After Edge took a tour of the WWE television product this past week, it is looking more and more likely that he will choose to take on WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, at WrestleMania. That doesn’t leave WWE champion Drew McIntyre off the hook though, he has his hands full with former friend, Sheamus. We don’t know where or when that belt will be defended, but it will be before WrestleMania. Time to head into the ThunderDome to find out more.

WWE official Adam Pearce welcomes Shane McMahon back to the ThunderDome. I figures he was still digging his way out of RAW Underground. Shane-O-Mac allows Pearce to announce that Drew McIntyre will defending the WWE title in the Elimination Chamber. Shane goes on to announce that Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, the Miz and Sheamus will be joining Drew in the chamber. McMahon thanks Pearce for the amazing job he is doing.

Before Shane can  make it back up the ramp, AJ Styles makes his way out. He and Omos stare down Shane, before addressing Pearce. Styles agrees that he is doing a great job; this could be the opportunity that AJ needs to become a three time champion heading into WrestleMania.

Drew McIntyre is able to get a word with Shane before he leaves. He would have appreciated a heads up. Shane tries to sell Drew that he is the biggest thing, so the Elimination Chamber match is better then just taking on Sheamus one on one.

AJ Styles w/Omos vs. Jeff Hardy

Hardy goes up and over in the corner, but lands hard on his leg. He rolls to the floor, favoring his knee. Styles sneaks out of the ring, hitting that knee with a chop block. He then slams the same knee into the ring post, trying to ground Hardy. Styles keeps up the attack inside the ring, focusing on the left leg. Jeff is able to get to the ropes on a Calf Crusher attempt. Styles whips Hardy to the ropes, but the knee gives out. Styles looks for the Phenomenal Forearm, but a desperate Hardy is able to lunge at the ropes to knock AJ off. He follows with the atomic drop and the leg drop to the mid-section. It’s not enough to get the pin, though. Hardy with a face buster, Styles kicks out. AJ sets up the Styles Clash, but Hardy counters into a Twist of Fate. He pulls himself to the corner and climbs up top. Hardy comes up empty on the swanton bomb. Styles locks in the Calf Crusher, rolls Hardy to the middle of the ring. Jeff taps out.

Winner via submission: AJ Styles

Riddle lets Keith Lee know that after getting beat up by Lashley, he binge watched the entire Air Bud franchise. Lee tells him that maybe it’s time someone new takes on Bobby Lashley.

Sheamus is not pleased that he isn’t getting a one on one match with Drew McIntyre. Adam Pearce is just trying to get the best match. That does nothing to calm Sheamus down, saying McIntyre is nothing without him.

The New Day vs. T-Bar and Slapjack w/RETRIBUTION

Ali joins the commentary table, still airing his grievances about Kofi Kingston. He calls the New Day corporate puppets. T-Bar catches Kofi n the corner, but Kingston fights out of the choke, only to get caught on a cross body. Kofi escapes that, but can’t get T-Bar over on the sunset flip. Ali is calling for T-Bar to hurt them. Woods kicks Slapjack off the apron onto T-Bar, and then helps Kofi take flight over the top rope.

After the commercial break, T-Bar sends Kofi flying off the apron with a big boot and turns Woods inside out with a clothesline. Ali continues to yell instructions. Kofi gets a tag, flying in off the top rope. He drop kicks Slapjack  and takes out T-Bar on the apron. He hits the Boom Drop and taunt Ali. He nails T-Bar with Trouble in Paradise. With help from Woods, he hits Daybreak on Slapjack and covers to get the pin.

Winners via pinfall: The New Day

After the match, Ali berates his followers.

Damien Priest is hanging out in the back with Bad Bunny, who will be in his corner later tonight.

Ric Flair is in the ring with Lacey Evans and tells everyone that he doesn’t owe anyone an explanation. Charlotte doesn’t need him, so he wants to provide some motivation and training to Lacey Evans. Flair calls the relationship casual. They serve notice to Asuka that they are coming for the title.

Evans tells the WWE Universe that they have no idea what is going on. She respects him, unlike Charlotte. Cue Charlotte’s music.

Flair calls out Evan’s for taking short cuts, instead of working her butt off in the PC. She tears into Ric for wanting validation. She has spent the last 7 years protecting the Flair legacy. Evans wants to work together with Charlotte, but Flair would rather do it on her own. Evans tells Charlotte that WWE officials have ruled that if she beats Flair in a match, she will get a match for the RAW Women’s title. Flair challenges her to a match. Evans knocks her out of the ring and slams her into the ring steps before accepting the match.

Charlotte Flair vs. Lacey Evans w/Ric Flair

Evans focuses on the shoulder of Flair that she slammed into the ring steps before the match. Charlotte counters a neck breaker with a clothesline. Evans yanks Charlotte to the mat, who kips up right in front of her. Evans mocks Charlotte by strutting like her dad. Flair tosses Evans to the floor, right in front of Ric. Charlotte looks to take flight, but Evans cowers behind Ric, so she pulls up.

After a commercial break, Charlotte is fighting off an arm bar. Evans goes for a moonsault, that is blocked by Charlotte. Flair chops Evans to the mat and follows with a big boot. Lacey rolls to the floor. Flair follows but Ric gets in between the two. Evans takes a cheap shot at Charlotte and rolls her into the ring.

Flair blocks a figure four and spears Evans. Charlotte yells at her dad before unleashing strikes at Evans in the corner. The ref pulls Charlotte off Lacey, so Flair takes a shot at the ref. The ref calls for the bell.

Winner via disqualification: Lacey Evans

Ric has to help Evans get to her feet after the beating from Charlotte.

Edge is back on RAW to provide a WrestleMania update. He was ready to make a decision, but now that the WWE championship is up for grabs in the Elimination Chamber things have changed. He doesn’t know who is walking out of the chamber with that belt, but he likes his odds against who ever does. He doesn’t like Drew’s odds of winning, though, so he will let the dust settle and then make a decision.

The Miz and Morrison interrupt and Angel Garza is with them. Miz knows Edge is waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. Miz wants to strategize, telling Edge that he will be at Mania with the briefcase and he will cash in on him. Edge knows all about the MitB and can’t believe Miz just revealed his plans. Edge is on a higher level, telling Miz to worry about Damien Priest and Bad Bunny.

Angel Garza w/Miz and Morrison vs. Damien Priest w/Bad Bunny

Miz and Morrison distract Priest with Garza in trouble. Bad Bunny leaps to the apron when Garza hits a cheap shot, but the ref tells him to back off. Priest with a clothesline and fires the arrow. He hits the corner splash, but Miz leaps the apron. Garza sends Priest to the floor and then distracts the ref. Miz and Morrison put the boots to Priest. Bunny runs over, stealing the briefcase. Morrison enters the ring to get it back. The ref sends Miz and Morrison to the back. Garza jaws with Bunny and gets his ears boxed by Priest, who follows with the Reckoning and covers Garza to get the pin.

Winner via pinfall: Damien Priest

Charly Caruso is in the interview area with Drew McIntyre, who tells her that he has to expect the unexpected. He’s upset that Sheamus broke their friendship, when all he has to do is ask for a title shot. Drew knows his match with Orton tonight will be brutal. And with Elimination Chamber he is backed into a corner. He’s going to rip someone’s face off.

After the break, Charly interviews Bianca Belair, the winner of the Royal Rumble Match. Lacey Evans will face Asuka at Elimination Chamber, but Bianca is in no hurry to reveal who she will face at WrestleMania. Asuka stops by to congratulate Bianca, but that doesn’t mean she is ready for Asuka. Belair says she is ready, unlike Lacey Evans.

Riddle vs. Keith Lee

MVP joins the announce team to scout both opponents. The two fist bump to start the match in a show of respect. Riddle goes for the flying arm bar, but Lee powers out. Riddle with kicks and strikes, but then runs right into the Pounce. Lee covers, but Riddle kicks out. Lee whips Riddle hard into the corner, but he responds with strikes. A Pele kick staggers Lee, but he blocks an exploder. Grizzly Magnum stuns Riddle, but he is able to fight out of the Spirit Bomb. Riddle with a kick to the chest and hits the floating bro. Lee kicks out of the pin.

Riddle hits a series of bro-tons and wants Lee to get up. Lee catches the knee strike and looks for the Spirit Bomb. Riddle counters with an arm bar. Lee drops to his knees. Lee powers Riddle up and tosses him into the turnbuckle. Riddle with the Final Flash knee, but then leaps into a Spirit Bomb. Lee covers Riddle and gets the three count.

Winner via pinfall: Keith Lee

After the bell, Lashley attacks Keith Lee from behind. Lee charges, but Lashley is able to slam him to the mat. He then gets Riddle in the Hurt Lock. Lashley turns his attention back to Lee, slamming the ring steps into his face. Lashley stands atop the announce table, lifting the United States title high.

In the back, Randy Orton has a message for Drew McIntyre about unfinished business. You know who else has unfinished business? The Fiend. Orton says he will take back the title in the chamber.

Nia Jax w/Shayna Baszler vs. Lana w/Naomi – Tables Match

Jax immediately power bombs Lana in the middle of the ring. And then follows up with another one. Lana is swung face first into the turnbuckle and then stomped on the bottom rope. Jax misses an elbow drop and Lana kicks her way out of the corner. She connects with a switch kick, but is then driven back down to the mat. Lana fights her way out of a power bomb and is able to spill Jax onto the apron. Lana with a series of kicks to the head. Jax responds with a head butt. Jax misses a leg drop, crashing hard on the apron. Lana charges her on the floor,  pushing her into a table at set up against the barrier, breaking it. Lana wins.

Winner: Lana

After the match, Baszler attacks Lana, but Naomi take her down with a kick. Baszler retreats.

Shayna Baszler vs. Naomi w/Lana

Big surprise that this led to a match. Baszler stomps the elbow, as Lana looks on. Baszler applies a top wrist lock on the same arm that she just stomped. Naomi with kicks to the face and follows with a head scissors. Baszler counters a bulldog with the Kirifuda Clutch, but Naomi is able to get to the ropes. Baszler sets her sights on Lana, beating her up at ringside. Naomi catches Shayna coming back into the ring with a roll up and gets the pin.

Winner via pinfall: Naomi

Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre – Non-Title Match

The two lock up, shoving each other around the ring. McIntyre blocks an RKO and Orton bails out of the ring to avoid a Claymore. Drew catches Orton trying to rush back and almost hits a draping DDT. Sheamus runs down to ringside, allowing Orton to attack Drew from behind. Orton sends the champ to the floor and off the ring post.

After the commercial break, Orton tosses McIntyre out of the ring. He slams Drew onto the announce table before rolling him back into the ring. The two trade punches and strikes. McIntyre ducks and clothesline and tosses Orton across the ring. He follows with a release suplex. After hitting  neck breaker, Drew stand tall. Orton counters the Future Shock DDT with a jackknife cover. McIntyre kicks out.

Orton catches McIntyre on the top turnbuckle and hits a superplex. McIntyre kicks out of the pin. Drew head butts Orton, but gets caught on the apron. Orton drops him with the draping DDT. The Viper is coiled and ready to strike, but McIntyre counters the RKO with a Future Shock DDT. Orton gets to his feet, only to eat a Brogue kick from Sheamus, that was clearly meant for Drew. McIntyre hits Sheamus with a Claymore as the ref calls for the bell.

Winner via disqualification: Randy Orton

That’s it! See you next week in the ThunderDome.

Monday Night RAW 2/8/2021

The ThunderDome at Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg, Florida

If Monday Night RAW were a baseball player, it would be going 3 for 4 at the plate, with a double, but making a costly error in the field. That error; the Charlotte Flair/Lacey Evans/Ric Flair storyline. Nobody is going to come out of this looking good, especially Charlotte. Other than that, another solid night of in ring action. Keith Lee returned, putting on a solid match with Riddle and setting up a Triple Threat US Title match with Lashley at Elimination Chamber. And even though we have seen them wrestle numerous times, Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre put on an entertaining match with a little bit of Sheamus thrown in. The Fiend is still MIA and Alexa Bliss was no where to be found. How long will that last?