Since coming back to the WWE, Seth Rollins hasn’t been received with open arms by his fellow superstars or WWE management.

Rollins took some time off recently to spend with his fiancée Becky Lynch and Roux, their baby.

Rollins addressed the Smackdown locker room upon his return a few weeks ago and even though his personal circumstances may have changed, his professional outlook hasn’t.

“I am the great leader that Smackdown needs to push it into the future and make it greater than it already is!” he said sparking a mass exodus from ringside, except for Cesaro who hung around to hear what else Rollins had to say.

Cesaro was attacked when he decided to throw up his hands and to walk away as well.

Obviously still fuming, Rollins has released an official memo on Twitter demanding the WWE itself take “swift” and “forceful” action against those who disrespected him and his vision.

Rollins Memo

WWE fans were quick to add their thoughts to his message…

The WWE itself has yet to respond to the WWE’s memo. Could this fit into the WWE’s vision for Rollins when it comes to WrestleMania this year? Stay tuned.