacks Cesaro up on the top rope, looking for an avalanche hurricanrana. Cesaro looks to use his power to counter with a powerbomb, but Bryan reverses it and gets his avalanche hurricanrana after all. Cesaro fights back with a clothesline that turns Bryan inside out, but it only gets him a 2 count. Kevin Owens yells directions from his pod to focus on Bryan’s left leg, and Cesaro listens. 

Bryan looks for an armbar, but Cesaro uses his incredible strength to turn it into a powerbomb. Bryan is able to reverse the reversal into the armbar, but Cesaro rolls him for 2 to break the hold. Bryan fights with some uppercuts, but Cesaro drops him with one of his own.

The power of Cesaro is once again put on display, as he picks Bryan up for a suplex and holds him up there for a while before slamming him down. King Corbin’s pod opens, and he goes right after Cesaro, beating him down in the corner. He grabs Bryan and squishes his head against the chamber wall before tossing both of his opponents back into the ring.

Dave: I was just thinking how cool it would be to see Bryan, Cesaro, Zayn, and Owens in the ring together. So, of course King Corbin is the next one in. Thanks for ruining things as usual, King.

Gavin: The King looks for an attack on Bryan in the corner, but Bryan ducks and delivers dropkicks to both Corbin and Cesaro in the other corner. Cesaro dodges a second dropkick from Bryan and delivers uppercuts to both him and Corbin, but Corbin slams both of his opponents with a Deep Six. He isn’t able to get more than a 2 count after pinning both of them, so he instead focuses on the leg of Bryan, slamming it into Sami’s pod.

Cesaro fights back against The King, but he is quickly shoved hard into a pod. Corbin continues the assault on Bryan’s left leg, wrapping it round the ringpost and pulling hard. He drops Bryan with a suplex back in the ring, but he gets frustrated when he only gets a two count.

Cesaro once again looks to fight back against Corbin, but he is once again repelled quickly. Sami Zayn’s pod opens, and Corbin goes over to attack him, but Sami, ever the courageous warrior, holds his own pod closed to keep himself safe. Bryan takes out Corbin, and Sami taunts the King until he realizes that the other side of his pod is open, and Cesaro is standing there. The Swiss Cyborg punishes Sami with uppercuts before slamming him into the walls of his pod. Sami fights back by slamming Cesaro into Jey’s pod, but Bryan is right there to replace Cesaro in the assault on Sami. Corbin runs through Bryan with a clothesline, but he gets slammed into a pod by Sami.

Dave: I’m sure that Bryan would tell everyone not to use kid gloves with him, but I hate seeing him take hard clotheslines like the one Corbin gave him. He can’t have that many of those in his bank.

Gavin: Sami looks for a Helluva Kick on Bryan, but Bryan moves and Sami kicks a pod, hard. Bryan goes after Corbin, looking for a missile dropkick, but Corbin meets him on the top rope and delivers a superplex. Sami catches Cesaro with a tornado DDT, but he can only get a 2 count.

Dave: I love how ecstatic Zayn often looks after delivering a big move. It’s surprise and pride mixed with glee.

Gavin: Zayn delivers a kick to Corbin and Bryan, but when he goes after Cesaro, the Swiss Cyborg picks him up and places him on top of Jey’s pod. Sami looks to keep Cesaro away with some kicks, but Cesaro is able to climb to the top and go after Sami. Sami tries to escape by crawling along the side of the cage, but Cesaro climbs along with him and kicks him to the floor. Corbin grabs Cesaro off the cage and slams him into the wall, and when Bryan looks to attack him from the top rope, he catches him and delivers a chokeslam to the leader of the Yes! Movement.

Cesaro with the Giant Swing on King Corbin. Photo: WWE

The King beats down Cesaro, but Cesaro fights back with a diving uppercut. He continues the attack with a Giant Swing, and when he steps into the Sharpshooter, Corbin has no choice but to tap out.

Dave: Kevin Owens’ pod opens next, and since Corbin tapped out, I get my wish! Kevin Steen, El Generico, Bryan Danielson, and Claudio Castagnoli are in an Elimination Chamber match!

Gavin: Sami looks to convince Owens that they should team together, just like old times. Owens’ heartstrings are extraordinarily un-tugged, and he slams Sami in a pod and drops him with a clothesline. K.O. goes into the ring, slams Bryan with a German Suplex, and trades strikes with Cesaro before getting the upper hand with a step-up enziguri.

Bryan locks in a sleeper hold on Owens, but he gets out of it by delivering a senton to Cesaro with Bryan still on his back. He pins both men and only gets 2 counts, and then spots Sami on the top rope. He meets him at the top and looks for a superplex, but Sami fights him off and looks for an attack from the top. Owens ducks him and delivers a superkick, before delivering a cannonball to all three of his opponents.

Sami grabs Owens and delivers a half-and-half suplex, Cesaro catches Sami with a Very European Uppercut, Bryan drops Cesaro with the running knee, and Owens ends the exchange with a Pop-Up Powerbomb to Bryan. Basically, everybody runs signatures and finishers at each other like it’s the last 2 minutes of SmackDown or something.

Cesaro McSteinershorts takes an enziguri from Kevin Owens. Photo: WWE

All four men lay exhausted in the ring, and Owens is the first to his feet. He grabs Sami and delivers a neckbreaker for a two count, he delivers a pumphandle ushi-goroshi to Bryan for another two count, but when he goes for a move on Cesaro, the Swiss Cyborg fights out of it. Jey Uso’s pod finally opens and he goes right after Kevin Owens. With Uso entering last, I’d like to think that Adam Pearce will eventually be revealed as being in kahoots with Reigns. Otherwise, if Reigns has that much power over everything there’s no reason for him to ever get into a losing situation. 

Dave: It’s going to be hard for the WWE powers-that-be to go back to live crowd reactions. They must love being able to get the boos and cheers when they want, and for the people they want. Speaking of live crowds, Graves now tries to sell the idea that the WWE Universe is coming to life and creating a palpable energy. That’s truly amazing for people who aren’t there.

Gavin: Owens gains the advantage after slamming Jey into the chamber walls and tossing him into a pod, but Sami takes Owens out with a double axe handle. A full out brawl ensues, which Owens breaks up by climbing to the top of the pod and delivering a moonsault onto the crowd.

Owens hits Stunners on all of his opponents, but the only one he pins is Sami, putting him down for the 3 count and eliminating him from the match.

Dave: Zayn was a comedic tour de force tonight. He is a great combination of comedic wrestler and championship caliber performer right now.

Gavin: Jey rakes the eyes of Owens and slams the cage door on his arm, as it had been opened for Sami’s departure. He holds the door closed on Owens’ arm for as long as the refs let him, before delivering 4 superkicks to a pain-stricken K.O. He climbs to the top and delivers an Uso Splash to Owens, getting the 3 count and eliminating him.

This looks legitimately awful. Photo: WWE

Jey goes right after Bryan’s injured leg next, but Cesaro catches him with an uppercut and a top-rope elbow drop for a close 2 count. Jey rolls to the outside, and Cesaro follows him and delivers a double foot stomp.

He grabs Jey and delivers the Giant Swing, slamming Jey headfirst into the chamber walls. Bryan tries to surprise him with a crossbody, but he catches him and tosses him into the ring. The Swiss Cyborg looks for a flying axe handle from the top rope, but it’s his turn to get caught, as Bryan delivers a painful kick to his midsection. Bryan and Cesaro trade uppercuts, but when Cesaro goes for a Very European Uppercut, Bryan turns it into a backslide that gets a 2 count. He doesn’t stop there, as he kicks Cesaro right in the skull for a very close 2 count.

The Leader of the Yes! Movement stomps the head of Cesaro and looks for the running knee, but Cesaro grabs him in a torture rack. Bryan reverses it into a roll up for 2, strikes with another kick to the head, and climbs to the top rope, but Cesaro catches him with a series of uppercuts. The Swiss Cyborg hits an avalanche gutbuster on Bryan and whips Bryan round with the Giant Swing, but Jey catches him with a superkick and drops on him with the Uso Splash to put away Cesaro.

Dave: As we look at either a Jey Uso “lay down” match-up against Reigns, or an injured Bryan being easy pickings for the champ, Gavin comments that Uso’s frog splash has been a reliable effective finisher. So, of course Bryan kicks out of one immediately. Jey scales the chamber and gets up on a pod, but when he tries the Uso Splash from the pod, Bryan gets his knees up and then delivers the running knee for the 1-2-3.

Winner via pinfall by pure determination: Daniel Bryan

Match Rating: Gavin: 2.5/5, Dave: 4/5

This means there’s a Universal Championship match. And, in the immortal words of Teddy Long: it’s happening … right now!

Daniel Bryan VS. Roman Reigns (champion) for the Universal Championship

Gavin: Roman predictably goes for a spear right off the bat, but Bryan is able to reverse it into the Yes! Lock. Reigns forces his way out of it and rains fists down on Bryan.

Bryan looks genuinely upset by this development. Photo: WWE

Dave: I really thought that Reigns blew that spear badly before I realized that Bryan had reversed it. 

Gavin: The Champ lifts Bryan and drives him down with a powerbomb before continuing the beat-down. Reigns locks Bryan up with the Guillotine Choke, and Bryan passes out.

Winner via submission: Roman Reigns

Match Rating: Gavin: 3/5, Dave: 1/5

Gavin: Reigns celebrates, but Edge makes his appearance and spears the Universal Champion.

Dave: So, Edge points at the WrestleMania sign and fireworks explode all around it. It seems that he has developed great powers in his absence.

The Miz has a moment with 24/7 Champion Bad Bunny, which ends with a slap across The Miz’s face. Damian Priest steps between them on behalf of Bunny. Both Miz and Priest should reconsider how close they’re standing to the champ, seeing as he was just on Saturday Night Live less than 24 hours ago and clearly hasn’t quarantined at all. That’s not a joke. 

Riddle VS. John Morrison VS. Bobby Lashley (champion) – Triple Threat Match for the United States Championship

Dave: At the bell, Lashley and Riddle go into the corner while John Morrison hangs back and wait for his turn to beat down on Riddle a bit. He turns his attention to Lashley, who runs him into the corner. The champ survives a sleeper hold from Riddle, throws him to the outside, and then tosses Morrison out of the ring as well.

Gavin: In my opinion, neither Riddle nor Lashley are even close to being in Morrison’s league. I’m not saying that Bobby Lashley has been worse since Lio Rush left his side, but Rush has one more championship than Lashley does.

Dave: Lashley stalks Morrison, pummeling him against the barricade and puts him up into a Torture Rack before running him into the ringpost. Riddle tries a leaping attack, but Lashley catches him and throws him over his head with ease. Now it’s Lashley and Riddle in the ring, with a neckbreaker and stalled suplex attempt by the champ. Morrison springboards into the ring, though, pulling Riddle to safety. They hit Lashley with a double thrust kick, but Lashley just rebounds and beats them away to the floor again.

Riddle and Morrison are all-in on the teamwork idea now, trading off on kicks and running attacks on Lashley, but again the champ brings the hurt with a spinebuster on Morrison and an over-the-shoulders slam on Riddle. Lashley follows with a charge, but Riddle sends Lashley to the floor with a hurricanrana, and then both attack Lashley with a diving (and one floating) attack. Morrison quickly turns on Riddle, running him into the ringpost and bringing him in for two-count. Morrison tries a German suplex but Riddle spins right onto his feet, soon afterwards delivering a Pelé Kick and an overhead suplex of his own. With Lashley back in the ring just in time to enjoy a Final Flash, Morrison takes advantage and lands Starship Pain on the champ, but only for a two-count.

Morrison jaws with MVP for a moment before grabbing his crutch and bringing it into the ring. Lashley intercepts him and cinches in the Hurt Lock, but Riddle attacks him from behind with the crutch and follows with Bro Derek for the win.

Winner via pinfall: Riddle

Match Rating: Gavin: 3.5/5, Dave: 3/5

Dave: Riddle grabs the belt and takes off, wisely, because Lashley will not be happy. 

Gavin: Riddle looks good with the title, but I also understand why he’s wearing it around his neck, because since it’s fit for Lashley right now, it would slip right off.

Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair VS. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (champions) for the Women’s Tag Team Championship

Dave: Let’s all hope that Jax doesn’t derail any WrestleMania plans by hurting either of her opponents. Or Baszler. 

Gavin: Bianca Belair starts off against Nia Jax, who looks for a slam on Belair, but the EST slips away and climbs the ropes to taunt Jax. Jax goes after her, but Belair escapes her with a backflip, before delivering a dropkick. She kips up and tags in Banks, who delivers a bulldog before tagging Bianca back in. Jax lifts Banks and tosses her at Belair, but she catches her and swings her at Jax. The two deliver a double dropkick to the champ, and Shayna tags herself in.

Belair hits her opponent with a single leg dropkick, but Shayna fights back by going for an armbar. Belair fights out and tags in Banks, who delivers a meteora for 2. Banks looks for an arm drag, but Shayna knocks her to the apron and tags in Jax, who plows over Banks in the apron. She brings Banks into the ring and tags in Shayna, who delivers a series of strikes and an arm slam for 2. The Submission Magician puts her boot on the SmackDown Women’s Champ and yanks hard on her arm, before stomping hard on her arm.

Jax feels that Belair is being less than respectful. Photo: WWE

Dave: That was close. Our PVR tried to switch from the show to Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing. I guess it was as unimpressed with the tag match as I have been thus far.

Gavin: Baszler pins Banks for 2 before locking in a submission on the damaged arm. Banks fights out of it and rolls up Shayna for 2, but Shayna drops her with a clothesline for her own 2 count. Shayna goes right back after the arm and tags in Jax, who slams Banks for 2. She locks in a submission on the Boss, and when Banks flights out of it, she shoves to her corner. Jax looks for a spear, but Banks moves out of the way, and Jax crashes into the ringpost.

Shayna tags herself in and looks to prevent Banks from reaching her corner, but when Banks tries to shake her off, she sends her right into Belair. The Boss flies onto Shayna with a crossbody for 2 before rolling her up a number of times, but still only getting a two count. She finally tags in Belair, who looks for a Glam Slam, but Shayna reverses it into the Kirifuda Clutch. Belair backs Shayna into the corner, and Banks tags herself back in and the two deliver a Glam Slam/Frog Splash Combo.

Banks tags Belair back in and the EST delivers the K.O.D, but Jax pulls her away from the win and tags herself in. Belair brings the fight right to Jax and tries to pick her up, but Jax beats her down and delivers a spinebuster. Banks breaks up the following pinfall attempt, and she also takes out Shayna when she tries to interfere. Banks tags herself in, unbeknownst to Jax, and delivers a top-rope meteora to one half of the champs for a close 2.

Reggie comes out to the ring to cheer on Sasha as she locks in the Bank Statement, but Jax makes it to the ropes. Reggie hands Banks a champagne bottle to use against Jax, but Banks refuses to use it. The ref catches Banks with the bottle and pulls it away from her, and Jax uses the distraction to collect herself and deliver a Samoan Drop to Banks to pick up the win.

Dave: This was a pretty messy match. Unfamiliarity shouldn’t be an issue, so maybe it’s just one of those nights. 

Winners via pinfall and STILL Women’s Tag Team Champions: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler

Match Rating: Gavin: 2.5/5; Dave: 2/5

What is MVP doing backstage talking to The Miz? Hmmm ….

Drew McIntyre (champion) VS. AJ Styles VS. Kofi Kingston VS. Sheamus VS. Jeff Hardy VS. Randy Orton – WWE Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match

Sheamus and McIntyre are chomping at the bit to get the match started. Photo: WWE

Dave: Orton and Hardy start, with Hardy inexplicably using his opening moments to start clapping his hands … trying to get the fans into it? He must have heard Corey Graves talk about umped up the fans were. Orton exploits his cluelessness and takes him out of the ring, running him into McIntyre’s pod. Hardy fights back with a passion and they’re soon back in the ring. 

Gavin: Seeing Orton in a cage with Hardy makes me a little anxious, I’ll be honest. Just keep that viper away from a screwdriver.  Something I love about Hardy is that I’m pretty sure every single component of his outfit is something I could find in my house.

Dave: Hardy misses a splash in the corner, and Hardy falls to the mat like he’s ten minutes into the match already. Orton takes an inverted atomic drop and looks frankly perturbed by it. Hardy follows with his double-leg drop to the groin and sort-of splash.

Gavin: Belair and Riddle were really the only newer talent on this whole card. Just sayin’.

Dave: The pod lights are flashing and in comes the champ. McIntyre tosses Hardy aside unceremoniously and focuses on Orton. He throws him through the ropes and drives him a few times into the chain link. McIntyre proceeds to take Hardy to the other side and slams him onto the mat, the lawn-darts him into Kofi’s pod. As he re-enters the ring, though, Orton catches him for a rope-leveraged DDT for a two-count.

Gavin: The shouts that McIntyre make when he tosses someone truly do add to the maneuver, like Link from Legend of Zelda yelling when he swings his sword. Also, has almost everyone in this match previously had a rivalry with Orton?

I hope that #DangerPay was trending for this camera operator’s sake. Photo: WWE

Dave: Piped-in boos serenade Orton as he chokes McIntyre with a boot in the corner, then lands a neckbreaker for another near-fall. Kingston makes his entrance next and renews hostilities with Orton, immediately rolling him up for a pinfall to eliminate The Viper. Orton is, above all else, a terribly sore loser, so he RKOs Kingston, then poor Hardy who was just staggering back to life. A curious thing happens next: as the refs open the door to escort Orton out, Omos rips off the back of Styles’ pod, allowing him to run around to the front and enter the match early. He tries a pin on both Kingston and Hardy to no avail.

Gavin: Orton out that quickly, and without any Fiend-related shenanigans? Omos legitimately terrifies me. That’s all.

Dave: Down comes Adam Pearce to eject Omos, which distracts Styles enough to allow Kingston to take him to the outdoor pad with a DDT. Kingston continues with an SOS on McIntyre for a two-count. Styles gets back in the mix and suffers a monkey flip into the chain link courtesy of Kingston, but McIntyre wants to get involved and suplexes Kingston up into the steel chains before slamming him down to the floor.

Gavin: Some random observations: I imagine that wrestlers spend months in wrestling school studying how to properly undulate their legs while they’re in a surprise roll-up. My sister observed that Sheamus was most likely breathing really hard on the plexiglass of the pod so he could cloud it up and draw a smiley face. AJ Styles is very clearly wearing Dark Order colors, I shall not be accepting discussion, it is fact.

Dave: The final entrant is, of course, Sheamus, and he stands toe to toe with McIntyre right away, the two trading slugs for a lengthy spell. Kingston and Hardy interrupt, but they are both thrown to the side allowing McIntyre and Sheamus to continue their pugilism. Kingston once again inserts himself into McIntyre and Sheamus’ business, leaping off the top rope and landing a splash on them. Sheamus chases Kingston up to the top of a pod for a rest, while McIntyre brings Sheamus down with a superplex assisted by Styles and Hardy. 

Kingston has recharged his battery and leaps off the top of the pod with a stage dive onto the others. Kofi pairs up with Sheamus soon after but regrets it as he takes a Brogue Kick and is soon afterwards eliminated. Hardy decides that Kingston had a good idea and climbs a pod himself, landing a moonsault onto McIntyre and Sheamus. However, just like Kofi, he is soon the recipient of a finishing move, this time a Claymore, to be eliminated.

As Styles takes time to recuperate outside of the ring, Sheamus hits the champ with a smacking knee to the face. McIntyre responds with a Glasgow Kiss, and Sheamus responds with White Noise. Styles tries a Springboard 450 on McIntyre and has trouble with the bouncing rope. He tries again and only gets a two-count. 

Gavin: It makes a match so much more enjoyable when I know that there’s no Roman Reigns at the end of it. Why would Styles try the 450 again? The springboard swanton wasn’t even a massive botch, just move on. It’s annoying when they can’t move past a botch, especially when it’s not even that bad.

Dave: Sheamus heads to unfamiliar territory on the top rope and hits Styles with a clothesline. He cues up a Brogue Kick but McIntyre interrupts and brings Sheamus down with a Future Shock DDT. He tries to follow with a Claymore, but Sheamus counters with a Brogue Kick. While Sheamus seems to forget what to do next, Styles leaps into the ring with a Phenomenal Forearm on Sheamus to eliminate him from the match.


Dave: Styles immediately goes for another Phenomenal Forearm but McIntyre catches him with a Claymore for the pin and the win.

Winner via pinfall and STILL WWE Champion: Drew McIntyre 

Match Rating: Gavin: 2.5/5, Dave: 2.5/5

Dave: After the chamber is lifted and McIntyre celebrates, Bobby Lashley appears with a spear to presumably announce his contendorship for the title. It seems that Matt Riddle is safe from Lashley after all. McIntyre is tossed around in and out of the ring, suffers some time in The Hurt Lock, and is planted with a full nelson slam. 

Gavin: Didn’t Bobby and Drew already have a feud? 

Dave: But wait … something “Awesome” is happening. The Miz runs to the ring with his briefcase and announces that he’s cashing in his Money in the Bank contract. For real this time.

The Miz VS. Drew McIntyre (champion) for the WWE Championship

Dave: The bell rings and Miz starts with a DDT, which only gets a 2-count, so he goes for a Skull-Crushing Finale and makes good on it this time with a pinfall win.

Winner via pinfall and NEW WWE Champion: The Miz

Match Rating: Gavin: 4/5, Dave 1/5 (in terms of excitement: 5/5 – Money in the Bank cash-ins never get old for me)

It would’ve been absolutely hilarious if Orton won Elimination Chamber and The Miz used Money in the Bank to take it away from him a second time. Photo: WWE

Gavin: Why does it always take so long to complete the whole Money in the Bank procedure? They’ve done it many times before. 

Dave: Yeah, but it’s always shocking! That’s all from The ThunderDome, folks. See you for Fastlane on March 21st!



Elimination Chamber 2021

The show delivered on a lot of points: the end of the strangest Money in the Bank journey yet; a clear path to Wrestlemania for Edge; and a couple of solid Chamber matches.